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Test your networks and applications for vulnerabilities and security flaws effectively and efficiently by choosing our VAPT services at prices starting at $20/hour

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, or VAPT, is essentially a safeguard measure to enhance security in a network infrastructure. It involves a series of tests for applications and devices across a network for identifying vulnerabilities and avenues for penetration.

Thanks to the varied solutions that we offer, the distinguished services that we deliver, and the reliable support that we provide, Flatworld has emerged as a market leader in providing VAPT services to large and small businesses. With our stringent security protocols and excellent technological prowess, we have helped block crucial security threats and attacks across extensive networks. Evaluate your systems for potential threats and effectively eliminate them by joining hands with Flatworld, one of the most reputed teams of cybersecurity experts specializing in VAPT services.

Our VAPT Services

As a VAPT services providing company, we are equipped with certified VAPT professionals proficient in manual testing as well as intelligent tools and technologies for businesses that require automated testing. Our services include -

  1. Vulnerability Scanning

    Vulnerability Scanning

    As the name suggests, vulnerability scanning involves vetting the network out for vulnerabilities or cracks in security. Whether it's a widespread network or a concentrated service-providing application, Flatworld is equipped with tools to scan all your devices, applications, and networks for vulnerabilities with high accuracy.

  2. Vulnerability Assessment

    Vulnerability Assessment

    Under this bracket, we identify, classify, and estimate the seriousness of various vulnerabilities in your system. This helps us develop an effective VAPT action plan and all the tests that would be involved.

  3. Penetration Testing

    Penetration Testing

    Penetration testing involves orchestrating safe attempts to penetrate the systems to identify the security loopholes and flaws in the infrastructure. Under these services, we provide a range of tests to detect vulnerabilities across 'OWASP Top Ten' web applications, WEP, WPA-PSK, and WPA2-PSK encrypted networks, and more.

  4. Attack Path Mapping

    Attack Path Mapping

    This solution aims at tracing the path of malware or viruses causing security breaches once they enter the IT infrastructure. Our team identifies and maps this path across different layers to the most sensitive business information and effectively impairs the path, making it impossible for attacks to reach critical assets.

  5. Multi-Threat Surface Investigation

    Multi-Threat Surface Investigation

    This solution involves an advanced-level multi-staged attack modeling to shed light on all the vulnerabilities that could open avenues for threats to penetrate your mission-critical systems. This entails a thorough investigation to give an exhaustive overview of the security levels of your IT infrastructure.

  6. Firewall Configuration Review

    Firewall Configuration Review

    Considering how quickly firewall rule sets can get outdated, firewall configurations need routine reviews and updates. Flatworld has dedicated penetration testers that can detect risks in present configurations and suggest upgrades or changes.

Our VAPT Methodology

At Flatworld, we generally determine the sequence of our security testing according to the network requirements, however, our typical VAPT work process spans out in the following manner -


01. Defining Goals and Modes

Based on the goals defined and the studies of the internal and external networks, one of the three modes of testing - white box, grey box, and black box - is finalized


02. Information Gathering

Regardless of the preferred mode of testing, our next step is to gather and compile all the information available about the IT environments including network and IP addresses and more


03. Vulnerability Identification

Next, we employ our sophisticated network and vulnerability scanning tools to search for and identify possible vulnerabilities in the existing network mode


04. Information Analysis and Penetration Testing

Against the information gathered in the above steps, the vulnerabilities in the IT environment are then analyzed to draft an attack and penetration plan for the target systems


05. Result Analysis and Clean-Up

As our final step, we conduct root-cause analysis and the final clean-up to secure and plug holes in the system and restore any compromised files or data

Other Services You Can Benefit from

Why Choose Flatworld For Outsourcing VAPT Services?

At Flatworld, we understand that a single crack or flaw in your network or application can be an invitation to unauthorized access. When you outsource VAPT security testing services to us, you sign up for world-class resources backed by the following advantages -

  • Economical Pricing Packages

    Don't burn a hole in your wallet while fixing security loopholes. Flatworld offers all its VAPT services under customized and cost-effective price packages that fill well into your budget.

  • All-encompassing Services

    At Flatworld, we leave no scope for attack or penetration by offering security testing across all platforms and devices. Whether it's your web applications, Android or iOS applications, or IOT enabled devices and wireless networks, we have you covered through and through.

  • Hand-picked Industry Veterans

    Our exceptionally talented team of cybersecurity professionals is second to none and has been the greatest driver of Flatworld's growth. For every solution we provide, we have a veteran from the industry, bringing to the table their years of expertise.

  • Quality Control

    Our VAPT quality control system is certified per ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS). Our uncompromised quality standards have been lauded by clients in India and worldwide.

  • Security Qualifications

    Besides service quality, we focus on the security and confidentiality of the data you entrust us with. Some of our qualifications and certifications include being a Tiger Scheme Qualified security team member, CREST registered and certified tester, Offensive Security certified party, and more.

  • Cutting-Edge Tools and Technologies

    One of the many things that we are proud of is our extensive tech stack that can cater to all types of VAPT services needs for all sizes of businesses. Our team is proficient with tools like Metasploit for host-based scanning, Nessus and Wireshark for Network-based scanning, as well as SQL diet for database-based scanning.

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When outsourcing VAPT services, it is crucial for your applications and network's security that the reputation, experience, and success rate of the provider is taken into account. Flatworld, with its global delivery model, stands tall in each of these aspects and much more, making us the ideal VAPT service provider for your business.

Get in touch with us today to avail of our end-to-end VAPT services for your thriving business.

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