Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have played a large role in the world around us gets increasingly mobile and social, connecting people through the power of the internet on smartphones, and changing our focus from searching for what's on the web, to getting curated content delivered directly to us. As a business owner, mobile apps are no longer an option, but are essential for growing and thriving as you move forward.

When it comes to mobile app development, the diversity of mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.) poses a unique challenge to the developers who want to create a single app which works across all platforms equally well. Native mobile apps on a per-platform basis can increase your cost of development as well as your time to market.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have 20 years of experience in creating mobile apps for all major platforms. Our hybrid mobile app development services are ideal for organizations who want to build a single app which would work across devices without any visible downgrade in quality. Our quasi-native/cross-platform mobile app development solutions access native APIs and feature superior UI/UX design for better customer satisfaction, ensuring a faster time to market and deployment.

Our Cross-platform Mobile App Development Services

Our developers combine their experience of developing a native app with their expertise with various web technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to craft beautiful and highly functional cross-platform apps for you.

Our services include -

  • Hybrid Mobile Application Development

    Our developers can help you with executing your hybrid mobile app development strategy by developing apps which look and behave similarly to their native counterparts. By optimizing the JavaScript for fast user access, pushing the CSS to its limits in order to create aesthetically pleasing layouts, and writing a complaint HTML code which works on all platforms, we can create sophisticated applications based on your requirements. All our hybrid mobile apps feature a secure backend file system and shared SQL

  • Porting Existing Application into Hybrid Apps

    In certain cases, you might have an existing Web or native app that you might need to port to other operating systems. We can help you re-engineer the code-base while retaining the key offerings of the native app, and even ensure that they follow the operating system's design language and UI guidelines.

    Our developers are hands-on experts at leveraging the power of various tools such as Titanium, MoSync, PhoneGap, etc. for exceptional multi-platform mobile development

  • Offline Cross-platform Mobile Apps

    Often times, mobile apps need not have access to internet connectivity. Many apps such as alarm clocks, certain mobile phone games, to-do lists, etc. can remain offline and still be highly functional. Our cross-platform offline apps also offer better security features and reduces the risk of hacking and malware infection because of their disconnected status. These offline hybrid apps work exceptionally well of enterprises who need to develop a hybrid app with better security features

Hybrid Mobile App Development Process


We have an in-depth discussion with the client regarding their vision and requirements from the hybrid mobile app


We use a combination of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to start building the hybrid app which targets a WebView hosted inside a native container


We leverage the power of Apache Cordova and its set of JavaScript APIs to access device capabilities through plug-ins which can then access device camera, accelerometer, contacts, etc.


We package the application assets with the help of Apache Cordova to target platform SDKs to build the complete app


If required we use IDEs such as Telerik Platform, Visual Studio, etc. to further enhance the application functionality


The finished app goes through a round of extensive QA testing


The app is delivered to you, or if required, applied to a particular app store for publishing

Our Framework Capabilities

There are many tools and frameworks available to create functional hybrid mobile apps, and our developers understand that every single client might have a different requirement, which might necessitate the use of a different framework. Therefore, our expertise includes an in-depth knowledge of various mobile cross-platform development frameworks such as -

Why Choose Flatworld for Cross-platform / Hybrid Mobile Application Development?

Our developers understand that your strategy for cross-platform mobile app development is driven by your business requirements. Therefore, we not only help you choose the correct application development tools as per your needs, but also consult your developers if so required for faster and more efficient development times. Our hybrid mobile apps can help you benefit from the following -

  • Simplified business logic and performance expectations with the help of a unified, single code base
  • Easy to deploy across multiple platforms with minimal conflicts
  • A single framework means you do not need to expert developers to access separate IDEs
  • A rapidly scalable application which can be easily tweaked at the backend to handle load
  • A cost-effective development time period as compared to native app development

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Partner with Flatworld Solutions for High-quality Hybrid Mobile App Development

At FWS, we pride ourselves in our mobile app development pedigree. We have worked with countless global clients and have developed high-quality and functional apps for iPhone & iPad, Android, Windows, and Blackberry, among other relevant mobile platforms. Our cross-platform mobile application development services will help to increase the productivity of your users while enabling enterprise collaboration and boosting business performance.We also have the required expertise to develop native mobile apps and mobile web apps for clients across different industry verticals.

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Read the case study to know how we provided a comprehensive hybrid iOS and Android app solution for a Chinese and Korean logistics company that ensured real-time tracking of consignments and facilitated easier trucker interaction.

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