Outsource Backbone.js Development Services

Backbone.js Development Services

Get your web apps designed, launched, enhanced, and synchronized using backbone.js at prices starting at $20/hour

Backbone.js is a minimalistic yet powerful tool used to develop and structure web applications. True to its name, backbone.js provides a reliable backbone/library for your project that can help you organize your code and manage data models. Although with innovations like Angular taking the center stage, one might think that backbone.js is becoming redundant. However, for the right needs, it continues to remain the most flexible framework out there.

Flatworld is a leading backbone.js development company that hosts a team of some of the most competent web designers, programmers, and app developers in India. Having successfully pulled-off several specialized projects right from developing basic web pages to elaborate cloud-based hosting platforms, our expertise has been at the crux of our stellar reputation in the industry. So, opt for richer interfaces, compelling designs, and better synchronization of your web applications by choosing Flatworld Solutions.

Our Backbone.js Development Services

When developing any software or web platform using backbone.js, several aspects have to be considered simultaneously. Specialized products and services require specialized approaches. As one of the industry's most competent backbone.js development service provider, we hold great expertise in a wide range of services including -

  1. Backbone.js Design and Development Services

    Backbone.js Design and Development Services

    Our team is highly experienced in working with frameworks based on Model-View-Presenter with a particular specialization in backbone.js development. Over the years we have designed several robust web applications and platforms using backbone.js.

  2. Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    Our team consists of some of the most top-tier experts from the industry. Whether it's the architectural development of your backbone.js programs or issues in the testing phase, our experts can offer custom solutions.

  3. Mobile and Web Application Development

    Mobile and Web Application Development

    Backbone.js provides plenty of building blocks that can make for a richer app viewing and handling experience. Our experts are proficient in working with models, views, events, routers, collections, and other JavaScript functions to make the frontend easier for the client-side.

  4. Backbone.js API Integration

    Backbone.js API Integration

    Backbone.js is a library that is integrated with the RESTful JSON interfaces. REST APIs are particularly beneficial if you need flexibility in working with a range of data formats and different types of calls. Our team holds great expertise with the same and offers integration services to create seamless synchronizing between all the functions and your existing API (application programming interface).

  5. DOM Manipulation

    DOM Manipulation

    DOM is like the backbone of backbone.js and defines the primary structure through which the program, and eventually the web apps can be manipulated. Our team is proficient in handling, managing, and manipulating DOM events to produce desired results.

  6. HTML5 Mobile Development

    HTML5 Mobile Development

    Backbone.js is popular for simplifying and structuring codes thanks to its MVP design paradigm. It is common to face structural and functional difficulties when developing web applications with HTML5. That's where our team steps in with skills in integrating backbone.js to such an application and organizing it.

  7. Support and Maintenance

    Support and Maintenance

    For your post-development and launch needs, we have a team that specializes in providing support from the backend and maintaining efficiency on the frontend.

Our Backbone.js Development Process

Our team understands that every client requires a customized solution, which in turn requires a unique approach. Flatworld's work methodology adapts accordingly to best meet our client's needs. Our generic framework, however, involves the following steps -


01. Understanding the Client's Expectations

We use a consultative approach with clients, discuss their objectives, settle on a customized solution and approach, and involve them in every stage of planning and execution


02. Collecting and Modeling

In this step, we work on assembling all the data we will need at our disposal. We then present the data in the form of models that help direct the execution


03. Structuring the MVC Framework

We develop the Model View Controller framework to support adapters for connection to data sources


04. Development and Execution

After assessing the models for any triggered changes, we move on to the main development and deployment of backbone.js for different applications


05. Testing and Debugging

One of the most important steps, our final backbone.js framework/library goes through multiple testing phases. The results further prompt us towards final debugging and modifications


06. Go Live and Backend Support

Finally, we walk our clients through their entire launch of the software/website/app. We also offer complete post-launch backend support

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Backbone.js Development Services to Flatworld Solutions?

As a backbone.js development services providing company we have created a strong reputation for providing the best services in the industry. Besides banking on our expert team's relentless efforts, here are the reasons why you can unhesitatingly trust Flatworld to be your backbone.js development service providing company -

  • Competitive Pricing

    Sophisticated designs need not always burn a hole in the pocket. At Flatworld, we aim to offer more in less. Get your web platforms developed, designs enhanced, and consulting personalized with us at one of the most affordable pricing packages.

  • Agile Scrum Methodology for Planning And Execution

    To obtain the most optimal final product, we ensure the entire backbone.js development process is iterative. From planning to execution and modification, we use the agile scrum approach to maximize productivity, sustainability, and transparency.

  • Scalable and Secure Solutions

    Our backbone.js development solutions are essentially futuristic in terms of scalability and security. We make sure that your web applications are equipped for growth -- steady or steep -- and well-protected at all times.

  • Results Led by Experience

    Right from an imperative programming style that backbone.js particularly requires, to working with a cross-platform operating system; our team is led by JS experts that are highly experienced and specialize in everything about and around backbone.js.

  • International Prominence

    We have helped erect web frameworks and libraries for clients in over 20 countries. Our international client base has led us to emerge as a global leader in backbone.js development services.

Client Success Stories

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FWS Created an App to Download and Play Songs from Popular Music Streaming Services

We developed a high-performance and feature-rich music app to help users download and edit songs from many popular music streaming web services.

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FWS Created a Feature-rich App to Help Our Client Analyze Huge Amounts of Data

FWS Created a Feature-rich App to Help Our Client Analyze Huge Amounts of Data

A leading logistics and transportation firm required an app to help them analyze large amounts of customer feedback data. We developed a feature-rich app based on Power BI at cost-effective prices.

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I appreciate their quick and courteous responses. I highly recommend their service!

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Outsource Backbone.js Development Services to Flatworld Solutions

Backbone.js is one of the most optimal frameworks used to build well-structured client-side web applications. It gives you greater flexibility and functionality than competing frameworks; especially when you need to get more done with less coding. Precision and proficiency, however, are of utmost importance for backbone.js and that's where we come in. With Flatworld's certified backbone.js development services, you can be sure to leave your web development in expert hands.

Reach out to us for more information and kick-start your backbone.js development project today.

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