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With the release of Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP, SEO related work has seen a great increase in benefits, while also allowing daily users to get to the content they want faster. In AMP, first of all the loading time for web pages is much lesser as compared to the standard web pages and secondly, with the use of AMP the ranking of the web pages improves by a considerable extent. AMP pages appear at the top of the search results in Google in carousal form.

So what is AMP? AMP is an open source coding standards that can be used by publishers to improve their page loading speeds on mobile devices. The sites which will benefit most from AMP will be publishing sites which produce a large amount of content on a daily basis. Some companies choose to convert their blog or news and updates section into AMP rather than the whole website which might also result in negative conversions.

Difference Between AMP and Non-AMP

AMP pages do not have a lot of features and are a stripped down version of the standard web pages. It is devoid of the complex user experience which is available on the Non-AMP sites and pages. When a standard web page is converted to AMP it puts readability and page loading speed as top priority. Some of the key differences include:

  • JavaScript is not allowed in an AMP page
  • AMP pages force the web developer to use a streamlined version of CSS
  • One has to use an off-the-shelf JavaScript library that AMP provides

Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is seeing widespread implementation owing to a feature-list of benefits which include -

  1. The primary advantage of AMP pages is to improve the load time of web pages on mobile devices. The AMP impact on SERPs is quite considerable and majorly improves the page rank. The major factors for AMP gaining such popularity are the growing amount of mobile device users and the lack of fast internet speeds in most regions.
  2. AMP is mostly suitable for publishing websites which are static and information-based such as news sites or blogs. Therefore, it is difficult for websites which have several transactional features to be converted into AMP. Most of the news websites these days can be seen as AMP pages in our search results.
  3. Another major advantage of AMP is that analytics can easily be implemented into these pages. There are some simple standard tags which need to be included in the code which helps track analytics for the page.
  4. Finally, one of the major benefits of implementing AMP is that there is a high chance that you web page will appear in Google's news carousal and have more visibility among viewers and hence get more views and conversions.

Is AMP Suitable for All Websites?

Implementing AMP for existing websites may be a difficult task for web developers. Having AMP implemented means the need to maintain two versions of the same website, the standard HTML version and the AMP version. If you are using any Content Management System (CMS) for your website then there are different plugins that can be used to implement AMP in your website. All transactional websites such as e-commerce websites and bank websites need long-term AMP support and only time will tell if Google will encourage such websites to use AMP.

Implement AMP in Your Current Website with Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has been helping clients from different domains and verticals to implement AMP in their websites and solve the problems of slow page loading on mobile devices. Our web developers are graduates from premier engineering institutes of the world and are well-trained to work with latest tools and technologies and develop fast and reliable web pages. We understand how AMP works in mobile devices and why AMP is fast and hence design the pages accordingly to produce the best results. Our cost-effective services help clients to save considerable amount of time and money as compared to hiring an in-house web development team.

If you have any kind of AMP creation requirement, feel free to get in touch with us or talk to one of our representatives and we will be more than happy to help you.

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