Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services

Get your data recovered by our professional data recovery team without losing a byte of valuable data at rates starting at $20 per hour

Losing data is a nightmare for individuals and businesses whose data is more valuable personally and from a business point of view. If your data is on the verge of destruction due to device damage or accidental user deletion, you need data recovery services from professionals. And who best can deal with all complexities of data recovery? Flatworld Solutions that's who. When you outsource data recovery services, we bring our decade-plus expertise in data recovery along with the best technology to save your data from destruction.

Flatworld is an ISO certified data recovery service providing company that deals with all types of challenges. We recover data from hard drives, RAID, flash drives, and more. Our infrastructure is equipped with the best data recovery technology and tools to help our team extract data professionally. Since our team signs the NDA, you can be sure that your data stays confidential.

Data Recovery Services We Offer

As a reputed data recovery service provider, FWS understands why clients can't perform data recovery using their in-house resources. Some of our professional data recovery services include -

  1. Laptop Data Recovery

    Laptop Data Recovery

    It doesn't matter what brand of laptop you own, if you have a data loss scenario, bring it to us and we'll help you save it from an end-of-the-life laptop or from one that's damaged.

  2. Apple Mac Recovery

    Apple Mac Recovery

    We help you retrieve your digital data from Apple devices without voiding the warranty. We have data recovery experts who are adept at Apple systems.

  3. Hard Drive Recovery

    Hard Drive Recovery

    Our data recovery services come handy if your storage devices fail to function normally or if they are non-responsive while booting on a laptop or desktop.

  4. Desktop Data Recovery

    Desktop Data Recovery

    We offer a full suite of data recovery solutions that include media repair and recovery of data from desktop. Irrespective of your operating systems, we'll prevent your data from becoming lost forever.

  5. RAID Repair

    RAID Repair

    If your RAID Device in need of an overhaul? Well, you can get it repaired in a secure environment because we have class 10 ISO 4 certified Cleanroom where your RAID device will be handled by repairing experts.

  6. RAID Data Recovery

    RAID Data Recovery

    If your RAID devices fail and your data is somewhat safe in its hardware, we'll help you get it safely without further damage. Being a top data recovery company, we use special software and recovery systems that are suited for RAID hardware.

  7. On-site Data Recovery

    On-site Data Recovery

    We offer our data recovery services on-site if you are worried about leaving sensitive data in third-party hands. We will send our data recovery specialists to provide services in your business settings.

  8. NAS Data Recovery

    NAS Data Recovery

    We have experts who are trained in NAS systems and can recover the data using professional methods prescribed to prevent accidental data loss.

  9. Server Data Recovery

    Server Data Recovery

    Repairing servers and securely recovering confidential data isn't something that ordinary data recovery experts can. We have specially trained staff who understands the server's architecture to choose an appropriate data recovery method.

  10. SAN Data Recovery

    SAN Data Recovery

    We are specialists in all types of Storage Area Networks (SAN) makers that include NetApp, HP, EMC, and so on. If your SAN is damaged logically or physically, we'll help you retrieve the buried data with care.

  11. Database Data Recovery

    Database Data Recovery

    We follow the best methods of data recovery prescribed by the ISO to safely extract data from your corrupted database. We are professionals in SQL, Oracle, Access, and many other systems.

  12. Remote Data Recovery

    Remote Data Recovery

    If you are from geography where you can't bring your data to us, we'll offer remote data recovery by securely connecting with your device. This is even better because your data stays with you.

  13. Tape Data Recovery

    Tape Data Recovery

    If you have tape data storage systems we understand that it's tough to find experts who are familiar with the tape system. So instead of taking chances, come to us and get your data saved from permanent loss.

  14. Encrypted Data Recovery

    Encrypted Data Recovery

    Encrypted data recovery isn't the same as the regular data recovery, because if proper steps aren't followed, you might end up with no data at all. So you need professionals who are experienced in EPS. Something that we offer at FWS.

  15. Digital Forensics

    Digital Forensics

    Our digital forensics experts use forensic tools to extract court-admissible data from devices to solve digital crimes.

  16. USB Flash Data Recovery

    USB Flash Data Recovery

    If your data is in a USB flash drive and at risk of loss or corruption, we'll help you retrieve your data without damaging it physically or logically.

  17. Mobile Recovery & Forensics

    Mobile Recovery & Forensics

    We have a qualified team of mobile data recovery who are certified to work on Android and Apple gadgets. They ensure the safe recovery of your data like messages and app data without affecting the factory warranty.

  18. File & Email Data Recovery

    File & Email Data Recovery

    Maybe you have email archives that needs to be recovered. If so, we'll provide recovery experts who can work as an extension of your team to prevent loss of files.

  19. SSD Data Recovery

    SSD Data Recovery

    Whether it is rebuilding or recovering important data from SSD and SSD hard drive hybrid systems, we are the right choice. We provide our services at the enterprise level to avoid your data from being permanently lost.

Data Recovery Services Process We Follow

Data recovery is important for businesses that deal with irreplaceable data. It also benefits individuals who have valuable data on the brink of destruction. Our process is as follows -


01. Gathering Client Requirements

We will engage the clients to understand their specific challenges and to overcome the problems with a solution.


02. Strategizing Data Recovery Solutions

Our project leads will discuss ways to approach the challenge without destroying the data.


03. Appointing Data Recovery Teams

We bring together data recovery teams with the qualification and experience after signing the NDA.


04. Data Recovery

The team will be assigned to various data recovery roles and the project will commence.


05. Delivering Complete Reports

We ensure capturing all data as intact as possible and create a storage point to save the same. After completion of extraction, it will be shared with the client.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Data Recovery Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Outsourcing data recovery services to Flatworld Solutions can benefit you in many ways. Our personalized data recovery solutions suit all businesses that want their data secured. Additionally, many perks can be had by choosing a data recovery service provider like FWS, some of which include -

  • ISO Certified Data Recovery Services Provider

    When you outsource data recovery services to FWS, we assure you with our 100% commitment to ISO 9001:2015 standards of data recovery.

  • 100% Data Security

    FWS is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified data recovery service provider where data we collect from our clients aren't used in anyways than advised by the client.

  • Flexible Pricing Option

    When you outsource data recovery services, you'll get our services at affordable rates and we promise it won't dent your wallet because we are the ultimate providers of affordable data recovery services.

  • International Standards Quality

    FWS is a top outsourcing data recovery services partner with 20 years of experience in recovering data for all types of clients. So, when you outsource data recovery services to us, you get guaranteed international quality results.

  • Latest Tools and Technologies

    We count on the top tools and tech to deliver an amazing experience to your customers that they'll always remember.

  • Dedicated and Experienced Team

    We have a large team of data recovery experts and offshore partners who can serve clients from their time zones. They have rich experience in operating recovery tools and tech.

  • On-time Delivery

    Our timeliness has been a highlighted feature of data recovery services. Our team does its best to deliver a great experience without delay.

  • 24/7 Customer Support Services

    We have global contact centers in almost all regions where the clients get responses through a phone call, email, or web chat support. Our agents will serve you at your local time zone in your preferred language.

  • Highly Scalable

    Data recovery is a scalable solution. Additional resources can be onboarded at a moment's notice if your requirement is for a large project.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Outbound Calling to an Event Management Firm to Confirm Attendee List

Flatworld Provided Outbound Calling to an Event Management Firm to Confirm Attendee List

A client handling event management in the US offshored outbound calling to have our agents confirm their event's attendee list. 15 agents received training in a week to scale ops. And deliver a successful outcome.

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FWS provided Cold Calling Support to a Contract Research Organization

Flatworld provided Cold Calling Support to a Contract Research Organization

A client specialized in safety & compliance of life sciences and food industry offshored cold calling support to gauge prospects' probability of conversion into warm leads. Our solutions impressed the client.

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I have been using Flatworld Solutions for the telemarketing service for the past few months and have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates. They have been very reasonably priced and have done exactly what we've asked of them.

Travel solutions company in London
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Outsource Data Recovery Services to Flatworld Solutions

FWS is touted as the most trusted and committed data recovery service providing company. Being an ISO certified customer support provider with an efficient work strategy, you'll receive the best data recovery services to ensure your digital data and prevent loss or destruction. We are glad to provide social proof of our success that you'll be impressed with. Our commitment to deadlines and project quality is a signature to our work ethics.

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