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Legacy systems are outdated systems in which a company has already invested considerable time and money. Most legacy software are database management systems (DBMSs) running on mainframes or minicomputers and cannot be integrated with newer enterprise systems which run on completely different platforms and technologies.

Web enabling legacy systems essentially makes them:

  • Web compatible across a diverse range of platforms
  • Gives wider access to users irrespective of geographical boundaries
  • Integrates these systems with current enterprise technologies

Existing legacy systems are given a web-interface and made accessible online, stepping up ease-of-use and functionality from the earlier self-limiting version to a new web enabled one. Web enabling legacy software enhances its process efficiencies and system utilization, directly impacting the bottom-line of the organization.

Legacy Software Migration Services from Flatworld

Flatworld enters into consultation with organizations to understand their existing legacy systems using discovery tools. We then design systems that improve workflow, integrate the legacy systems with newer systems and provide them with web interfaces, focusing on minimizing risks and keeping within pre-specified budgets.

We have experience in web enabling customer-server applications, desktop applications and outdated legacy software. Flatworld has expertise in database transformation and the migration of a variety of legacy platforms.

Flatworld has successfully web enabled legacy systems across a range of operating system environments such as:

  • IBM mainframe
  • AS/400
  • COBOL migration services
  • DOS
  • CICS
  • VSAM
  • DB2
  • UFO

Web Enabling Legacy Software: Highlights of Flatworld's Services

  • Sophisticated and automated re-engineering tools
  • Minimum manual coding
  • Complete transparency in web enabling methodology
  • Clear communication of migratory processes
  • Reduced need for retraining staff on web enabled systems
  • Detailed documentation
  • Rapid and standardized source code conversions

Legacy Software: Problem Zones?

Legacy software often run on slow or obsolete hardware, the maintenance of which can be time-consuming and expensive. These applications do not have compatibility with current systems and technologies in use within the organization. In some cases engineers who designed these systems may have left the organization and often legacy software is not fully documented or documentations may have gone missing over time. Besides, the absence of a web interface implies that legacy software do not have mission-critical global reach and presence.

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Why Web Enabling Legacy Software?

Despite these constraints, increasingly "legacy modernization" and "legacy transformation" are becoming common as organizations are web enabling legacy applications to retain their inherent value. There has also been a growing backlash against large packaged software products which are perceived as being rigid, expensive and unsuited for the specific needs of the enterprise. Reviving legacy systems makes business sense in all such cases.

The reasons for web enabling legacy software are:

  • The prohibitive costs of designing new systems
  • Shortage of resources to design and develop new systems
  • Learning curve and training for new systems
  • Recovery of time and money spend on legacy software

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Adding web interface and web compatibility to an application makes it available globally to more partners and customers in real time. Flatworld has experience in redesigning existing core business logic and providing web interfaces and service-enabled access to legacy systems.

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