Outsource Offshore Product Development Services

Offshore Product Development Services

While we help you realize what you are looking for in product development services, you also get quick, cost-effective, and productive solutions with all the benefits of offshore development

Each and every product development project comes with its own lifecycle that needs to be managed wisely so your GTM strategy remains on time. When it comes to technology and software companies in particular, it becomes harder still to keep up with the rapid innovations in the industry. Most ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) need adequate experience to scale up to such requirements, and therefore need to look at offshore product development as a means to an end, while taking their product offerings to an entirely new level.

At Flatworld, our offshore product development services aim to solve the major pain points for our ISV partners, including the following -

  • Lack of adequate resources
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Burgeoning production cost
  • Decreasing profitability
  • Talent retention
  • Customer satisfaction and retention

Our unique Offshore Development Centers aim to deliver maximum business value to customers through our centrally-managed services which reduces your CAPEX, optimizes costs, decreases the ill-effects of attrition while always promoting enhanced risk management and compliance.

Our Offshore Product Development Services

At FWS, we manage the entire offshore software product development projects for global businesses right from start to finish, offering personalized services and a hands-on attitude to solving business problems which is atypical of most software outsourcing service providers. Armed with a team of professional developers, designers, and QA testers, our offshore software product development services are transparent and agile in delivery.

Our services include -

  1. Offshore Software Development Consulting

    Offshore Software Development Consulting

    We offer personalized software development consulting services for all your major project needs. We work together on a strategy, assemble the technology roadmap, and assess the technologies required to ensure your product lives up to the internal as well as customer demands. Our consulting services as your offshore product development service provider leverage a high-quality talent pool which works at lower costs while delivering maximum results.

  2. Custom Software Development

    Custom Software Development

    We help build custom software products based on the needs of your end-users. We can create exceptional cloud-native and rich analytics-enabled web & mobile apps which have incredible real world value in terms of usage and problem-solving. As per your requirements, we can also integrate cloud computing, IoT, AI, and other leading edge technologies to suit the nature of the software itself.

  3. Digital Transformation Consulting

    Digital Transformation Consulting

    One of our most sought-after services as an offshore product development services providing company is digital transformation consulting. More businesses around the globe are moving towards digital transformation than ever before. We help to assess the current state of technology readiness in your business, and start working on an executable roadmap which keeps your digitalization goals in mind. We can modernize all your legacy systems and execute significant process improvements with DevOps.

  4. UX (User Experience) Consulting

    UX (User Experience) Consulting

    We can help you revamp the UI and UX of your software products and turn them into intuitive, crowd-pleasing solutions which are practical, achieve better CTRs, and take care of the entire user journey in an intuitive manner. With world-leading design professionals on-board, our offshore team ensures there is zero trade-off between UX and the usage of sophisticated technologies to help create your software.

  5. Offshore Software Maintenance

    Offshore Software Maintenance

    Our software maintenance services are lean and agile-first, and follow our ever-changing rulebook for software testing so as to ensure a holistic maintenance and update record for your custom software. Our team of engineers keep track of software updates and tech upgrades, plan new release features and beta forks, introduce corrective, adaptive, perfective, and preventive maintenance of the software solution.

  6. Innovation Lab As A Service

    Innovation Lab As A Service

    You can now leverage Flatworld's R&D prowess to conduct large-scale research into the technology that will help you keep your software product optimized and updated for a new generation of consumers. Our agile methodology and our dedication to ensuring only the best technology stacks are adapted for your product means you can always expect to see a feature-rich, technologically robust product.

  7. Product Conceptualization

    Product Conceptualization

    We can support ISVs to validate their new product ideas through research and focus groups, as well as help in creating prototypes through our rapid prototyping methods for better understanding and faster turnarounds.

  8. Product Localization

    Product Localization

    As an offshore product development company, we understand why localizing your product might seem more beneficial especially when introducing them into new markets. Our team of developers and designers help you localize the product while ensuring local sentiments, understandings, and customs are kept in mind. This ensures you gain from significant customer recall right from day one.

  9. Product Lifetime Enhancement

    Product Lifetime Enhancement

    We work with our clients to constantly add new features to their product and bring it up to speed with modern consumer demands and evolving market needs. Our software team can also help to extend product functionality and enable cross platform integration.

  10. Product Migration

    Product Migration

    We help our business clients to migrate between multiple platforms based upon requirement, or change the backend codebase while leaving the frontend untouched, as and when necessitated. This ensures you can reach a wider customer base, while also improving the security and longevity of the product itself.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Offshore Product Development Services to FWS?

Flatworld's offshore product development services combine our core and contractor teams based on their in-depth expertise across relevant technologies and platforms as per the project. This ensures we can deliver real business value to our clients at every step of the way. Our offshore development team can routinely handle a variety of different projects, provide expert application support as well as deliver transformative and strategic initiatives which changes the way customers use and access your product. All this is possible because we cover the basics, and ensure the following -

  • Automation & Data-first Approach

    Our automation initiatives help to routinely drive up efficiency, reduce costs, and more importantly, free up valuable time to be spent on more convoluted tasks. From backend processes to infrastructure to code, we automate whatever can so as to bring in process efficiencies and scale-up flexibility.

  • Transparent, Metric-Driven Enhancements

    Our DevOps-enabled engineers and software developers ensure 100% accountability and have a deep underlying commitment to development excellence. This ensures the entire product roadmap features well-defined sprints which benefit from metrics-driven optimizations for a structured, more result-oriented process.

  • 24-Hour Offshore Support

    We leverage the difference in time zones caused by the nature of offshore outsourcing and turn it into an advantage with a 24-hour development schedule which works ahead of your time. Because development is always happening even while you sleep, your product can achieve a faster time to market while still ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

  • Engineering Excellence

    With more than 20 years of industry experience and expertise in offshore product development technologies, we are committed to delivery excellence right from the get go. Our training practices are the best in the industry, and ensure that all developers and engineers are ahead of the average technology curve by the time they are deployed to work on your product.

  • Product-first DNA

    At FWS, we have always focused on developing future-ready software products by leveraging established and newly emerging technologies which warrant our attention. We always keep the end user at the center of all our concentrated development efforts, ensuring we know exactly what we are trying to achieve and therefore keep our thoughts grounded to the work at hand. This kind of product-first approach is what separates us from the rest.

  • Agile Processes, Lean Thinking

    When it comes to product development processes, we run an optimized schedule which borrows from our years of experience and our Agile methodologies. This means we are always releasing new codes faster, while ensuring the quality of deliverable remains top notch.

  • Cost-Effective Services

    With multiple delivery centers around the globe, Flatworld offers you the luxury of choosing where the product gets developed out of, while accessing world-class talent at a cost which is much lower than software outsourcing in North America, UK, or Europe. We also have an extremely flexible pricing structure which ensures you always know what you are paying for, and allows us to work with any budget.

  • SMAC-supported Approach

    All the products that we develop for come out-of-the-box with SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) enablement. This ensures your product can benefit from deeper market penetration right from day one.

  • Talent Augmentation

    We offer flexible staff augmentation models that allow you to select the team that suits your needs the most. By partnering with us for offshore software product development, you avoid the hassle of choosing, training, and deploying workforce to work on your products. Instead you can now pick who works on the project and know beforehand the capabilities they get to the table for you to better optimize the development route map.

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Outsource Offshore Product Development Services to FWS


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