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Good news for native iOS and Android app providers, because Flatworld Solutions is offering its high-level app development expertise to create a customer focused UX with rich web features. The success story of React Native began with the Facebook's hackathon project and today it is one of the most accomplished app development frameworks for the smartphone. This framework works in combination with JavaScript to build native mobile applications. React Native development has garnered the attention of Microsoft, Samsung, and several other tech giants for the creation of sophisticated UX. It allows the web applications to evolve over time without affecting the customer experience.

React Native framework helps us to rapidly build responsive and scalable mobile apps by recognizing the specific client requirements. At Flatworld Solutions, the experience of our developers and project managers lets you (our esteemed client) deploy the native apps on iOS and Android with confidence.

Our React Native Development Services

A majority of the organizations turn to Hybrid app development due to the limitations in building pure Native Apps with JavaScript, Cordova, HTML 5, et al. As demand for powerful apps continues to grow, it imposes further limitations on Hybrid development methods. However, React Native is the only framework that expedites building native apps by letting the same source code be utilized for iOS and Android platforms.

We have been delivering high-quality apps based on React Native development services to many of our happy clients worldwide. Working with us can enable you to access apps that are rich in feature and performance superior to native apps that are built using Objective-C or Swift. Outsourcing React Native Development to Flatworld Solutions can unlock access to service facets such as -

  • React Native Android App Development

    The varying aspect ratio of the Android gadgets exposes the developers to various challenges in building bug-free native apps. However, we harness the power of React Native to build cross-platform mobile apps with powerful UX. We develop apps that lets you seamlessly penetrate markets without being concerned by compatibility.

  • React Native iOS Development

    Outsourcing the React Native development to us can help you save cost and time. With 20 years of experience in building high-performance apps, we possess the mastery of the more recent React Native framework to build native apps for iOS. Our development methodologies can give your apps a distinct appeal.

  • Hybrid App Development with React Native

    If you require apps that are sharp on performance outsource React Native Hybrid App Development to FWS. We utilize combined power of React and JavaScript, also known as ReactJS to create versatile hybrid apps. This way, you can trim the development time while leveraging a host of in-app customizations.

  • Firebase Integration with React Native

    Most apps require high-level backend support to ensure flawless operation. Firebase from Google, coupled with React can curb prevailing limitations by automating the maintenance. On that account, you can quickly develop native apps that mesh user data and authentication steps.

  • Server-side API Development with React Native

    We employ expert developers and project managers who are not only adept at generic app development but are also responsible for building responsive apps that are highly secure, evolving, and carry the latest server-side API. With the knowledge of complex UX building methodologies, we aim to provide a reliable backend support with React Native development.

  • Platform Migration with React Native

    Platform migration can be a concern for many enterprises. If you lack the expertise to switch to React Native without risking the integrity of the database, FWS can provide React Native Platform Migration which is a subset of React Native development services. With this service, we ensure that your database stays usable long after the migration.

  • Support and Update for React Native Apps

    Flatworld Solutions can simplify the process of building apps and provide sweeping backend support by integrating with React Native Framework. We thoroughly scan and investigate bugs in the code so your apps can deliver razor sharp performance. Count on us to get 360-degree backend support to inspire confidence among users.

The IDE We Use for React Native Development

Our in-house developers are accustomed to not just best development practices, but also latest development environments. And for that, we are housed with advanced IDE such as -

Android Studio ATOM Xcode

Why Outsource React Native Development to FWS?

The extensive involvement in React Native development puts us ahead of any outsourcing agencies across the world. Our goal is to cushion the clients from high development costs and impromptu delays. Here are the reasons why you should avail our services -

  • Comprehensive Development - You can count on us to avail extended service to preexisting projects or undertake new projects that are based on customized requirements. We take care of all aspects whether it is front-end UX development or backend maintenance.
  • Use of Hybrid Development Methodologies - At FWS, our team of developers employ Hybrid Development methodologies to bring the best results. We focus on achieving lean development times without compromising on the quality of implementation.
  • Saves Cost and Time - Unexpected delay and price inflation can be a major concern for anxiety. But not when you choose FWS, because we announce the estimates in advance, so you can plan the spending with precision.
  • Round the Clock Support - We work round the clock to ensure that our clients are most satisfied with the results. Keep track of your project through a dedicated project manager.
  • Upgradable Services - Scalability is crucial for a prolonged app life-cycle. The extension of the updates can make your app stand out from the pack. With React Native development, we build apps that are extensible and truly future-ready.

Benefits of Building Apps with React Native

Flatworld Solutions is a leading IT service provider for many small and large app development enterprises. Using React Native development, we render blazing fast mobile apps that are superior to native and hybrid apps. With rich expertise assisting clients both on and off-shore locations, we help you develop clean apps that offer rich UX.

Here's why you should choose React Native to build apps for iOS and Android -

  1. Performance

    The React Native offers a clean API development framework which facilitates cross-platform integration through single React component. With this framework, the developers need not create unique components for iOS and Android

  2. Lean Development Period

    The time taken to develop apps for iOS and Android is trimmed close to 30% by choosing React Native development.

  3. Evolving Framework

    React Native is an Open Source framework where the providers are constantly pushing updates to permit the development of powerful and customized apps.

  4. Real-time Backend Update

    With React Native, developers need not wait until the apps are manually updated by users on their devices. The updates can be delivered straightaway through the backend.

  5. Code Reusability

    React can reduce the latency of app development by empowering developers to reuse the code sections without affecting the performance.

Develop Robust React Native Apps with Flatworld Solution

Flatworld Solutions is a global leader in data science and mobile app development. For 11 years on the row, we have reigned as a committed provider across many industry verticals. The rich experience we garnered over time with the conception of native apps powered by React development helped us make growth strides in the competitive markets. With the deep knowledge of client's requirement, we offer customized React Native development services. Our efforts have enabled customers to achieve the much-needed visibility without any additional cost.

Take a look at our success stories. If you have inquiries with regards to React Native development, fill out this simple form so that we can customize a development plan unique to your requirement.

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