Outsource Performance Testing Services

Performance Testing Services

Our testers run performance tests to measure, validate, and verify the responsiveness of an application for preventing future performance bottlenecks at rates as low as $20 per hour

Benchmark tests are crucial to ensure that applications perform predictably under varying loads and operational parameters. But not every testing company is equipped with test suites and full-time test engineers to autonomously handle tests. So to save time, money, and staffing overhead, its best to outsource performance testing services to professionals.

Flatworld's performance testing services help customers to assess how components in a particular system perform. We offer comprehensive performance testing solutions- beginning with detection, to analysis, right up to remedial measures. Our whiz team of performance testers has in-depth expertise and years of experience that can help you save a great deal on your developmental efforts.

What is Performance Testing and its Types?

Performance testing is mainly conducted to determine the stability, responsiveness, and speed of a software program, device, or network, in a specific workload. It can happen either in the production environment or quantitative tests in a lab; parameters checked are the rate of data transfer, speed of processing, workload efficiency, bandwidth, and so on. Organizations that rely on IT for conducting their businesses need performance testing to detect bottlenecks in communications or computing in their systems. It could be a specific component or a point in the entire system that hampers performance. Like, if you have a superfast computer but poor bandwidth, you're not going to experience good functioning.

Poor rates of data transfer could be due to either hardware, or software problems; performance testing helps to pinpoint where or what is causing the performance issues - it can detect where exactly a particular app could lag, or even fail. It also helps to assure the customer that a particular system meets the specifications as required by them. Types of performance testing include volume, capacity, load, stress, spike, scalability testing, etc.

Benefits of Performance Testing

 It helps to authenticate important features of a software application like dependability, responsiveness, scalability, speed and more
 Enables detection of inconsistencies and fixing them before the final product is released
 Improves efforts put into capacity planning, load capability, and optimization
 Helps in pinpointing bottlenecks in the system
 Helps in offering a good user experience, leading to customer satisfaction, revenue, and growth

Performance Testing Services We Offer

At Flatworld Solutions, we offer comprehensive performance testing services to help you realize your dream of being the market leader. Our cutting-edge performance testing solutions ensure that your software runs at peak performance - sans any hiccups or lag. Our diverse suite of performance testing services can be implemented on any domain or platform - desktop, mobile, cloud - and can be customized for specific operating systems. Our consistent excellence in this domain has helped us be a leading provider of performance testing services in India. Our performance testing services include -

  1. Scalability Testing

    Scalability Testing

    When you outsource software performance testing services to us, we measure the ability of your software to perform well when processing power is increased and architectural changes are required. We ensure that it is scalable, and functions smoothly even when workload increases.

  2. Web Service Performance Testing

    Web Service Performance Testing

    Our web service performance testing services help ensure that your websites not only look awesome, but perform impeccably, are engaging, and have a super-fast response time. It will also help offer uninterrupted and exemplary services to your users.

  3. Capacity Testing

    Capacity Testing

    This test allows us to see how many users can be handled by the system without compromising on performance. When this number is known, future problems due to increased data volume or user base can be avoided.

  4. Load Testing

    Load Testing

    This type of performance test is conducted to check if an app can handle a certain number of transactions and to check its behavior during normal as well as high load conditions.

  5. Volume Testing

    Volume Testing

    You need to be certain that a system or application can handle huge amounts of data, and for this, the database has to be tested. When you outsource performance testing services to Flatworld, we will conduct volume testing quickly and efficiently.

  6. Stress Testing

    Stress Testing

    Businesses must know how their software systems or apps will behave when the load goes beyond what the app was designed for. Our whiz team of testers will perform stress tests to identify the components likely to fail; this enables us to design a more robust system.

  7. Soak Testing

    Soak Testing

    Also called endurance testing, soak testing involves operating a system at peak or high load for a long time, so that performance problems can be detected. We perform this test to ensure that the system can handle a high load over a prolonged time.

  8. Spike Testing

    Spike Testing

    As the name suggests, this test is conducted to check how the system handles a sudden spike or an increase in the load.

Performance Testing Process We Follow

We use a specific testing strategy that has been proven to reduce the bugs in the deliverable. Our performance testing process is highly transparent and is designed to achieve objectives with the utmost transparency. Our performance testing process is as follows -


01. Defining the Scope of Testing Project

We will analyze the client's project and evaluate the nature of the output. This will help us understand how to plan the testing sequence


02. Planning Test Cases

We will design test cases based on our assessment of the project and multiple test cases will be created to imitate all dynamic challenges possible in the real-world


03. Test Implementation

We will feed the use cases into test suites that are deemed appropriate for the project and tests will be implemented


04. Test Reports

We provide comprehensive reports that summarize all the test outcome. This will bring clarity to confusing circumstances


05. Customer Review and Bug Fixes

We help to review buggy codes and provide comments and notes to developers so it can be quickly fixed


06. Document Test Process and Update Standards

The end-to-end testing process is tracked and documented so the process can be backtracked if necessary

Other Services You Can Benefit from

Why Outsource Performance Testing Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Our in-depth industry experience and mastery over various testing methodologies and technologies have helped Flatworld solutions become one of the most trusted names for performance testing outsourcing. Our testing wizards continuously work at improving themselves and staying on top of technology and modern work methods. Here are the reasons why we are a top provider of performance testing services -

  • Affordable Testing Solutions

    We provide our performance testing services at affordable rates so you can leverage our expertise and technology to save up on costs, time, and resource needs.

  • Experienced Testing Team

    We are housed with ISTQB-certified testing professionals who have decades of experience in a wide variety of software tests. They have the operating knowledge of the latest testing tools and can offer 100% reliable results.

  • ISO Certified Integration Testing Services Provider

    FWS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified performance testing service providing company having 20 years of experience in testing and problem discovery. We ensure that your applications run without bugs in operating conditions.

  • Software Testing Tools

    Our team is skilled in the following testing tools to achieve top-notch results -

    • Apache JMeter which is used for conducting load tests on web and app services
    • LoadRunner, used for testing and measuring the performance of apps under a load; is capable of simulating thousands of users, and recording and examining results
    • NeoLoad, for conducting load and stress tests for web and mobile apps - especially used when DevOps is implemented for iterated releases
  • Scalable Testing Solutions

    Being a performance testing specialist, we can help you scale your needs anytime. You will have to convey your request and our team will do what it takes to accommodate your priority needs.

  • Quick TAT

    Expect a quick TAT by choosing FWS as your testing partner. We work with the agility to execute tests and find hidden flaws that otherwise impact operational efficiency.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    Our support staff knows how important it is for you to get the information to make swift project-related decisions. We work 24/7 to fix those issues through priority and non-priority channels.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Website Testing Services to a Major IT Firm of Montreal

Website Testing for Montreal-based IT Company

An IT company based in Montreal outsourced web testing. We accepted their order and tested 130 websites. Our measures taken met the quality standards and our findings were reported.

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FWS Provided Software Testing of SaaS Platform to a Scandinavian Startup

Software Testing for SaaS Platform

This is a success story of a Scandinavian client who outsourced software testing for the SaaS platform. In doing so, they saved them time and money and shorted the time to deploy.

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Outsource Performance Testing Services to Flatworld Solutions


We have been using Flatworld Solutions' service for the last four months for testing of our SaaS solution. They have been a professional and committed partner who has taken responsibility for the partnership.

Customer Success Manager,
Computer Consultancy Service Provider, Denmark
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At Flatworld, we can provide you software performance testing services either for specific apps or for your entire IT infrastructure. You can extend your team with our testing service offering, either by hiring a resource or outsourcing the entire project to us. So, if you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and efficient performance testing service provider your search ends with Flatworld because we have the capability and expertise to ensure that your systems and apps perform optimally and have no problematic components. We help you keep your end-users delighted, and grow your business.

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