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SPA Development Services

Improve the speed, responsiveness, and efficiency of your website by using a single-page application at prices starting at $20/hour

The shift of software and websites from multiple page designs to single-page ones is being immensely favored recently and for all the right reasons. Single-page applications not only drastically improve the transition speed but also ensure that web pages are dynamically rewritten and loaded to increase interaction with users. Today, all kinds of businesses are taking the cue from successful frontrunners like Facebook, Google, and GitHub to modify their websites and applications into single-page designs.

However, the process is precarious and requires skillful professionals to maintain consistency with your original website and still manage to avail of all the advantages of a single-page application. That's where Flatworld Solutions and its adroit team comes in with its range of SPA development services that are ranked among the best worldwide. If sleek, immersive, and logic-driven single-page applications are on your mind for your business, outsource SPA development services to Flatworld Solutions.

Our SPA Development Services

Single page application (SPA) development is never limited to developing a single page. Several aspects have to be considered simultaneously, a variety of approaches need to be implemented, different logic needs to be applied, and a diverse range of solutions need to be offered. As a leading SPA development service provider, we specialize in finding the right mix for your business needs.

We hold great expertise in a wide range of services, including -

  1. Systems/ Platforms/ Solutions Development

    Systems/ Platforms/ Solutions Development

    Under this bracket falls the very core of the single-page application development solutions that we offer. These include, but are not limited to, developing e-commerce based solutions, analytics-based software systems, automated algorithm-based recruitment platforms, and more.

  2. Workflow Automation

    Workflow Automation

    We offer solutions for maximizing precision and efficiency in document workflow development. It is a single-page pattern of orchestrated business activities that we refine by automating the workflow and operations. Subsequently, we also make sure the process is accelerated and the chances of human errors are eliminated.

  3. Server Architecture Design

    Server Architecture Design

    The SPA architecture is designed in a way that the application can efficiently fetch content from the server through AJAX, WebSockets, or other channels. Our team specializes in designing different forms of architectures including Thin, Thick Stateful, and Thick Stateless to ensure sound functionality in the SPA application.

  4. App Development

    App Development

    Different projects have different SPA development needs. Our team is proficient with finding the right one from a whole host of different approaches in SPA development including -

    • JavaScript
    • AJAX
    • Server-sent events
    • Browser plugins
    • WebSockets, and more.
  5. Resource Management Solutions

    Resource Management Solutions

    Resource management applications are one of the most common single-page applications today. We put our app development expertise to use to develop automated resource management solutions for your company.

  6. Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    Historically, SPA designs have presented problems with SEO for most search engines. Our team at Flatworld solves this problem by developing React-based SPAs that are SEO friendly by utilizing libraries like Next.js.

  7. Staff Augmentation

    Staff Augmentation

    We provide flexible services to help your SPA development team through your project. We can either integrate and combine to form a stand-alone team, we can take up specialized SPA development tasks as a part of a whole project, or simply offer consulting services to your team.

Our SPA Development Process

Our work methodology is highly product-centric and we custom adapt our agile framework to meet the needs of every project. As an expert SPA development company, we aim to incrementally complete tasks in an ideal time frame within the allotted budget.

Here's a step-by-step generic framework that we follow for every SPA development project to maintain consistency and optimum performance -


01. Requirement Analysis

This involves an in-depth analysis of user and client expectations from the SPA, obtaining clarity on functional analysis and allocation, and determining channels for system analysis and balance control


02. UI/UX Design

Once a definitive roadmap is developed through requirement analysis, our UI/UX architects convert the software specifications into an executable design plan followed by mockups and prototypes


03. Web App Development

The main execution part involves working on the front-end and back-end on the language and the approach deemed ideal for the project. A workable product is the result of this step


04. Testing (And Modifications)

This step is highly iterative and is often carried out in multiple phases depending on the complexity of the output. The three primary phases of testing involve Unit, Rendering, and Applications


05. Deployment

This is the product release phase wherein we support you through the live launch of your software in the market


06. Support

Our support services include post-launch maintenance, error management, disaster control, and upgrading solutions

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource SPA Development Services to Flatworld Solutions?

For over 20 years in the industry, Flatworld has reached the hilt of success in thousands of projects worldwide. We have, as a result, created an immaculate reputation in offering the best SPA development services. Here are the highlights of what makes us the best -

  • Cost Saving

    Our SPA development packages are not only known to be available at some of the most competitive prices but also lauded for being cost-saving. This is because our agile scrum experts focus on eliminating wastage and maximizing productivity. Besides, of course, you save the money needed for infrastructure, training, and more when you outsource SPA development services to us.

  • Best-in-class IT Team

    Our SPA Development team is our biggest asset and the strongest pillar holding our reputation as the best SPA development services providing company in India. Our team combines the expertise of software engineers, programmers, coding experts, software/app developers, UI/UX technicians, app architects, and more.

  • Advanced Technology Stack

    Our team is adept in working with the most technologically advanced stack of tools and languages right from JavaScript, Angular, AJAX to Knockout.js, Meteor.js, Vue.js, and much more.

  • Support Services

    Our SPA development team is highly diversified and that enables us to empower your project even after delivery. Whether it's consulting, technical post-maintenance support, or migration of the multiple-page applications to a single page, we have you covered.

  • Quality and Security

    Flatworld is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management and ISO/IEC 27001:2022 information security management standards. Internally, we maintain our quality and security standards by rigorous testing and adherence to stringent quality assurance protocols.

Client Success Stories

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FWS Provided iBeacon Technology-Based Parking App Solution For iOS

A UK IT consultancy services hired us for developing an iBeacon parking app. We developed app for iOS devices to find a vacant parking in crowded metros.

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FWS Provided Windows App Solution for an Inventory and Order Management

FWS Provided Windows App Solution for an Inventory and Order Management

FWS' Windows app enhanced the Inventory management and warehousing at fraction of the cost charged by other vendors.

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Having a SPA that represents your company can do wonders for user experience and customer engagement. Besides being fast, responsive, and linear, single-page apps prove to be more efficient even during poor network connectivity. It also makes life easier at the backend with easy chrome debugging and cache clearing. Start-ups, small and medium businesses, and large enterprises all over the world have recognized Flatworld as the SPA development services providing company they trust.

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