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Smoke Testing Services

Avail quality smoke testing from experienced software testers within a quick turnaround time at rates starting at $20 an hour

Smoke testing/Build Verification Testing is a crucial aspect of software testing as it checks whether a system works properly in the initial stage and only after this, testers continue with other functions through the process of functional testing. However, an inaccurately conducted smoke test can result in massive damage in the later stages, and thus it is vital to have experienced and efficient testers to conduct smoke testing.

If you are struggling to manage your smoke testing requirements for your software system or have a lack of high quality and experienced testers then consider outsourcing your smoke testing requirements to Flatworld Solutions. We are the pioneers in smoke testing and have enormous experience of offering high-quality smoke testing services to a wide array of companies. Flatworld Solutions is known for offering the finest smoke testing services at the most affordable costs.

Smoke Testing Services We Offer

At Flatworld Solutions, we have experience of handling clients from various verticals and thus are adept in offering customized solutions that cater to your specific requirements. We offer a wide range of smoke testing services which include the following services.

  1. Manual Smoke Testing

    Manual Smoke Testing

    Our maverick team of software testers is equipped with all the necessary skills and is armed with adequate experience to provide clients with world-class manual smoke testing services. Through our meticulous processes, we make sure that the navigation paths are tested and at the same time ensure that the functionality is not hampered at any given time. We undertake the various smoke tests after the new build arrives and focus on detecting and correcting the flaws.

  2. Automated Smoke Testing

    Automated Smoke Testing

    Automated smoke testing is vital for regression tests. Automated tests come in handy for developers to check the build within a very quick time when the new build is ready for deployment. Instead of running the manual tests repeatedly, we focus on running automated tests that will verify the major functionalities of the software system.

Benefits of Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is an effective method to gauge whether the software requires additional testing or not. Smoke testing thus offers a host of benefits apart from saving time and other resources. The major benefits of smoke testing include -

  • Easy process - Conducting smoke testing is a hassle-free process. If conducted by expert testers with adequate experience, smoke testing is very easy to perform.

  • Faster troubleshooting - Thanks to the efficient process, smoke testing takes very little time to troubleshoot new as well as regression test bugs.

  • Enhances quality - Smoke testing is a great tool to increase the overall quality of your software. The effective testing done during these tests helps in boosting the overall quality and also assures that major functionalities are working fine.

  • Early detection of issues - With smoke testing, you don't have to wait for a long time to detect the major issues. Smoke testing is arguably one of the most efficient testing methods to detect issues in the early stages of software development.

  • Easy access to updates - In smoke testing, you can access the progress of the test with ease. This easy access to the progress allows you to stay updated with all the happenings in the test and thus enables you to make better decisions in the end.

  • Quick running time - One of the key features of smoke testing is its quick running time. This quick running time means you get the test results quickly and thus end up saving precious time and other resources.

  • Minimal integration risk - In smoke testing, the end-to-end software testing process is done. This makes smoke testing a great way to reduce any kind of integration risk.

  • Easier correction of errors - Smoke testing makes it extremely easy to detect errors and also makes it easier to correct these errors.

Other Services You Can Benefit from

Why Outsource Smoke Testing Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is a market leader in offering smoke testing services. Our meticulous testing process and highly professional services have enabled us to serve clients across the globe and create a benchmark in the industry. Some other benefits of outsourcing smoke testing services to Flatworld Solutions are listed below -

  • Quick turnaround time

    Flatworld Solutions is equipped with various delivery locations that are spread across the world in different time zones. This allows us to work round the clock and deliver you the best results in the least possible time. Hence, by embracing the services of Flatworld Solutions, you end up saving your precious time and other resources.

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure

    We understand the need of having access to world-class tools and technologies to deliver the best smoke testing services. Hence, at Flatworld Solutions, our teams are armed with all the necessary cutting-edge tools and technologies.

  • Dedicated manager

    We are fully committed to deliver the best professional services to our clients and hence assign an efficient and experienced manager for all your needs. This manager works as a single point of contact for all your requirements and enables you to stay updated with all the progress in the testing.

  • Highly experienced software testers

    Flatworld Solutions boasts of a wide pool of efficient and expert testers who are well versed with the latest updates in the industry and have a firm understanding of all testing processes. As smoke testing is carried out by these efficient and highly experienced software testers you stay assured about the quality results.

  • Highly competitive prices

    At Flatworld Solutions, we completely understand your budget constraints and hence have come up with competitive prices. We deliver the best results and at the same time ensure your budget isn't blown away. At Flatworld Solutions, you stay assured of getting high-quality results at an affordable cost.

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Outsource Smoke Testing Services to Flatworld Solutions


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Courtesy of our experienced and highly efficient teams, we at Flatworld Solutions offer the best smoke testing services to clients across the world. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and expansive experience in the field of smoke testing makes us the ideal choice for outsourcing your smoke testing requirements.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient smoke testing service provider at an affordable rate, then. Contact us for details.

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Smoke Testing Services FAQs

  • What is smoke testing?

    Smoke Testing is performed to determine whether the developed software build is stable or not. It gives the go-ahead to the QA team to proceed with further software testing.

  • Why is smoke testing important?

    It is important because it confirms whether the deployed software is functioning correctly in the initial stages.

  • Can smoke testing be automated?

    Smoke testing can be performed manually and, in a few cases, can also be automated.