Crowdsourced Testing Services

Crowdsourced Testing Services

Some of the major drivers which determine a product's success in today's market include a feature rich design, faster production and time to market times, and global outreach. As a result, global enterprises and businesses are always on the lookout for innovative testing and development methods in order to take charge of the above-mentioned driving forces. One such innovative technique which is gaining quite some popularity nowadays is Crowdsourced testing.

This emerging software testing method leverages the power of the cloud and the efficiency of crowdsourcing to deliver immense benefits and efficiency to the software testing process. As compared to traditional testing methods, managed crowd testing is carried out by a large number of different testers simultaneously, thereby allowing the software to be tested under realistic conditions which in turn makes this method a reliable, fast, and cost-effective method of testing.

Flatworld's Crowdsourced Testing Expertise

At FWS, we believe the method of crowd testing to be completely user-centric in its vision, as it would help companies decide which features of their product work well in real-world conditions and which ones don't. Our expertise in Crowdsourced testing services allows us to -

  • Gather a better viewpoint from different races and demographics about the usability of the product, while beta testing it for bugs
  • Conduct in-depth tests under real world conditions
  • Make the product/application available on as many platforms as possible at the same time
  • Pool a significant number of people with diverse abilities and skills under one test and gather results from all
  • Complete a testing project within fast turnaround times without reducing the overall quality of the product
  • Rapidly scale up or scale down a testing project within a short period of time

Our Managed Crowd Testing Services

At FWS, we provide you with the best possible resources to beta test your products in the form of short duration projects. With more than 100-300 people dedicated to testing your product at any given time, we ensure that all bugs and defects are reported back in as short a duration as possible so you can go ahead with fixing the issues.

We cover a variety of testing types such as -

Functional Crowd Testing

Each and every component of your product is thoroughly tested for functionality issues as per your business goals

User Acceptance Crowd Testing
We ensure your product is tested in stressful, real-world conditions and is accepted by the users before delivering a final report
Ad-hoc Crowd Testing
Our ad-hoc testing methods help to uncover bugs which would traditionally go unnoticed
Usability Crowd Testing
Ease of use and accessibility is always on our clients' minds, and we ensure that the usability of your product is suitably tested
Compatibility Crowd Testing
We test your application for compatibility on a variety of platforms and devices as requested by you
Performance Crowd Testing
We specialize in load-testing your product in real-world conditions so as to gain an understanding of your product's performance in non-ideal conditions
Globalization Crowd Testing
We check you application on a global basis, and provide you with valuable input about its performance in terms of locale, language, input functions, etc.

Who Needs Our Crowd Testing Services?

Although a beneficial and extremely direct testing tool, many businesses are still unaware of how they can use crowdsourcing for their benefit. Flatworld's crowd testing services are ideal for -

  • Companies who want to load-test their servers such as game publishers, software manufacturers, etc. We allow a lot of users to concurrently log into your servers so as to ensure your servers can stand the load and not get bogged down
  • Enterprises who want to test their product under variant weather conditions, especially mobile device manufacturers. We employ crowd testers based in different geographies with different weather systems who can test a hardware's functionality in such conditions
  • Businesses who want to identify platform/device specific issues can use our services to crowd test their product on separate platforms and devices which vary greatly in nature. This, in turn, helps them single out device/manufacturer specific issues and take steps to combat the same
  • Clients who want to test network connectivity for their application which in turn would help them understand the product's behavior when connected to Wi-Fi and Mobile data of varying speeds
  • Clients who want to test their products on rare equipment which are not available easily can use our services to get access to user who have the said systems and are ready to test on the same

Our 5-phase Crowd Testing Process



We understand the clients' business requirement and their goals. Thereupon we design the test plan, finalize the service model and then finally decide upon the test execution dates



We define the test cases and all the configurations while recruiting the crowd testers at the same time. Thereupon we sign the required NDAs and MSAs before moving on to the next phase



We initiate testing across devices and platforms as requested by the client. We set up a dedicated project manager in order to coordinate the entire process and ensure optimum performance



All the test deliverables are evaluated, defects and inaccuracies are noted and the test report is then shared with the client



We compensate the crowd testers once the client is satisfied with the report and close the test cycle

Our Key Differentiators

Application beta releases are as important to the future of a company as the release of the actual product. With this in mind, we have fine-tuned our services in order to assure access to the best quality crowd testing services for our clients. Our key differentiators include -

  • Access to more than 1000 testers within a short time duration of 24 hours
  • Leverage the infrastructure benefits of a dedicated testing lab and a variety of platforms and devices
  • Controlled environment for testing ensuring across-the-board uniformity
  • Facility for client-tester interaction as and when required
  • Real-time load testing data
  • Multiple levels of thorough defect validation
  • Flexible and rapidly scalable process structure, allowing testing to go on 24/7 separated into 3 shifts
  • Expenses involved in hiring engineers, testers etc. is less since they do not have to be on the payroll. This ensures better cost savings for our clients
  • Certified secure network for information dissemination

Outsource Crowd Testing Services to Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld, we believe that crowdsourcing is the next logical evolutionary step in testing. With more than a decade's experience in providing high-quality testing services to clients across the globe, we allow you to gain immediate access to a live managed crowd ready to test your product within a short time period. Our pricing is extremely competitive, and we assure you of maximum coverage so that you can benefit from the sourced test data to perfect your product before market launch.

Contact us right away to outsource managed crowd testing and learn how we can help your application or product gain better stability in a short time window!

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Crowdsourced Testing Services FAQs

  • why is cloud testing important?

    Cloud migration poses challenges like cloud compliance, data migration, privacy, availability, scalability, identifying delivery mechanism and data security. This is taken care of with Cloud testing.

  • what is crowdsourcing platform?

    It is a way of achieving cumulative results through collaboration with large group of users in a network. The task can be commissioned to public groups to contain costs and enhance productivity.