Mobile App Design Services

Mobile App Design Services

User experience (UX) + User interface (UI) = Creative design.

Mobile UI and UX design are the most important factors one needs to take into consideration during the design and development of a mobile app. The UI/UX design of your mobile app holds the key to deciding whether your app will be accepted or rejected by a majority of mobile users, and can be the deciding factor between the apps success or failure.

During the mobile app development phase, it is important to focus on the end user and how they will react with the finished product. At Flatworld Solutions, we understand the importance of having a good mobile user interface and providing the end user with the best user experience. Our mobile app UI design services ensure neat, simple and intuitive app designs, uncovered by researching into your customer's requirements, desires, behavior, motivation, etc.

Mobile App Design Services We Offer

Design is important because the app interface is what an end user sees first, even before interacting with it. We conduct our UX research up front, long before initial app development takes place. Our UX designers develop the initial wireframes demonstrating app flow and if required also develop low-fidelity prototypes which are then used by the UI designers to create stunning application landscapes. This unique process ensures the most useful app features surface in the final app build, without sacrificing user experience.

Our UI/UX design services include the following:

  • End-to-end Mobile User Interface (UI) Design Services

    User interface plays a very important role in the success of any mobile application. Being the first stage of interaction between the user and the app, the mobile UI design becomes an essential factor while determining the success of the mobile app.

    Our team of mobile UI/UX designers boasts of having the expertise in developing the most appealing UI/UX designs which encourages the users to explore the various aspects of the app in detail. From mobile UI to backend infrastructure, we provide services in every segment. We provide completely responsive mobile UI designs which will be customized according to your needs, including parallax scrolling designs, flat UI designs, apps designed according to material guidelines (Android), full-screen backgrounds, etc.

    Apart from providing the best mobile UI/UX design in the industry, we provide additional mobile interface design services which include:

    • Responsive web-app designs
    • Application launcher designs
    • Design Mockups
    • Icon and widget designs
    • Wearable technology app designs
    • App branding
  • Next Generation Mobile User Experience (UX) Design Services

    Mobile app UX design is the process of designing an app from the user's viewpoint, while keeping in mind as to how the app will be understood and used by them. Our experience in the mobile design field allows us to provide a consistent user experience irrespective of the device, while developing instantly recognizable, platform-specific navigation for your users.

    We believe in keeping the designs simple and maximize the ease of using the app. As somebody rightly said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! We deliver powerful user experiences by using the following techniques:

    • Focusing on the most important on-screen content
    • Simple, intuitive navigation built around specific mobile platform guidelines
    • Fluidic layouts
    • Minimal forms
    • Grid style layouts
  • Mobile UI/UX Design Consulting Services

    No matter how well the mobile app architecture is designed or how futuristic the technology used looks, the success of any product depends on how easy it is for users to use it. To emotionally connect with the user it is important that design of the product is user-centric, and not have too many things jostling for the viewer's attention.

    Our team of experienced UI/UX consultants provides you with in-depth advice based on market research data. UI/UX consulting services we provide include:

    • Expert reviews or realistic evaluations
    • Comparative reviews
    • Information architecture
    • Focus group studies

Our 5-step Mobile App Design Process

It is important that the mobile UI/UX design team does thorough research and strategizes the approach towards the implementation of the design. Our team executes the mobile UI/UX design using a pre-defined workflow which is explained below:



Usability in Design


Wireframe Creation




Usability Testing

  1. Research

    Before any UI/UX design takes shape, it is crucial that the designers have a thorough idea of the end users they are going to address. The features that appeal to us or what we think will be attractive need not necessarily appeal to others as well. It is important that we gauge our customer's likes and dislikes before the design phase. Backed by our excellent research and analysis team, our designers are trained to perform excellent market research before diving into the mobile UI/UX design and development.

  2. Usability in Design

    Our philosophy is simple - Design is not just what it looks like or feels like, but how it works. Apart from having a beautiful interface and user experience, it is essential that the product is top notch as far as the functionality is concerned. We don't just design, but plan a customer's journey while navigating through the app, taking care that features such as slide outs, swipes, drawers, etc. are incorporated in meaningful and exciting ways.

  3. Wireframe Creation

    This step is the best way to represent user interface features and visualize data structures. Wireframe creation allows for initial testing of workflows, navigation, overall data structure, and enables effective communication between team members. It is an important aspect and we ensure that the right information is presented in the right way, at the right place, and at the right time.

  4. Prototyping / Implementation

    A prototype is a draft version of the final product which gives a good representation of the user interface. This step allows our designers to check the overall usability and functionality of the features before actual full-blown development takes place. Our team uses this stage to see the working of the overall app and work on any inconsistencies and errors.

  5. Usability Testing

    The purpose of user testing is to identify flaws and get them corrected. Flatworld conducts user testing and performs detailed analysis to convert the data into actionable design improvements. We don't take flaws as a negative response but use it to improve the design in the next iteration.

Flatworld's Software Expertise

While using any mobile app, if users have a hard time to figure out how to use the app they are bound to look elsewhere and not come back. A good user experience can create a favorable and long-lasting impression on the user. To make sure that we provide high-quality mobile interface design services to our customers, we believe in investing in the best design software in the industry. Some of tools we use include:

Why Choose FWS for Mobile UI/UX Design?

Our highly experienced team of mobile app UI/UX designers turns ideas into realities. Our designs are carried out to ensure that your company and brand are shown in the best possible light. Some of our features include:

  • Our app designs are in line with the Material design guidelines, Apple design guidelines, and the Modern Windows 10 app guidelines, based on the platform you want to develop for
  • We provide attractive mobile app designs at competitive prices
  • Our designs are compatible with multiple devices, screen sizes, and resolutions
  • We have an experience of over 19 years in the mobile app UI/UX design industry
  • By outsourcing your mobile app design requirements it becomes easier to concentrate your resources on other major tasks
  • We are known for delivering high quality products in a quick turnaround time

Hire Flatworld Solutions for the Best-quality Mobile App Designs!

We, at Flatworld Solutions, have given shape to hundreds of mobile apps for well-known companies and brands. Our extensive pre-design research and planning, and ability to attract customers with our designs is what make us stand out from the rest. Our team of mobile app developers boasts of having expertise of multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

We follow the industry best standards and methods to provide you with nothing but the best mobile UI/UX designs amongst other mobile development services. If you have any mobile app design requirements, feel free to Get in touch with us or talk to one of our representatives and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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