Outsource Network Testing Services

Network Testing Services

Our ISTQB-certified testers carry out network testing to ensure stablility and high-performance of the business network at rates starting from $20/hour

Enterprises all over the world depend on the quality of their network communications for the responsiveness, effectiveness and success of their business. They choose their wide area network hardware and software suppliers on that basis. That makes high-quality network equipment testing critical for any company that wants to be a major player in the WAN equipment and infrastructure market. Flatworld solutions provide next-level outsourced testing resources that can help add substantial value to a network vendor's solutions.

If you want to outsource network testing services to professionals who can work with their testing infrastructure and methods to bring you sound network testing solutions, choose Flatworld Solutions and do away with all concerns about network testing. We know the needs of every modern business begins with high-speed and reliable connectivity that allows better uplink bandwidth and download speeds. However, the only sure shot way to find out how your network performance fares are to have network testing tools and experts tell you after running detailed analysis.

Network Testing Services We Offer

Think of us as a maintenance crew responsible for keeping your network in great shape so you can continue leveraging it for your business. We have rich experience with data stacks, corner case detections, and the latest network testing practices. Our bandwidth infra allows us to remotely connect to your network and manage network bandwidth with efficiency.

Look to Flatworld's testers for networking excellence, deep technical knowledge, and global understanding of the complex network testing issues. We live and dream network stacks, best testing practices, and corner case detection! Our team members are selected for their ability to design effective network performance tests, work on advanced network testing tools and network testing software, and rigorously check conformance to international and industrial networking standards. But they also see the big picture - the end-to-end requirements of companies of all shapes, sizes and locations for networking hardware and software that boosts their operational results.

We have best-in-class internet bandwidth infrastructure to seamlessly connect to the customer's network lab through VPN tunnel, and effectively carry out testing and network bandwidth management with great efficiency.

Our services are as follows -

  1. Circuits or Site Turn-up Solution

    Circuits or Site Turn-up Solution

    If you have a new WAN hardware installed, we remotely verify if you are benefiting from the promised bandwidth using test suites like iPerf. To ensure bullet-proof performance and zero packet loss we perform ping tests.

  2. Changing Routing Policies

    Changing Routing Policies

    Unexpected consequences on routing table are one of the biggest hurdles you can face as network complexity increases and when changes to the routine policy are made. Our solution is to allocate distributed remote monitoring agents to run traceroute and ping tests so that the response can be validated in real-time.

  3. Updating Firewall Rules

    Updating Firewall Rules

    Adopting new firewall rules is not an option but a compulsion to stay safe from certain types of traffic and permitting others that are deemed safe. We use port scanners like Nmap to ensure firewalls are successfully updated. Additionally, we run ping tests from high security and low-security networks to ensure performance.

  4. Quality of Service (QoS)

    Quality of Service (QoS)

    If you cannot apply QoS (Quality of Service) configuration due to dependencies or other factors, leave your concerns to us. We perform extensive tests to ensure the network is readily marketing, classifying, as well as predictably routing traffic.

  5. WAN Optimization Testing

    WAN Optimization Testing

    Flatworld's expert testing team puts hardware and software through its paces for comprehensive testing and reporting on -

    • Bandwidth allocation and traffic prioritization efficiency
    • Bandwidth efficiency through techniques including compression, data deduplication, and protocol spoofing
    • Download and distribution performance (caching techniques, for instance)
    • Network optimization through non-essential traffic detection and configuration options for traffic policy enforcement
  6. Testing Consultancy Solutions

    Testing Consultancy Solutions

    Working for network equipment vendors and end-customers, our experts also offer a range of network consultancy services for performance optimization. Network design, strategy planning, and product development and roadmap assistance are all different services available from Flatworld Solutions team. By operating a virtuous circle of design-test-optimization, we help vendors maximize the advantages they bring to end-users and assist end-users themselves in getting the most out of their networks, both today and into the future.

Network Testing Process We Follow

Flatworld Solutions' network testing team tests according to specific user criteria and network usage. In situations involving lossy or low-speed networking links, our team can test different hardware and/or software configurations to validate the use of equipment to meet particular requirements. On behalf of end-users, our test engineers can also test for approval of vendor solutions for a procurement shortlist. Departments and business units can then select solutions from the list with the confidence of knowing that the products have been properly tested to meet applicable corporate criteria.

At FWS we focus on making your business ready to adopt the latest network protocols, and settings standardized internationally. It makes your online activities safer and more efficient -

We discuss with clients to understand their needs and goals to plan the deliverables
We will plan and design tests through close consultation to speed up debugging and bring quality results
We identify competent teams to whom the project can be delegated
The team implements the test as per the SLA and uncovers bugs and errors
Preliminary bugs are fixed on the spot and rest will be flagged for advance troubleshooting
After performing bug fixes, the testing is performed once more and if no more flaws exist, we sign off the project

Software Testing Tools We Use

Flatworld is a leading network testing service providing company thanks to the in-depth expertise in software testing. Our elite team of testers outperform others with each new project, consistently upskilling. Our repertoire in network testing tools includes -

 NDT (Network Diagnostic Tool)
 Tcpdump & Libpcap
 LAN Tornado
 ManageEngine OpUtils
 PassMark Advanced Network Test
 WAN Killer by SolarWinds
 Visual TruView By Fluke Networks
 Path Test
 LAN Speed Test (Lite)
 PRTG Network Monitor (network Performance)
 Paessler's SNMP Tester
 Simple Port Tester
 Microsoft Network Speed Test
 NetQuality By Softpedia
 Netflow Analyzer
 Network Monitor By Spiceworks
 Network Security Auditor
 One Way Ping (OWAMP)
 Traffic Emulator By Nsasoft
 Port Detective
 Paessler's WMITester
 ActiveSync Tester
 AggreGate By Tibbo Solutions
 Ixia Network Emulators
 Flent (Flexible Network Tester)
 Ixchariot By Ixia
 Netbrute Scanner
 Xirrus Wifi Inspector
 Dynatrace Data Center Real User Monitoring (DCRUM)

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Network Testing Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld provides custom network testing services for all type of businesses. We extend our capabilities to make you smarter with our service offering at surprisingly competitive rates. Flatworld's software Network testing services are world-class thanks to -

  • Affordable Testing Solutions

    FWS provides network testing solutions that are affordable rates compared to other providers and you can save more by customizing your order.

  • Network Test Automation

    The Flatworld team leverages the power of test automation to pack greater network testing value into the budget and delivery date agreed. Our test experts use test automation intelligently to accelerate tests, and reduce costs even further, while still applying technical expertise in manual tests where required.

  • Testing time windows

    Located in India's Silicon Valley of Bangalore, Flatworld Solutions can turn around your network testing requirements overnight for perfect synchronization with your project activities. Test results can be available for project and product development teams from the beginning of each working day - a key consideration for today's agile development environments with their rapid dev-test cycles.

  • Experienced Testing Team

    We have ISTQB-certified testing professionals are trained to deal with any type of challenges that emerge during network tests.

  • ISO Certified Network Testing Services Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified network testing services having 20 years of experience in complying with the ISO standards.

  • High-quality Testing Methodologies

    We adhere to proven testing methods to ensure the best quality results in every project we undertake.

  • High-tech Testing Tools

    We are kitted with a plethora of network testing suites that help you make the most out of our solutions.

  • Scalable Testing Solutions

    We know scalability is a big question on most people's minds and we make back our assurances by offering scalable solutions that go well with your needs.

  • Quick TAT

    We don't just commit to verbal promises but go the full extent to deliver results with agility.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We have support staff that rollover between shifts to ensure continuous support by phone call, email, and webchat.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Website Testing for Montreal-based IT Company

Website Testing for Montreal-based IT Company

An IT company based in Montreal offshored web testing functions to us. We were expected to test 130+ websites as per the quality standards and SLA. We succeeded in meeting deliverables.

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FWS Provided Software Testing of SaaS Platform to a Scandinavian Startup

Software Testing for SaaS Platform

Read this success story to learn how a Scandinavian client delegated software testing for the SaaS platform and saved them time and money and other business overheads.

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Outsource Network Testing Services to Flatworld Solutions


We have been using Flatworld Solutions' service for the last four months for testing of our SaaS solution. They have been a professional and committed partner who has taken responsibility for the partnership.

Customer Success Manager,
Computer Consultancy Service Provider, Denmark
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Being the best network testing service providing company, we have some of the best tools and infrastructure to uncover bugs hindering opportunities from coming your way. Having earned the title of the best network testing service provider, we go the extra mile to bring you solutions including checking for compliance.

Are you looking for the help of a network testing service providing company for efficient, cost-effective, and accurate testing services? Your search ends here at Flatworld Solutions because we have 20 years of experience being one of the best testing partners for small and large businesses. Flatworld helps you install and maintain robust software systems by following best testing practices improved through years of experience.

Contact us to outsource network testing requirements and minimize the expense and time you spend on improving the performance of your software.

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