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Today, with rapid advancements in technology, most mobile digital assistants can also schedule calendar events, manage emails, to do lists, files, etc. Some of the digital assistants can do concierge type tasks and provide some information based on voice-based inputs. In this article we have listed some of the popular digital assistants available today in the market.

10 Popular Mobile Digital Assistants Available Today

Digital assistants are gaining popularity with every passing day with the help of advancing technologies. People make use of these assistants as it provides a hassle free experience to them and provides quick results. Some of the most popular digital assistants that are used by people today include:

  1. Siri


    Developed by Apple, Inc., Siri is an intelligent digital assistant who allows users to send text messages, make schedules, make calls, play music and videos, etc. It is a voice activated intelligent digital assistant which was first incorporated in the iPhone through iOS 5 released in 2011, following which it was gradually made available on a few different platforms.

  2. Google Now

    Google Now

    Google's intelligent assistant, Google Now is incorporated in all Android devices. Launched for the first time in 2012, Google Now is used to schedule appointments, send text messages, search for directions, etc. With the latest versions of Android, a new feature called Google now on Tap is also available for the latest Android handsets.

  3. Cortana


    This is a primary intelligent digital assistant which was developed by Microsoft and launched along with the release of Windows Phone 8.1 in the year 2014. Apart from a good sense of humor and ability to tell jokes, Cortana can be used to set reminders, find files on the phone, track package deliveries, etc.

  4. Facebook M

    Facebook M

    This digital assistant developed by Facebook is being slowly incorporated in the Facebook Messenger, phase by phase. Currently available only to a few users, this service will be rolled to the rest of the Facebook community soon. Once operational, it can be used plan holidays, find restaurants, book tickets, and buy online stuff in a very convenient manner.

  5. Blackberry Assistant

    Blackberry Assistant

    This is an intelligent digital assistant developed by Blackberry Limited or RIM which allows users to perform different tasks based on voice-based inputs. Blackberry Assistant allows you to provide voice commands or type in the query and then display the required results.

  6. Braina


    This is a virtual digital assistant which is developed to be used in Windows PC operating systems. Developed by Brainasoft, this assistant helps users perform tasks based on a voice input. It mainly focuses on voice recognition and uses a natural language interface.

  7. Teneo


    This digital assistant is developed by Artificial Solutions; and helps businesses to create natural language applications which can be used to provide their customers with added personalization and enhanced customer service.

  8. Speaktoit Assistant

    Speaktoit Assistant

    This particular Assistant is developed by Speaktoit, and helps users perform various tasks such as setting reminders, answer questions, notify about important events, etc. It has the ability to learn more about your favorite places and customize the services according to your preferences.

  9. Hound


    Hound is a very intelligent and helpful digital assistant which provides fast and detailed search results of weather, sending text messages, making a call, finding a suitable hotel for you, navigating help, checking the stock market, etc. It can also be used to play music and play various interactive games.

  10. Amazon Echo (Alexa)

    Amazon Echo (Alexa)

    Developed by Amazon, this is a voice enabled digital speaker which responds to the name Alexa. The device allows user to interact using voice, play music, set alarms, create to-do lists, stream podcasts, provide weather information, and even order items from the Amazon website. It can also be used to control other smart devices with the help of the automation hub.

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