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Automated functional testing tools drive the user interface, mimic the actions carried out by a human, and then check for the expected results. This type of testing is becoming increasingly important for numerous software projects to test for regressions, automatically verify all the key functionalities, and help software teams to simultaneously carry out several tests within a short span of time.

There are various testing tools, which help software teams to successfully build and execute many automated tests. However, it is important for the software testers to understand the requirements of the software being developed and then choose the testing tool accordingly. To make building and execution of automated tests easier we have listed some of the most popular automation testing tools, which will be useful for software testers while making a choice.

Why Opt for Automated Testing?

Manual software testing has been around for a very long time. However, automation testing has taken the industry by storm. Here are some of the major benefits of automated testing as compared to manual testing -

  • Manual testing for all workflows, fields and negative scenarios is time-consuming and expensive, which is not the case with automated testing
  • Testing multi-lingual websites manually can be extremely time-consuming. Leveraging automation increases the speed of test execution
  • The test coverage can be easily increased using automation
  • Being a mundane task, manual testing can be highly prone to errors unlike automation testing
  • As automated tests do not require any human intervention, they can be easily run unattended and thus save hours of human efforts

Top 12 Automation Testing Tools

There are plenty of automation testing tools available in the market today. However, it is important for the software testers to analyze their requirements and then choose the tools that precisely cater to their testing requirements. Following are the top automation testing tools that make software testing easier -

  1. Selenium

    SeleniumThis is one of the best automated web testing tools, which helps testers automate web browsers across various platforms. Supported by some of the largest global browser vendors, Selenium proves to be one of the most powerful and useful software testing tools. Many companies have also incorporated this tool as a native part of their browsers

  2. SoapUI

    SoapUIThis is a cross-platform functional testing tool. The aim of developing this tool was to automatically test APIs such as REST and SOAP interfaces. This ensures interoperability of various applications

  3. Tellurium

    telluriumThis is a web automation tool, which allows software testers to design and write automated tests in plain English, even when they do not have any programming and scripting experience

  4. TestComplete

    TestCompleteThis is a testing platform, which offers a variety of solutions to automate the testing of web, mobile, and desktop applications. The tool also allows software testers to record, script and run the GUI tests for applications, which are built using different languages and frameworks such as C or .NET

  5. Test Studio

    Test StudioThis is an automated load and functional testing tool, which facilitates testing of applications on different platforms built using different tools and frameworks

  6. PyUnit

    PyUnitThis is a Python unit testing framework, which is a Python language version of the JUnit. It is a part of the Python framework that supports test automation, shutdown codes, and sharing of setup for tests and various other features

  7. PHPUnit

    PHPUnitThis is one of the most popular frameworks used in PHP projects for unit testing. It provides both easy functionalities to execute, run, and analyze tests and results as well as a framework, which makes it simple to write tests

  8. Squish

    SquishThis is a graphical user interface testing tool for different platforms including native Windows, QT, and Mac applications. This tool allows developers and testers to develop automated tests using common scripting languages, such as Perl, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, etc.

  9. Watir

    WATIRThis is a set of Ruby libraries for automating web browsers, which allows the developer to write tests that can be easily read and maintained. The unique feature of this tool is that it drives browsers in the same way as people do, i.e., it fills forms, clicks the links, presses the buttons, etc. Watir also checks whether the expected results appear on the page or not

  10. Windmill

    WindmillThis is another popular web testing tool that helps testers debug and automate web applications. The tool comes with an interactive shell that automates web browsers, features cross-browser test recorder, and is JavaScript integrated

  11. Ranorex

    RanorexThis tool allows the testers to automate web application testing. Ranorex also enables the user to record and then play user interactions, while executing the tests. Being a popular commercial testing tool, it is used to build and run multiple automated web and GUI tests

  12. TestNG

    TestNGThis powerful and easy-to-use testing framework is inspired by JUnit and NUnit. It has some of the new functionalities which make it easier to use and more powerful. TestNG covers numerous test categories, such as functional, unit, integration, and end-to-end tests

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