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Agile Development Services

If you want to implement new features or changes to your software at a fast pace, keep your stakeholders happy, cut down budget & delivery time, opt for agile development

Flatworld Solutions has a proven expertise of delivering projects based on Agile methodologies. Throughout the years we have contributed immensely to the growth of our clients by producing efficient Agile teams and by creating state-of-the-art solutions that meet the specific demands of customers.

Our streamlined and result-driven practices mean that our services are always focused on delivering on the exact requirement of our clients and that too without spending unnecessary time and resources on software development.

Our Agile Development Services - Empowering Enterprises with Agile Flexibility and Speed

The biggest hindrance to the success of a project is the lack of communication among teams and the disparity in collective notion of the project vision. Through Agile development services, we at Flatworld solutions focus on streamlining the communication process by removing roadblocks and boosting co-operation among teams so that there is an atmosphere that fosters development.

With Agile development comes the transformation which is inevitable. But, we, at Flatworld Solutions, ensure that any integration in maneuvered smoothly and without any negative impact. For this, we bank on facets such as impeccable code structure, changes in organizational culture and maintenance.

Additionally, we stress on the long-term benefits through neatly curated organizational change management and behavior transformation. And we achieve this right from the initial Agile adoption to its final institutionalization.

  • Flatworld Solutions offers state-of-the-art of techniques, right tools and reliable platforms so that you get the best of Agile.
  • Our expert team members are well versed with all facets of Agile and have a strong grip on the current trends. Hence, our Agile services are always among the best in the market and unique.
  • And all these services are priced at a competitive range so that embracing our Agile services doesn't break your bank.
  • Our flexible services allow us to satisfy all demands of the evolving agile market and receive functional software components at the earliest.

Why is Agile the Most Preferred Methodology of Organizations World-wide?

Over the years, Agile has become a mainstream solution for software development thanks to its customer-first approach and focus on connecting teams. The popularity of Agile is evident from VersionOne's survey in which 98% of people revealed that Agile has helped them in achieving success in the project. In fact, the Standish Group's survey state that when compared with traditional methods, projects managed by Agile are three times more likely to succeed.

How Organizations Benefit by Opting for Agile Development -

  1. Agile Speeds up the Release

    Agile Speeds up the Release

    Success in this industry is mainly based on speed and this is what Agile development offers you. From the reports of AgileSherpas/ Co-Shedule it is proved that 53% of Agile teams can change the course when the feedback demands it and a whopping 36% of the Agile teams can release things faster. Hence, if you need speedy operations without affecting the quality of results, then do not go further than Agile.

  2. Better Customer Satisfaction

    Better Customer Satisfaction

    In Agile development, the product owner is a key stakeholder and hence has involvement in every stage and facet of the progress. The development process has higher visibility and there is adequate room for change which ensures customer satisfaction.

    Also, Agile's quickness means that products are delivered to the market at a quicker pace and more often with every release. There is more customer engagement too as, during the life cycle, the customer has early access to the product.

  3. Lesser Risks

    Lesser Risks

    The project development in Agile happens in sprints which ensures there is little time between the first investment and the revelation whether the product is working or is going the downhill. Plus, Agile offers flexibility for implementing new changes and the Agile techniques eradicate chances of failure.

    The diverse benefits of Agile boost overall productivity without hampering the quality and keeps all stakeholders including the client as well as the team-members satisfied. Generally, teams tend to lose the steam with time delaying the project results. This happens due to lack of collective understanding among team members. And this is where Agile gives the edge to you.

    Agile framework strengthens the inter-team bonding and creates a nurturing atmosphere where teams feel happy and content. This makes a positive impact on the result and hence Agile is a must for any organization striving growth. To give your organization the best of Agile, Flatworld Solutions is the ideal option.

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Key Benefits of Agile Development with Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld Solutions, our team has vast expertise in enterprise product development, and makes use of Agile best practices to provide superlative results. We are committed to innovation and believe in providing a unique value proposition to our clients around the world.

Some of the key benefits of choosing us as your agile development service provider are -

  • Faster realization of benefits, as we stress on software functionality
  • Clients stay in full control of the project, and can change/modify delivery milestones or project scope whenever required
  • Flexibility of early project termination, if the market demands
  • Agile development is an iterative process, associated with shorter delivery cycles, allowing project risk identification at early stages, which further ensures faster risk mitigation and elimination
  • Flexibility to make payments only when the outlined benchmarks for completion are met and cost-effective rates
  • Benefit from a culture of continuous evolution, effective coordination, teamwork, and cross-functional communication
  • The agile approach allows businesses to reduce costs during the development process by decreasing batch delays and complex requirements
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Multiple delivery centers and faster turnaround time
  • Complete data security. Read about our ISMS and GDPR compliance

Highlights of Flatworld's Agile Software Development Process

As a part of Agile development process, we provide recommendations that are best suited for outsourcing and implementation. Our engineers work with the clients, helping them choose the best tools, platforms, and metrics that encourage predictability and visibility.

Experts at Flatworld Solutions are able to deliver functional software components within a few weeks. Our approach is transparent, creative, collaborative, and productive, and as a result we are able to continually meet the demands of the growing agile market.

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I am really impressed by the quality of services I received from Flatworld Solutions. You were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, were professional and courteous in dealings, and delivered items well before time.

General Manager,
Sports Equipment Company, UK
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Flatworld Solutions is a leading Agile development service providing company and is a benchmark setter in the industry as our solutions have enabled organizations to achieve their goals and reach unprecedented heights. Courtesy of our commitment to the highest quality standards we boast of a roster full of satisfied clients.

Agile software development used to be associated with small business solutions at one point, but today, we see Agile playing a major player in large development enterprises. Our flexible work approach enables us to team up with small, mid-sized organizations as well as with industry giants. At the same time, our competitive costing gives us the edge in the market while our vast experience ensures that our clients get exactly what they are looking for.

If you too are looking for agile development services, then you are at the right place. Get in touch with us today to understand how embracing agile development will sky-rocket your business growth and why choosing Flatworld is critical for squeezing out the maximum from agile development.



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