Outsource Integration Testing Services

Integration Testing Services

Our ISTQB-certified testers use the best integration strategy and testing suites for bug localization in complex code modules at rates starting from $20/hour

The need for integration testing arises because software must adapt to evolving business requirements. The integration test hunts buggy codes in new patches so it performs without glitches in an integrated environment. In-house Integration testing can be expensive, so the decision to outsource integration testing to Flatworld Solutions saves time and money.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have an excellent track record as a reliable partner for global companies, for using integration testing methods customized for every business requirement. Flatworld Solutions ensures the proper functioning of software modules to deliver optimal and measurable results. As a customer-centric company, our high-quality integration testing solutions are time-tested. We offer integration testing solutions that secure, scalable, and aligns outcome with your organizational goals. We also perform peer reviews, especially if the testing project is large or critical.

Integration Testing Services We Offer

At Flatworld, we provide our customers with the entire gamut of integrated testing services in a fully managed, SLA-driven model; so when you outsource integration testing services to us, we can offer you complete integration testing based on the following approaches -

  1. Big Bang Approach or Non-incremental Integration Testing

    Big Bang Approach or Non-incremental Integration Testing

    In this method, every module is tested together, to verify if the entire system is working as it should. It is perfect for testing small systems and can be done quickly as all components are integrated and tested at one go.

  2. Incremental Approach

    Incremental Approach

    Here we test a minimum of two logically aligned modules in one batch. We test more, related modules to ensure that they all combine and perform well together. This method helps in the quick detection of bugs. This can be implemented through top-down or bottom-up methods.

    • Top-Down Integration

      In this method, the parent modules or the high-level modules are tested first; the child or lower modules are tested later, and then both are integrated. Small pieces of code called stubs are used to simulate how the lower modules will respond until the complete testing and integration is achieved. Here, the integration testing is carried out after considering the real-time environment, so the tested product is consistent.

    • Bottom-Up Integration

      As the name suggests, here the opposite of the top-down method is followed, where the basic, lo level child modules are tested first, and then integrated with the higher, or parent modules. Here, drivers are used instead of stubs, to simulate the data responses of the higher-level parent module. Usually, the development and testing take place at the same time, allowing the app to be more efficient and built as per customer specifications, and it's also quicker.

    • Hybrid/Sandwich Integration

      Here we have a combination of the earlier two methods, allowing parallel testing of top modules with lower modules or vice versa simultaneously. This method works faster and provides more efficient results.

  3. System Integration Testing

    System Integration Testing

    This involves testing a set of interfaces and modules to confirm that the app is as per the required specifications. Here functional testing is performed to determine if the combined modules produce the desired outcome. Test cases are developed in this type of integration testing to simulate inter-module interaction, and also includes system and package testing, and testing interfaces with exterior objects. It helps to determine the validity of the functions of software module dependencies. For the complete solution, separate modules carry data integrity.

What are the Benefits of Integration Testing?

Integration testing refers to the testing of various software systems as a group - or one unit. It focuses on verifying data communication among different software modules to check for the effectiveness and performance of those modules when they are connected. In other words, it checks whether a set of multiple modules work together as they should. Individual modules are usually tested first, and then together, for integration testing. Here are the benefits that can be derived from extensive integration tests -

 Integration testing offers a systematic technique to assemble software, simultaneously performing tests to detect bugs or errors that may occur during the integration
 Offers a foolproof way to check that the integrated modules function flawlessly
 Testing of components at various levels is critical as requirements keep changing in software - here, integration testing is the most effective method to ensure the various modules perform in unison properly
 Software applications can be tested to check that they meet the customer's specifications on standards; it also conveys to the software development team that they made the correct assumptions during unit testing.
 Integration testing helps to boost confidence in the entire life cycle of software development
 Integration testing can be performed as each module becomes available - no need of waiting for all the modules to be ready.
 Tests can be performed faster, tracking is simpler, and there is higher code coverage
 It is effective in building real-time cases while performing end to end tests
 It is extremely reliable and errors can be easily isolated

Integration Testing Process We Follow

Our integration testing services include creating specific methodologies and strategies that allow us to make bespoke integration testing plans that are a perfect fit for your business requirements.

At Flatworld we follow an iterative approach to integration testing, from the initial stages in the development cycle. This means we need to do a lot of forwarding planning, and our testers and developers have to have perfect collaboration. These are the stages our integration testing undergoes -


01. Defining the Scope of Testing Project

We will work with the client's to understand their business needs and determine the scope of work


02. Planning Test Cases

We will prepare comprehensive test cases through extensive collaboration with the clients. The test cases will be used to the benchmark the module during integration


03. Test Implementation

We will implement tests as per the schedule by selecting the best testing suite suited for the code module


04. Test Reports

Comprehensive reports will be created for developers and other stakeholders to validate the outcome


05. Customer Review and Bug Fixes

We will flag bugs embedded deep inside the codes. This will be brought to notice so the developer can fix it before deployment


06. Document Test Process and Update Standards

We continuously upgrade our testing process as per standard guidelines, checklists, and templates. We document everything accurately and keep our testing methods up to date to enable easy recording of new inputs, and sharing of knowledge.

Software Testing Tools We Use

Flatworld is a leading integration testing service providing company thanks to the in-depth expertise in software validation. Our elite team of software testers outperforms themselves with every new project, constantly upgrading their skills. Our repertoire in integration testing tools includes but is not limited to -

Protractor Citrus Integration Testing TESSY Jasmine Steam Selenium Visual Studio Team System Mercury Quick Test Professional LoadRunner SoapUI QF-Test TestComplete Empirix Rational Test RealTime WiMAX OpenSTA L2/L3 Protocol Testing ANTS Load WAPT

Other Services You Can Benefit from

Why Outsource Software Testing Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld provides custom software integration testing services for select software modules and an all-inclusive testing solution for your organization. We augment your in-house capabilities impeccably with our service offering at surprisingly competitive rates. Flatworld's software integration testing services are world-class thanks to -

  • Affordable Testing Solutions

    FWS provides integration testing solutions that are affordable and comes with an option to customize. You can customize your requirements and select a testing solution for your desired needs to save costs.

  • Experienced Testing Team

    We have ISTQB-certified testing professionals who are simply the best testing engineers because they are qualified and have the experience to deal with all systems irrespective of the complexity.

  • ISO Certified Integration Testing Services Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified Integration testing services company with 20 years of experience in a range of testing assignments. We make your system robust and bug-free to ensure fuss-free operation.

  • High-quality Testing Methodologies

    Our testing methods are some of the best in the industry because we follow the best practices that are tried and tested thoroughly.

  • High-tech Testing Tools

    We are kitted with a plethora of testing suites that are designed for all types of frameworks and coding languages. Therefore, we are a one-stop-shop solution for integration testing.

  • Scalable Testing Solutions

    Scalability is a top concern for most of our clients and we don't disappoint them. Our integration testing services are easily scalable and lets you have a scalable solution on a moment's notice.

  • Quick TAT

    We have always honored our end our assurances by delivering timely testing services. Our integration testing services are customized quickly and implemented quickly to accelerate the outcome.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We offer 24/7 support to all our clients to ensure their concerns are addressed without making them wait in the queue. Our contact centers can be reached via high-priority and low-priority channels where world-class agent support awaits you.

Client Success Stories

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Outsource Integration Software Testing Services to Flatworld


We have been using Flatworld Solutions' service for the last four months for testing of our SaaS solution. They have been a professional and committed partner who has taken responsibility for the partnership.

Customer Success Manager,
Computer Consultancy Service Provider, Denmark
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Are you looking for an integration testing service providing company for efficient, cost-effective, and accurate testing services? Your search ends here at Flatworld Solutions because we have 20 years of experience as a testing partner to small and large enterprises. Flatworld can help you install and maintain effective software systems in your business by applying precise testing practices to improve your software systems.

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