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HTML5 Application Development

With the evolution of the smartphone and the mobile app industry, there are multiple platforms on which mobile apps are being developed these days. One of the most prominent mobile app development platforms is HTML5, which has been around for quite a while now. It provides businesses with a suitable alternative to native app development methods.

Flatworld Solutions has helped countless global businesses develop some of the best and most innovative HTML5-based mobile applications. We have a vast experience in creating feature-packed and high performance HTML5-based mobile experiences which work across most popular smartphone platforms. All apps developed by us are secure and stable, and are constructed in such a way that they can be maintained and scaled up as needed.

HTML5 Mobile App Development Services by Flatworld Solutions

HTML5 has been a highly underrated mobile app developing platform when compared to native mobile app development platforms. Research suggests that native mobile app development is more powerful than HTML5 but it is also true that very few users are able to distinguish between the two. On top of that, HTM5 allows businesses to go live with an app without having to shelve out the money associated with native app development.

We use the best HTML5 frameworks available to provide our customers with high-quality, responsive, and user-friendly HTML5 apps. If required, we can even wrap our HTML5 apps as web apps for app store distribution, while ensuring the inherent functionality of the app remains top-notch. Some of our services include:

  • HTML5 Prototyping
  • Responsive HTML5 Web Design
  • Flash to HTML5 Migration
  • Silverlight to HTML5 Migration
  • HTML5 Widget Development
  • HTML5 Social Media App Development
  • HTML5 Mobile App Porting
  • HTML5 UI and UX Design
  • HTML5 Plugin Development
  • HTML5 Game Development
  • HTML5 App Testing
  • HTML5 App Maintenance and Support

Our 5 Step HTML5 App Development Process

At Flatworld Solutions, we follow a time-tested process for HTML5 app development which addresses our customer's specific business needs. This stringent development process ensures faster development times at cost-effective rates, and includes the following steps:



Before the beginning of the development process, we perform a detailed evaluation of your business and requirements during the research phase in order to understand your needs perfectly



We design a plan on how the development of the mobile app will be carried out and ensure that all your requirements are incorporated. Once we receive the go-ahead from you, we begin with the initial development phase

Wireframe Creation


A visual guide or an app blueprint is created which will represent the skeletal framework of the HTML5 mobile app. This wireframe is shared with you for inputs, and our UI/UX designers play a heavy-handed role in order to ensure high-quality customer experience



The actual app is coded and developed by our expert mobile app developers, while incorporating all the features and functionalities as requested by you



A thorough testing of the app is done once the app is created with the help of testing software as well as using it on a variety of different devices. The flaws and irregularities are corrected at this stage, and the final app is shared with you for your approval

Tools We Leverage

At Flatworld, we are skilled at developing the best quality HTML5 mobile apps, including advanced functionality such as embedded audio and video players, client-side data storage, etc. In order to ensure that your app stands out from the rest, we use some of the best HTML5 tools available in the market and boast of having highly skilled resources for the same. Some of the tools we leverage include:

Backbone JS DHTMLX Touch html5 boilerplate HTML 5 jQuery

Native v/s HTML5 App Development

HTML5 coding is relatively simpler as compared to native app development. Also, companies are able to save a lot of money if they develop mobile apps that work on all operating systems rather than having native apps. The HTML5 code can also be used as a reference for projects based exclusively on Android, iOS, or Windows.

With multiple projects under our belt, we have come to realize that HTML5 provides a versatile coding atmosphere to support different resolutions, screen sizes, and aspect ratios. Advanced features such as GPS, accelerometers, camera, etc. in modern devices can be integrated smoothly within an HTML5 framework, while providing a streamlined and customized experience to the users.

Some other benefits of our HTML5 mobile application development include:

  • Single app for all users, regardless of operating system, network, or hardware
  • Reduced development costs
  • Centralized code base does not require updates to be pushed to every user
  • Faster time to market
  • No app store approval process, unless requested

Hire Flatworld Solutions to Develop Your Own HTML5 App Today!

Today, Flatworld is at the forefront of the mobile development technology revolution where hundreds of traditionally native apps are being converted into HTML5-based apps in order to provide benefits such as interoperability and cross-platform functioning. The new HTML5 features added by us to your requested apps allow for much more dynamic app content and easy development periods. For a business looking to reach a large number of users using a single app, HTML5 is the right platform to develop apps, and we the correct choice to develop it.

Read our article which helps you understand the different mobile app development options available today.

We make sure that we deliver high quality apps with a quick turnaround time and help your business achieve new heights. If required, we can also create highly functional native iOS, Android, and Windows apps by reverse-engineering your existing HTML5 apps.

If you have any HTML5-based app development requirement, feel free to Get in touch.

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HTML5 App Development Services FAQs

  • What is an html5 app?

    An HTML5 app is one that makes use of all the functionality of HTML5 to create and provide an app-like experience for end users.

  • Is html5 a mobile app language?

    Yes, HTML5 can be used to create mobile apps.

  • Does Chrome use html5?

    Yes, Google Chrome defaults to HTML5, which results in quicker load times, improved security, and enhanced overall performance.