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Native App Development

When it comes to modern-day mobile app development strategies, native app development takes the majority of the pie as compared to hybrid mobile apps or mobile web app development. Native apps are developed for a single platform such as iOS, Android, or Windows, and can be installed directly onto a device belonging to a particular platform from the respective app store.

Native apps are hugely popular since they can interact with and take advantage of the operating system's inbuilt features, thereby providing users with a more cohesive user experience. Native apps have the ability to make use of the device's hardware such as GPS, camera, etc. and perform faster than their hybrid or web-based counterparts.

Flatworld's Native App Development Services

At Flatworld Solutions, we build native apps from ground up keeping the design principles of the OS, the in-app UI, and its overall functionality of the app in mind. Depending on your requirements and time-to-market predictions, we follow various app development models to ensure the development project finishes on time and within your budget. Some of the native mobile app development services we offer include:

  1. Android App Development

    Android App Development

    With a market share of about 85% in the smartphone industry, Android app development is a popular alternative for businesses who want to reach out to the maximum number of users, and within a short time. Our android developers are experts at using what the Android OS has to offer. Our vast experience helps build high-quality Android apps at a fraction of a price as compared to our competitors.

  2. iOS App Development

    iOS App Development

    Being the pioneers at iOS app development, we at Flatworld Solutions have helped develop highly functional and attractive iOS apps for clients around the globe. Along with providing distinct iPhone and iPad apps, we believe that mobile UI and user experience also prove to be an important part of the entire app development process. As a result, our native iOS apps not only look and feel great, but also provide your users with a seamless app experience.

  3. Windows App Development

    Windows App Development

    Our skilled Windows app developers are proficient in .NET framework and leverage the power of Visual Studio to build cohesive, functional, and high performance Windows phone and UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps. We help you leverage the benefits that Windows 10 brings along with it, while developing a native app which would work across all versions of Windows, including mobiles, tablets, and laptops.

  4. Blackberry OS App Development

    Blackberry OS App Development

    At Flatworld Solutions, we create high-end Blackberry app solutions using RIM Blackberry JDE and other development tools to provide for Blackberry MDS and J2ME mobile apps. Our skilled teams of Blackberry developers offer custom mobile app development solutions so as to ensure your clients, whether they belong to enterprise or not, always receive the best-in-class Blackberry apps.

Why Should You Develop a Native App?

Flatworld Solutions understands the various benefits of developing a native app and why in certain cases one needs to choose it over hybrid/web apps. Our team is highly experienced and is well-versed with the different business requirements of global organizations and has been developing native apps for clients both large and small. Some of the advantages of building a native app include:

  1. Performance

    There is no doubt that native apps perform much better than hybrid or other web-based mobile apps as they are compiled using native codes and app building platforms. Since native apps have access to all in-built device features which result in optimum use of the components, the performance of your app will never suffer.

  2. Responsiveness

    Native apps being able to tap into the wider functionality of the device including accelerometer, swipe gestures camera, compass and notifications, offer the fastest, most responsive and reliable experience to users. This ensures your app always feels buttery-smooth, a feature which is very well-regarded amongst users.

  3. Standard Guidelines for Development

    Since native apps are built according to the set standard guidelines laid down by the operating system, the UI is very much familiar to all the users. This makes it easy for the users as they are able to explore the app on their own, without having to learn any new gestures or functionality.

  4. Usability

    While using native apps, users expect certain specific functionality as well as design patterns like zoom and multi-touch. These functions are easily accessed in native APIs while it is difficult in other methods of app development.

  5. Aspect Ratios

    With devices of different sizes comes the problem of varying aspect ratios and dpi. These differences can determine how the app looks are works on different devices. By developing native apps, developers have more control over the overall resolution, size, and the orientation of the app.

  6. IDE Tools

    Native mobile app development IDEs provide specialized tools to create almost anything from designing to testing. These IDEs provide a strong set of tools to use hardware features that are not available to most other cross development and web development platforms.

  7. Native Look and Feel

    Native apps feel and look like default apps of the phone and users quickly get used to the specific icons and user-interaction buttons. People are more comfortable using apps which appear like default apps and which provide a friendly user experience, thereby giving you a better chance at attracting new users.

Why Choose Flatworld for Native App Development?

Flatworld is a native app development company where customer satisfaction is held paramount. It is this principle that helps us deliver the best results which are compliant with the client's needs. Some of the reasons for you to choose us include:

  • A dedicated team of mobile app developers who are highly experienced and have the expertise in developing different kind of apps including e-commerce apps, utility apps, game apps, enterprise apps, etc.
  • Our team is skilled in developing native apps using tools and technologies such as Objective C, Java, Visual Studio, Swift, etc.
  • We provide ongoing support and help make the app better with regular updates even after the development of the app is complete
  • Our prices are highly cost-effective and reliable, ensuring that you receive maximum returns on your investment
  • We guarantee the delivery of the native mobile app within the specified time
  • Our dedicated project managers will keep you updated with the latest developments of the project, while ensuring all your inputs are incorporated fully within the final version of the app

Hire Flatworld Solutions to Develop Best-in-class Native Apps

Flatworld Solutions is a popular mobile app development company which has been providing value-added services for over a decade now. We have an ample amount of experience in understanding the various business models of our clients and delivering according to their needs. We have researched and implemented solutions to create apps which enhance our clients' mobile presence, while giving their brand a much needed boost in the crowded app stores belonging to different platforms.

Some of the popular apps we have developed can be seen here. We keep ourselves updated with the latest tools and technologies and hence are able to develop apps which are trendy and innovative, while costing you hardly anything.

If you have any native app development requirement, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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