Outsource Software Solutions for Consumer Goods Companies

Software Solutions for Consumer Goods Companies

Robust software makes it easier for consumer goods firms to lower costs & boost profits. We offer software solutions to help your business grow

Are you in search of robust software solutions for consumer goods companies? Do you want a reliable solution to improve the productivity levels of your business? Then outsourcing software solutions for consumer goods companies to a capable vendor will yield better results at affordable prices. Changing technologies and the volatile market scenario makes it even more important for consumer goods companies to optimize enterprise processes across the organization. This requires smarter software solutions for the varied needs.

However, seamless alignment of a company's business objectives and technological applications is a challenging and requires constant transformation. To stay agile and ready to face any business obstacle choose Flatworld Solutions as a reliable outsourcing partner for consumer goods industry solutions so we can remove complexity and elevate your business processes through highly customized and advanced software solutions.

Software Solutions for Consumer Goods Companies - Our Services

Each consumer goods company is unique and has very specific requirements. We have been working with CPG companies since 2002 and we understand how a product lifecycle and retail execution can be managed effectively. We have enabled many businesses deploy software solutions to manage workflows, optimize quality, increase compliance, streamline supply chain, enhance customer engagement, enrich predictive analytics, and much more. We offer a complete range of software development services for consumer goods companies that includes the following -

Manufacturing and Product Development

1. Manufacturing and Product Development
We develop software solutions to predict demand, forecast raw material requirements, optimize manufacturing workflow, maintain product quality, tracking systems, and more. We can design end-to-end solutions catering to the whole CPG manufacturing and product development process.

Supply Chain Management

2. Supply Chain Management
Supply chain is one of the most important pillars that hold the foundation of a consumer goods business. Flatworld builds end-to-end software solutions for supply chain management, optimization, analytics, and integration. Our solutions help in maintaining supply-demand equilibrium and increases vendor collaboration.

Inventory Management

3. Inventory Management
Optimized inventory can be the difference between profit and loss. We can build software products that can manage inventory across store locations, websites, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturing facilities. Our solutions help in streamlining inventory flow, inventory tracking/tracing, preventing stock-outs, predictive forecasting, and optimization.

Order Management

4. Order Management
Consumer goods companies need a robust order tracking system that can be used as a single platform to manage orders from all sources. We build software solutions to take, execute, track, and analyze orders in a CPG company.

Sales and Distribution Management

5. Sales and Distribution Management
Flatworld builds software solutions to help CPG companies to easily manage sales quotations, orders, shipping, returns, tracking, promotions, pricing, and much more. We automate all sales and distribution related tasks through our innovative software solutions.

Merchandising Management

6. Merchandising Management
Merchandising plays a crucial role in enticing shoppers to buy more, be it online or in physical stores. Our software solutions can help you analyze which merchandising options work best, increase visibility, get rid of out-of-stock scenarios, analyze retailers, and optimize merchandising to increase basket sizes.

Retail Analytics

7. Retail Analytics
Retail analytics brings together all the aspects of a CPG organization in order to help them take profitable decisions every day. This requires effective data management, data collaboration, and automated insight generation. We leverage our skills in data sciences and machine learning to build innovative and practical retail analytics solutions for CPG companies.

Customer Relationship Management

8. Customer Relationship Management
We provide software solutions for end-to-end customer relationship management that helps CPG companies in keeping a clean record of customers, resolve customer queries, analyze customer behavior, collect data about customers, and boost customer engagement.

Staff Management

9. Staff Management
Managing employees is a key part of any business. Our software solutions help CPG companies in keeping a track of all employees, their performance, their achievements, payroll, HR functions, etc. Our solutions can also optimize the performance and increase employee engagement.

Promotion Management

10. Promotion Management
We help CPG companies increase ROI from their promotions through our software solutions. We optimize campaign execution through analytics and build software solutions for the whole spectrum of marketing and promotion requirements of a CPG company.

Online Business ManagementSupport

11. Online Business Management
E-commerce has become a vital part of all retail businesses. With our years of experience in building a digital presence for many CPG companies, we can create highly innovative e-commerce solutions. Our cloud-based e-commerce solutions can be integrated with other CPG systems with ease.

Process We Follow While Developing Software for Consumer Goods Industry

Software development is one of our core strengths at Flatworld Solutions. We have deep expertise in developing our own software products as well as business-specific CPG solutions for our customers. We follow an iterative and collaborative process where design, development, testing, and implementation go hand-in-hand and result in a superior software solution that meets the requirements precisely. Our process includes -

Requirement Analysis  

01. Business Requirement Analysis

We will discover, analyze, and define your requirements to understand your business objective and how we can customize a solution

Technology Selection  

02. Technology Selection

Based on your requirement we will choose the ideal software that will eliminate grunt work, quicken the delivery, and reduce errors

Solution Designing  

03. Solution Designing

We will design a bespoke software solution that will elevate your business ROI by streamlining the workflow

Software Development  

04. Software Development

Using Agile methodology, we will plan and execute the comprehensive SDLC by considering your existing technology and other limitations that come into effect in real-time conditions

Testing and QA  

05. Testing and QA

We will run iterative tests on code modules by replicating real-time inputs. We will thoroughly evaluate and remedy code glitches (if any) and deliver a truly marketing-ready software solution

Integration and Implementation  

06. Integration and Implementation

We ensure that our solution is totally integrated with your existing systems. The implementation will be completed in quick TAT

Optimization and Maintenance  

07. Optimization and Maintenance

Our process is perfect for incorporating changes and evolving with the market trends. Any additional enhancements will be integrated in the form of updates and software patches

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld to Offshore Software Solutions for Consumer Goods Companies?

Choosing Flatworld's software solution for consumer goods companies can bring in additional value to your business because our agile method of software development process tackles conventional challenges faced by consumer goods companies. Our ubiquitous influence in software industry has led to multiple success stories. Here are some top reasons to consider our development support -

  1. Certified Provider of Software Solutions for Consumer Goods Companies

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited delivery provider that meets stringent global quality standards in all its service offerings. This certification stamps our commitment to consistently meet and excel clients' requirements by delivering high-quality products and services.

  2. Data security

    We thoroughly ensure that any business-critical data that we get access is completely secure. We use well-maintained FTP and VPN for secure data exchange. Further, we sign NDAs and other Intellectual Property related contracts, based on the project. Our credibility in maintaining project and data confidentiality has earned us ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification.

  3. Quality and Accuracy

    One thing our clients can be sure of when they outsource software development to us is the quality of finished software builds. We deploy a dedicated Testing rig and QA team for each project to ensure that the solution is free from errors. The team works consistently throughout the SDLC to deliver a high-performance solution.

  4. Faster Turnaround Time

    Having vast experience in software development for all industries, we have resources and skills to quickly understand client challenges and deliver solutions within a short time. Our agile development methodology, talented resources, and state-of-the-art development infrastructure enable us to go-live faster.

  5. Ease of Scalability

    We work with clients of all sizes, be it a medium-sized organization or a global corporations with multiple units and locations. We can ramp-up resources to take-on larger projects with ease as well as offer small team for shorter development requirements. For us, no requirement is too big or too small.

  6. Flexible Pricing Options

    We are one of the most renowned provider of software solutions for consumer goods companies in India. By outsourcing to us, our you can save to 50-60% of the costs that you might have incurred by developing the solution in-house. Moreover, we have various budget-friendly engagement models designed as per your convenience.

  7. Single Point of Contact

    End-to-end project management is our strong forte, and this requires transparent and clear communication with the client and the development teams. To ensure that the process goes smoothly, we deploy a single point of contact for each project who collaborates and mediates with both the sides.

  8. Experience

    We have 20 years of software development experience and domain expertise in the consumer goods industry. We know how the CPG industry operates, what are the challenges and opportunities. Our solutions are designed based on that knowledge, so that we can create more relevant and aligned software.

  9. Specialist Team

    We employ 500+ software developers in-house with skills across the board. All the team members are highly qualified and experienced to take on any project requirement with ease. We even let you select your own team from our pool of software engineers, graphic designers, database experts, security consultants, and project managers.

  10. Infrastructure

    Our state-of-the-art facilities houses over 2,000 talented resources in various fields. We have the latest technological infrastructure facilities for advanced software development and testing.

  11. Technological Expertise

    When you outsource software solutions for consumer goods companies, you can be sure about getting a state-of-the-art solution that leverages the most appropriate technologies to meet your business requirements. Software development is a vast domain with an interplay of multitude of technologies, but we are confident about delivering powerful solutions that aligns with your business operations.

    • We have specialized skills in several programming languages including Java, J2EE, .NET, XML, HTML, ASP, PHP, C#, JavaScript, VB Script, and more.
    • We house database experts for MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, and Oracle amongst others.
    • We have the required skills to work on latest cloud technologies, open source technologies, and all the popular tools and solutions in the domain.
  12. 24/7/365 basis Availability

    Our services are available to you at the time of your choice. We work with clients across time-zones and the appointed team and project manager work during those hours for seamless communication and coordination.

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FWS was approached by a well-known UK consultancy for outsourcing development of iBeacon parking app. The project was developed to client's satisfaction, within the deadline.

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FWS Provided IT Support to a Motorcycle Insurance Company

State-of-the-art IT support was provided to UK's well-known motorcycle insurance company by FWS after they approached us for outsourcing their IT requirements.

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Outsource Software Solutions for Consumer Goods Companies to Flatworld Solutions


We have worked with Flatworld Solutions on various projects and find that they provide quality service and expertise for our programming needs. It is rare to find a service provider with such professional consistency - they are a valued service provider to our business!

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Flatworld has been providing software solutions for consumer goods companies in India for 20 years. Be it supply chain management or merchandising, retail analytics or trade management, product manufacturing or distributor management, we cover the whole spectrum of software development for the CPG industry. By outsourcing software development to Flatworld Solutions, your business can improve customer experience, optimize retail cycle, and attain competitive advantage because we are an ISO certified company. In addition, we offer other software solutions such as enterprise solutions, testing, mobile app development, and much more.

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