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e-Learning has created a buzz! From educational institutions to corporates, e-Learning courses are adding new dimensions to learning and training, and have revolutionized the way training is rendered across the globe. Advantages of e-Learning over traditional methods attribute to its popularity, and increasing implementation.

e-Learning Content Development Principles We Follow

For any successful company - big or small, it is important to keep up with the changing technology, and use it to their advantage. At Flatworld Solutions, we realize how important it is for corporates to include e-Learning in their training strategies. Key to any successful e-Learning solution is its content, as it is the primary block to build conducive learning environment.

Flatworld Solutions offers effective and rewarding e-Learning content development solutions that help companies create content for training modules, web content, and DIY kits for their employees or any other requirement. However, achieving this is not as simple as it looks. Simply, designing fun e-Learning course with gamification may not solve the objective of training. Similarly, developing a dull course that is loaded with too much information may not serve its purpose either.

Therefore, we take utmost care that our e-Learning content development strikes a fine balance between -

  • Fun and Usability - The primary quality of a good e-Leaning solution is its usability. e-Learning content that is not readable, informative, easy to learn, or soothing on the eyes, will fail to meet expectations even though it may be conceptualized in the funniest way. Therefore, we ensure that our solutions are fun and usable at the same time
  • Learning and Engagement - We ensure that our e-Learning solutions are able to educate and train users in the most interesting and engaging way, and sustain their interest through the entire course duration
  • Interactivity and Involvement - Continued user involvement and interactivity is needed to make learning productive and memorable. Therefore, we develop different kinds of interactive media documents, demos, presentations, videos, quizzes, etc. to increase user involvement and make the learning fun
  • Knowledge and Assessment - In order to ensure the efficiency of our e-Learning content, we continually assess industry benchmarks and look for any change in technology or domain. Additionally, we take regular feedbacks and gauge user behavior to determine the success of our solutions

What sets us Apart from Other e-Learning Content Developing Companies?

We understand that the aim of any e-Learning solution is to impart knowledge in a quick and effective manner. So, we focus on content development and content delivery from the initial stages of the course development till the very end. With numerous e-Learning content development solutions providers in the market, our principles and values set us apart from others.

  • Expert team - Our team comprises of expert content specialists, systems design (ISD) specialists, content editors and testers
  • Use of latest content development platforms - We use advanced technology and authoring tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Dreamweaver, Learn2 StreamMaker, Macromedia Authorware, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Flash and Sound Forge, among others. Additionally, we ensure easy integration with other technologies
  • Customize - We develop bespoke solutions as per the project scope
  • Regular interaction - Our process flow is interactive and involves regular customer feedbacks
  • Attention to detail - We provide optimum user experience
  • Competitive rates - Our rates are highly competitive
  • Unmatched record - We have unbeatable history of delivering effective and unique e-Learning solutions

Outsource e-Learning Content Development to Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld Solutions, we know that traditional training methods can be time consuming and ineffective at times. We therefore support e-Learning initiatives of our clients as we know it is critical for their company's growth. However, we also believe that there cannot be a standard e-Learning solution that caters to all businesses.

Therefore, our e-Learning solutions are focused to revolutionize the traditional concept of training by providing wide range of customized solutions for mobile learning, custom e-Learning, blended e-Learning, and change management. From e-Learning content development services to design, we offer the best e-Learning solutions in the industry for any type or size of business.

Over the last 20 years, we have successfully served clients with our e-Learning solutions and education software development. Content is the backbone of any e-Learning or web-based solution, so its significance is unchallenged, we understand this, and deliver solutions that exceed our clients' expectations!

Contact us today with your e-Learning content development requirements, and stay assured of the results, as we are committed to your success!

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