Avail an All-inclusive Workflow Management System

Flatworld Solutions, we have noticed that astute customers like you, have a pressing need for a job management system to systematically organize various jobs with your vendors. After a lot of insightful research, we are proud to present you with iBridge: a feature-rich, powerful, and scalable web-based workflow management software that enables clients, delivery center executives, supervisors, and administrators execute tasks with effortless ease. We have made iBridge entirely available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) module.

Precisely speaking, iBridge is an online framework on which you can seamlessly coordinate right from the start to the end with delivery center executives present anywhere around the globe to keep tabs on the jobs allocated to them.

Experience stunning features, Without Any Hassles

If you have used workflow software in the past, then you will know how cumbersome and jittery the installation, upkeep, and periodic up-gradation of the workflow software can be. However, this is not the case with iBridge, as it leaves very little for you and your vendor to do, and takes care of the rest.

All you need to do is, get an iBridge license, install Microsoft Silverlight and, voila, it is up and running in no time at all. As the system functions online, concerned parties can just simultaneously login in no time, before you would have uttered a few words and start working.

Read on to find out what iBridge workflow system can do for you -

  • Job management at its best

    Log on to iBridge and you will have all the tools to generate, edit, and upload a job. You can check the progress of the job as it passes from one stage to the other, update it if required, and accept only when you think it is done.

  • Expert feedback mechanism

    It is quite possible that your delivery center executive may seek certain clarifications on the assigned job. In such scenario, the job status will say "Awaiting Clarification". An intimation about the job will be forwarded straight away to you, along with your supervisor's details, via email. After accessing iBridge, you can quickly respond to the queries that have been raised.

  • Easy file attachment options

    You can easily upload instruction files with detailed instructions including, images or drawings for doing the job. This will help your delivery center executive to get a clear understanding of the job.

  • Download job files quickly

    As soon as a job ends (or remains in progress) your vendor can upload related files onto iBridge. You can download these files easily and see how the vendor has performed or is performing on the assigned job.

  • Recursive workflow system

    iBridge equips you with a recursive workflow system. When your feedback on the job is sought, you can either request changes or discard it. The job will go back, in both cases, to the delivery center as a fresh one and maintain the specific workflow for fresh jobs.

iBridge is also available as a complete hybrid solution, in case, you want to host it yourself. You have the option to customize it and sync it with your company's branding.

iBridge is the Best Workflow And Job Management Tool Out There!

Well, if you happen to be a client who often works with delivery center executives on a host of jobs, iBridge is the best job management software that you can use. When it comes to workflow management; there is nothing that can beat iBridge. Contact us today and try out iBridge.

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