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Are you finding it cumbersome to properly monitor the monthly collections of your enterprise? Is your company's Collection Manager competent enough to streamline invoice management?

Monitor Invoices and Receive Payments on Time

Revenue generation is critical to every organization across the globe, and spot-on invoicing has a definite bearing on that. Ultimately, it is the uninterrupted flow of incoming revenues that either make or break an organization. So, to stave off any disruption in the process, you need an effective, simple, and fail-safe invoicing software.

At Flatworld Solutions, we constantly evolve our software development services to give you the cutting-edge in your business. We recognize your invoicing blues, and are happy to present to you Fulcrum Invoices, a fully loaded and easy-to-use invoice tracking software.

The All-In-One Business Invoice Software

Fulcrum Invoices is all-in-one efficient invoice software that meticulously tracks invoices right from the initiation to the completion of the project. It facilitates role-based views and features an alerts system. Seamless integration with Fulcrum SFA is also possible.

Why Does Your Business Need Fulcrum Invoices?

Fulcrum Invoices is vital for any business that deals with invoices and payments, which means practically all businesses. Take a look at the wholesome features that Fulcrum Invoices has to offer:

  • Collection of data at the management's disposal

    Fulcrum Invoices is not a tool solely designed for Collection Managers. Other roles that can leverage this tool are, Project Owners, Management teams, and Sales Managers. These roles can help your management team gain valuable insights about the collections and account receivables of your business. Your management team can then take informed, strategic and tactical decisions for the smooth running of your organization as a whole

  • Pinpointing due and overdue dates

    Fulcrum Invoices has excellent alerts system in place. The system is capable of sending email alerts about due and overdue dates for your invoices. It can also be tweaked to get notified about the payments realized against invoices

  • Adaptable to disparate transaction types and billing cycles

    This online invoicing software is perfectly scalable to diverse invoicing cycles such as monthly, weekly, fortnightly, or any predefined milestones. Fulcrum Invoices is compatible with various transaction types, such as, per FTE, per transaction, etc.

  • Getting invoice numbers automatically

    Distinct invoice numbers are consistently generated by Fulcrum Invoices to list and track all invoices. The occurrence of inaccuracies on account of the manual feeding of invoice numbers is completely ruled out

  • Detecting surplus and shortfall in accounts

    Fulcrum Invoices is robust enough to generate credit notes when there are surplus payments. In reverse cases it can even track IOUs

  • Seamlessly integrate with Fulcrum SFA

    Fulcrum Invoices easily integrate with Flatworld Solutions another best-of-breed software package, known as Fulcrum SFA. This high-performing duo makes the tracking of invoices uncomplicated and easy

  • Round-the-clock access from anywhere

    As a highly intuitive online invoice software, Fulcrum Invoices provides secure and uninterrupted access to handle all types of invoicing operations

  • 360° customization

    Fulcrum Invoices is a super flexible product. Make it what you want it to be and see the magic

Fulcrum Invoices Is Right for Your Business

Fulcrum Invoices can be dovetailed with enterprises that rely on email to send invoices and experience a fast-track growth. This is the best invoice software out there that can give you end-to-end invoicing solutions. Contact us now to know how Fulcrum Invoices can open a world of possibilities for your business.

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For hassle-free invoices and payments, get in touch with us!

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