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What is Immencity?

Immencity is a website developed by Flatworld Solutions which enables organizations and small businesses to make new business connections and host their own virtual trading and networking community. It allows users and businesses to host, communicate and collaborate with others over the Internet, completely on their own terms. Immencity was designed for one of the world's foremost trade organizations, and is much more than a social networking platform. It is a platform that can be completely owned, hosted and operated by organizations. A business or an organization's representative can own a virtual community, set the rules, and can control the flow of messages, branding, memberships, permissions, etc. for the community, while networking with other businesses.

Features of the Immencity Platform

Some of the features of the Immencity website are listed here:

  • The owner of a group has ingrained control over who joins the network and can make available several membership options such as automatic memberships, approved memberships, paid registrations, etc.
  • The platform has several options for virtual communication such as chat, messaging, etc. and also allows one to search for other businesses around the globe and connect with them
  • There are various tools for joining and forming communities, inviting others to join based on common interests, and even discussion forums which can help build the virtual community
  • Groups working towards a goal or a common cause can track the progress of the project by setting goals, visions, and missions for the project. Objectives can also be set for individual members and progress can be tracked in real-time by everyone involved
  • Community owners can update and share broadcast messages to all the other community members and the members can respond to those messages as well
  • Immencity allows owners to control how their brand is projected and accordingly make changes to the messages
  • The platform also features a robust engine with which one can have full control over the data, traffic, and rules of the network. The platform is easily scalable which can be easily upgraded to add new features as and when required

Immencity Models

The Immencity model was created in such a way that it can be customized as per anybody's needs. The platform is available in two different models. They are:

  • As a complete software system, Immencity can be hosted and maintained on the user's servers, and provides the user complete control over hardware, software, data, and activity of the community
  • Immencity is also offered as SaaS model. We host the platform on our servers and provide complete hosting and IT support for as long as required by our clients. This model helps one to use the platform as a service and not worry about the overheads of operation and maintenance

Who all can Use Immencity?

Immencity is an ideal platform for any group, association, or company that wants a private, yet accessible home on the internet. Some of the groups who could be Immencity users are listed here:

  • Residents, home owners associations, medical and dental groups and other citizen bodies
  • Academic institutions that may want to connect with their students, parents, faculty, and alumni
  • Hosts of meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and other events
  • Healthcare organizations, diagnostic and testing centers, NGOs and others who want to securely communicate with patients and program participants
  • Celebrities, sports stars, media stars, corporate entities, politicians and others who want to provide their followers a secure forum for communication

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Flatworld Solutions has been providing custom software development services and giving shape to unique ideas like Immencity for over 20 years now. Our highly qualified team of website developers has been serving global clients at very competitive prices.

If you have any idea which you think can be the next big thing, feel free to share the idea with us and we can help you turn that idea into reality. Contact us!

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