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Custom software development automates and streamlines various business processes, reducing manual efforts, minimizing errors, and optimizing efficiency. While every business needs agile and tailored software solutions to manage and analyze large volumes of data; developing such solutions continues to be cost-intensive, especially when done in-house. Businesses often have budget limitations for their software projects. Our services help our clients generate the best ROI by balancing the cost of development with the potential benefits and long-term value.

Being a premier, overseas software development company, we help clients across the USA and Europe with cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. With our highly scalable services, our clients can expand or modify their software as their business grows without stretching themselves too thin. We source IT experts from countries like India and the Philippines to keep labor costs from escalating. Also, our state-of-the-art global delivery centers ensure zero investments in technology and infrastructure. So, partner with us now for custom solutions that go beyond their off-the-shelf counterparts and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

ServiceNow Services

Harness the power of automation, transform processes, and enhance efficiency while delivering exceptional user experiences with our ServiceNow services.

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Workday Services

Get seasoned consultants to streamline the implementation, integration, and optimization of your HR and finance operations.

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Power BI Services

Our experts craft insightful visualizations, turning complex data into actionable insights that drive business growth and innovation.

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PowerApps Services

Leverage PowerApps' agility to create custom apps that cater to your unique needs, enabling you to enhance efficiency and streamline processes.

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Microsoft Consulting Services

From strategy to implementation, our experts guide you through digital transformation to drive operational excellence and sustainable growth.

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Mobile App Development services

Ensure seamless user experience and enhance customer engagement with our mobile app development services.

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Web Development Services

Fuse creativity and functionality to deliver web solutions tailored to your business objectives and amplify your digital impact.

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IT Infrastructure Services

Strengthen your IT foundation. We design and manage robust infrastructure solutions, ensuring seamless operations and improved system performance.

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IT Staffing Services

Our extensive network and rigorous vetting process ensure you access skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate into your team.

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API Integration Services

Architect smooth data flow to enable real-time communication and improve efficiency across your tech stack with our customized support.

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Enterprise Software Development Services

Create customized, scalable solutions that address your unique challenges, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced customer experiences.

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UI/UX Design

We blend aesthetics with functionality to craft intuitive interfaces that resonate with users and drive conversion rates.

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Software Development Technologies

Harness cutting-edge tools and methodologies to build robust, scalable solutions that meet today's demands and tomorrow's opportunities.

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Software Maintenance and Support

Hire dedicated teams to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize your applications, ensuring your technology investment thrives long-term.

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MS Power Platform

From app development to process automation, our experts enable you to create, deploy, and manage solutions that drive efficiency, collaboration, and innovation.

Software Development Consulting Services

We provide comprehensive guidance and expertise throughout your software development journey. We understand that navigating the ever-changing technological landscape can be daunting, which is why our seasoned consultants are here to support you at every step. From conceptualization and planning to implementation and post-launch support, we offer strategic insights and best practices that ensure the success of your software projects.

Our software development advisory services offer a myriad of benefits for your business. Overcome knowledge gaps and make informed decisions with the help of our experienced consultants. Achieve your digital transformation goals with tailored strategies that align with your unique vision.

Full Scale Enterprise Software Solutions

Our Software Development Portfolio

We have an immense expertise in developing customized software products; some of our most popular products include:


Business Planner Software


Fulcrum - Sales Force Automation


iBridge - Workflow Automation Software


Toriff - HS Code Lookup Software

Intrigued by our innovative software products? Bridge the gap between your software objectives and deliverables with our complete software portfolio.

Our Software Development Process Flow

We follow a best practice approach to software development, ensuring a smooth and efficient process from start to finish. The key steps in our software development process flow include:


We collaborate closely with your team to understand your business objectives, requirements, and target audience.


Our designers create an appealing and user-centric interface based on your requirements. We focus on intuitive navigation and aesthetics to engage your users.


In this phase, we define the software's core functionalities and features. Our developers leverage the latest technologies and industry best practices to craft a robust and scalable solution.


Rigorous testing is conducted at each stage to identify and rectify issues and bugs. We ensure that the software is reliable and performs flawlessly.


After meticulous planning, we deploy the software solution while ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your business operations.

Maintenance & Support

Our commitment to you does not end at deployment. We provide ongoing maintenance and support to keep your software running at its best capacity.

Software Development Technologies We Use  

android lamp android js react shopify microsoft-dynamics python mysql flutter angularjs magento xamarin rails c# nodejs woocommerce cordova java ios swift laravel wordpress

Software Development Methodologies We Leverage










Industries We Cater To




Media & Entertainment


Travel & Hospitality


Hotel Management




Banking and Financial






Customer Brokerage






Threat Anticipation








Oil & Gas


Logistics and Transportation


Public Services



IT Staff Augmentation Services We Offer

We provide businesses with skilled professionals to help them scale up rapidly. With reduced recruitment costs and increased project flexibility, our clients meet project demands effectively. Moreover, by seamlessly integrating our experts within your team, you can focus on core functions and achieve your business goals efficiently.

Magento Developers

Our skilled Magento developers are adept at creating robust and feature-rich e-commerce solutions to empower your online store.

LAMP Developers

Our LAMP developers possess expertise in the Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP stack; they ensure dynamic and high-performance web applications.

Android App Developers

Our Android app developers craft innovative and user-friendly mobile applications that cater to the diverse needs of your users.

Drupal Developers

Our Drupal developers create scalable and customizable websites, enabling your business to establish a strong online presence and deliver a compelling user experience.

Customer Support Services

We secure long-term customer relationships for your business by answering questions and resolving queries quickly and effectively.

Microsoft Certified Professionals

Our Microsoft-certified professionals help you gain access to top-tier expertise in various MS technologies. They guarantee successful implementations and adequate support for your projects.

Software Solutions for Advanced Business Functions

Big Data

We enable the smooth operation of data-rich systems and efficient big data processing with our scalable solutions.


Harness the power of AI-powered software solutions to automate processes, gain data-driven insights, and make informed decisions.

Data Science

Identify new growth opportunities with business software powered by advanced analytics and predictive modeling.


Leverage our IoT solutions to connect and control devices, collect valuable data, and drive automation.

Computer Vision

Explore the potential of computer vision applications in healthcare, retail, security, and more with our tech-savvy solutions that recognize patterns and classify objects.

Augmented Reality

Our AR solutions create immersive customer experiences by bridging the gap between the physical and the virtual realms with cutting-edge technology.

Why Choose Us as Your Software Development Service Provider?

With us as your software development outsourcing partner, gear up to experience unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and excellence in every aspect of your project. The perks of partnering with us include:

Efficient Project Management

Our skilled project managers ensure uninterrupted coordination, timely deliveries, and effective communication throughout the development process, thus enabling you to stay ahead of your project schedule.

Quality Assurance

With a stringent quality assurance process, we guarantee that every aspect of your software is thoroughly tested and validated. We deliver reliable and high-performing end products.

Speed and Performance

Leveraging the latest technologies and best practices, we develop software solutions that prioritize speed, efficiency, and optimal performance.

360 Approach

Our comprehensive approach covers the entire software development lifecycle, providing holistic solutions tailored to your business needs.

Client Centricity

Our client-centric focus ensures that your unique requirements and preferences drive every decision we make, resulting in solutions that align perfectly with your business goals.

Strong Technical Expertise

Backed by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we possess the technical prowess to tackle even the most complex software development challenges with confidence and finesse.

100% Data Security

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your data, implementing robust measures and best-in-class practices to safeguard your sensitive information throughout the development process.

Outsource Software Development Services to Flatworld Solutions

With two decades of industry experience, we excel in delivering cutting-edge solutions for higher quality outcomes and faster time-to-market. Our expertise lies in crafting dependable and highly secure software compatible with all operating systems, browsers, and devices, ensuring a seamless user experience.

By partnering with us, businesses gain scalable solutions that lead to faster processes, up to 60% cost reduction, improved conversion rates, and accelerated revenue growth. Our expert team is committed to understanding your needs and providing tailor-made software development services that fuel your success. Contact us for software solutions that go beyond expectations and drive your business to new heights of excellence.


Yes, Flatworld Solutions is proud to be ISO-certified, ensuring that our software development services meet international standards of quality, security, and efficiency.

When choosing a software development services company, consider factors such as their expertise, experience, client testimonials, project portfolio, and ability to align with your business goals and requirements.

Outsourcing software development services offers several benefits, including cost savings, access to a skilled talent pool, quicker time-to-market, and the ability to focus on core business functions.

To reduce software development costs, consider partnering with an outsourcing firm in a cost-effective location, optimizing project scope, leveraging open-source technologies, and choosing flexible engagement models.

Our team at Flatworld Solutions boasts extensive experience in software development, having successfully delivered a wide range of projects across diverse industries.

Throughout the project lifecycle, we provide comprehensive support, including regular updates, transparent communication, prompt issue resolution, and post-completion assistance to ensure a smooth experience.

Yes, at Flatworld Solutions, we specialize in providing tailor-made and fully customized software development services to precisely meet your unique business needs.

We offer a wide array of software development services, including custom software development, mobile app development, web development, enterprise solutions, and more. Our expertise spans various technologies and platforms to deliver the perfect solution for your business.

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