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What makes remarkable companies "remarkable"? They are known to be remarkable because they have created a system that allows them to consistently create and deliver perfect results time after time. When it comes to mobile app development, what actually matters the most is how a company follows a systematic process to get the app developed in as short a time as possible.

We at Flatworld Solutions believe in providing innovative and high-quality mobile apps, and follow a streamlined app development process to ensure the same. Our vast experience and detailed approach allows us to provide a completely transparent mobile app development process which blends your requirements with our developers' expertise to create a successful mobile app.

Here is an outline of the mobile application development process followed at Flatworld Solutions:

Flatworld's 8-step Mobile App Development Process

Developing a mobile application is not an easy task. It is important that both the developers and business owners understand the different aspects of mobile app development. Flatworld Solutions' process to build a mobile app is described below:


App Proposal &


Prototyping &
Wireframe Creation


App Design


Client Approval


App Development


Testing & Quality


App Optimization & Publishing


Post-launch Support

  1. App Proposal & Strategy

    The first step of our development process is the Proposal stage, wherein we discuss and understand the various requirements of the customer and the exact nature of the app to be developed. After getting a clear idea, our business analyst strategizes and prepares an in-depth SysRS document according to the IEEE standards.

  2. Prototyping and Wireframe Creation

    The next step is to choose the best designs which suit your app requirement and test various ideas in order to create a basic working app prototype. Our team of expert mobile app developers ensures that the app is designed for performance and great functionality, and then build an IEEE standard wireframe around it.

  3. App Design

    The best prototype is selected based upon consultation with the client and our team of experienced designers proceeds with the designing of various components and functionalities of the mobile app. We ensure that the designs conform to the operating system's guidelines and also incorporate all the customer's requirements.

  4. Client Approval

    The finalized app design is sent to the client for approval and the changes are made (if any).

  5. App Development

    Once the initial designs are approved by the customer, we get down to converting the design to the code. Our development strategy involves several iterations and incremental design processes to improve the app functionality and stability. We assign a dedicated project manager for the mobile app development project. Throughout the process, our clients have access to state-of-the-art bug-tracking and project management tools to keep a check on the current project status.

  6. Testing & Quality

    This is one of the most important steps in the entire development process. In today's world of high-demand customers, user experience is one of the topmost factors which decides the success of an app. Every app developed by us is thoroughly tested using various automation tools and even manually. Our testing team follows standardized testing methods which ensure that the apps developed by us are 100% bug-free.

  7. App Optimization & Publishing

    We understand that the initial rollout of the app can be extremely mission critical and can impact the success of the app. Our developers are well aware of the guidelines and submission process of the various app stores such as Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, etc. and help you to publish the app in as smooth a way as possible.

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  8. Post-launch Support

    Based on market response and customer feedback post launch of the app, our developers will be available to make further improvements, push out platform updates, and implement new features and functionality as per request. Our expertise in the mobile app industry helps us to understand the various aspects of what makes an app a long running success, and modify the app functionalities according to the market needs.

Outsource your Mobile App Development Needs to Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld Solutions, we follow a proven methodology in order to build successful mobile apps for our customers. We have been in this industry for more than a decade now and have served several clients around the globe at very reasonable prices. Our highly-qualified and experienced team of mobile app developers is skilled to develop mobile apps on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

If you have any kind of mobile app development needs or have any kind of mobile app idea that you think can be the next big thing, feel free to share it with us and we will help you to convert that idea in to reality.

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