Independent Verification & Validation Services (IV & VS)

Independent Verification and Validation

In today's extremely competitive business environment, software companies are always pushing themselves in order to get to market faster with their products. Tight deadlines and limited budgets are a norm in today's software development environment, and while one cannot neglect the overall quality of a product, often times software get released with bugs and deficiencies which end up being devastating in nature.

For such software companies and developers, independent verification and validation can come to the rescue by checking the software thoroughly for reliability and performance, as well as its compliance to standard regulations.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading IV & V service provider and has helped thousands of clients test their products in a safe and independent environment. We cater to a variety of industry verticals and act as a single point contact for all your QA and deployment needs. Our testing professionals have a wide range of experience across BFSI, Mobile, Media, Life Sciences, Aerospace, etc. and can carry out IV & V testing without being influenced by any outside business unit.

Flatworld's IV & V Services

Our independent verification and validation services help to find out the discrepancies present within your product in a short time while ensuring that it meets all user requirements and pre-test documentation. From examining the minutiae of the source code, to examining the product against existing documentation, and even integration testing, we can do it all. Our services include:

  1. Functional Testing

    We test your product and its conformance to the product documentation and the intended feature set the product demonstrates. Our step-by-step process ensures every aspect of the overall product functionality and usability are thoroughly tested. Some of the techniques we employ include -

    • Integration testing
    • Regression testing
    • User acceptance testing
    • System testing
    • Usability testing
    • Smoke testing
    • Unit testing
    • Interface testing
  2. Load Testing

    Today's software goes through extreme stress conditions as users scramble to get the most out of their products. Our load testing services help you visualize how your software/website behaves under normal and peak load times with the help of thousands of real-case scenarios. This in turn helps you eliminate potential bottlenecks and establish a proper baseline for future regression tests. For any software, our load testing services are ideal to pinpoint trouble at the application level, the database level, the OS level, and even at the network level.

  3. Interoperability Testing

    Modern software rarely works on its own. Today's devices are more often than not running software which are interdependent on others in order to provide users with a full breadth of functionality. Our interoperability testing measures the capability of your software to interact with other software components. We test your application for compatibility with different environments such as -

    • Operating system compatibility
    • Database Compatibility
    • Networking hardware compatibility
    • Peripheral device compatibility
    • Browser compatibility
    • Compatibility with specialized software/hardware as requested by the client
  4. Regression Testing

    Our QA testers thoroughly analyze your application to make sure it works properly with previous software versions, and with the current existing environment of the product. Since most regression tests are recurring in nature, our automated testing tools help to easily test your application over several generations and iterations, ensuring you always have a partner ready to test your application as soon as development is over

  5. Development Testing

    Under many different circumstances, developers require the assistance of a dedicated independent verification and validation testing team so as to support a particularly large applications' development phase. We can partner with clients at any stage of their development phase, and for any QA requirement, as necessitated. Our IV & V testers can help you run suitable integration tests, system tests, etc. under a properly delineated simulated environment

Our other testing services include:

  1. Application, Infrastructure Tuning
  2. Compliance Testing
  3. Configuration Management
  4. Mobile, Platform Testing
  5. Requirements Management
  6. Structural testing
  7. System Acceptance Testing
  8. Technology Testing
  9. Unit Testing

Our Approach towards IV & V Testing Services

With more than a decade of experience behind our back, we have fine-tuned our IV & V process so that it can be applied in any sort of project development methodology, be it Waterfall or Lean. Our approach remains consistent with the latest process improvement models, and is in tune with the latest government regulations and the IEEE 1012-2012 Standard for System and Software Verification and Validation.

Some of the many ways we differentiate our approach towards IV & V testing from the rest include -

  • We leverage a variety of open-source and proprietary tools for testing. This includes HP ALM, HP UFT, LoadRunner, IBM TestManager, ClearQuest, Selenium, Grinder, etc.
  • We help our clients establish high-quality TCoE (Testing Centers of Excellence) where we combine industry-best practices with cutting edge technology in order to achieve maximum efficiency and coverage
  • We have partnered with several clients to develop sophisticated Test Automation Frameworks which help them accelerate the testing process by leveraging several automation techniques
  • We offer our clients a one-stop-shop access for all their Testing services requirements, and provide several niche services at cost-effective rates

Why Choose Us for Independent Verification & Validation Services?

Different service providers have different USPs. At Flatworld, we consider ourselves far ahead of the pack by offering services which are aligned to your company's goals. Our key differentiators include -

  • More than 17 years of experience in providing high-quality IV & V services for diverse platforms such as client/server, mainframe, Embedded technologies, Web, J2EE, .NET, etc.
  • Solutions which are customized based upon our clients' independent IV & V needs
  • Continuous improvement in test processes, testing tools, maturity models, etc. thereby ensuring quality testing conditions every single time
  • Proven execution strategies by incorporating TPI framework, Six sigma, ISO, SW-CMMI, etc.
  • Ability to easily detect and correct software abnormalities in as short a time as possible
  • Enhanced insight for the top management into process and product risk as well as testing program performance, budget, schedule, etc.
  • Support for all different types of formal certification processes
  • Cost-effective services and short turnaround times
  • Proven software development services skills with thousands of clients across the globe. Read our testimonials to know what Industry leaders are talking about us

Outsource Independent Verification & Validation Services to Flatworld Solutions

At FWS, our philosophy is to offer our clients the unique advantage of working with a qualified team of testers who can help them not only test their applications thoroughly, but also bring in increased business value and innovation by allowing them to customize the solutions as per the clients' needs.

We combine a proven software testing and verification structure with strategic, timely assessments in order to promote a collaborative atmosphere focused on the success of the IV & V project.

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