Flatworld's Global Outsourcing Delivery Network

Flatworld's Global Outsourcing Delivery Network

At Flatworld Solutions, we believe in customizing solutions to meet our customer's specific business requirements. In order to effectively meet the demands of our global customers and ensure that we deliver high-quality services with long-term business value, we have set up delivery centers across different part of the globe - India, Philippines, Colombia and Bolivia. This enables us to provide efficient and effective services with the shortest possible turnaround time. It also gives our customers the ability to scale rapidly. Our global delivery centers enable us to provide all of this at an unbeatable price.

Flatworld Solutions - Global Presence

Flatworld Solutions - Global Presence

Flatworld Solutions - Delivery Centers

Flatworld Solutions - Delivery Centers

Flatworld Solutions - Global Clients

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Global Delivery Centers

At Flatworld Solutions, we strive to leverage our global reach to provide customers with world-class solutions. To ensure that we utilize the competencies specific to local markets, we have established delivery centers in the following locations:

India - Global Delivery Center India
Philippines - Global Delivery Center Philippines
Bolivia - Global Delivery Center Bolivia
Colombia - Global Delivery Center Colombia

Our Global Offices

Flatworld Solutions is headquartered in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India. Additionally, we also have offices in India, USA, UK and Philippines. This helps us to be more accessible to our customers, the sales and customer support teams work across time zones and customers can reach us at a time that is convenient for them.

Delivering Integrated Solutions from Global Delivery Centers

The idea behind setting up multiple global delivery centers was to be able to provide our customers with specialized services from the geography that is best suited to meet the particular business requirement. This means that the customer does not have to look for multiple partners to cater to his requirements which could involve multiple languages and time zones. The delivery center or combination of delivery centers is determined based on the customers' requirement of language, time zone, skill set and number of resources. For some customers the project is executed simultaneously out of more than one delivery center to provide both scalability and redundancy.

With Flatworld you can have teams from multiple locations across the globe working to grow your business and service your customers even when you are sleeping. We have customers who assign work to us at the end of their day and it is completed and ready for them when they start their day the next morning. Our multi-language capability equips you to access and service customers in markets that would have otherwise been inaccessible.

Multiple delivery centers, allow us to pass on the following advantages to our clients


Leverage the Expertise of Best Professionals - Multiple delivery locations help us to source the best workforce with distinct specialization and experience from different parts of the world, and consistently provide high-quality services to our clients world-wide.


Higher Scalability - Presence in multiple locations allows us to execute projects simultaneously and scale up our operations within a short notice, which would have been otherwise difficult, with just one location.


Integrated Delivery - Multiple service locations, allow us the flexibility to not only choose the best resource pool, but combine their individual skills and expertise to streamline our process delivery as a whole, and use it to provide a leading-edge solution.


Faster Turnaround Time - We leverage the talent pool across geographies and provide faster "turnaround times" that gives our customers the crucial advantage to compete in the global market place.


Time-zone Advantage - Our teams work even when our customers are sleeping allowing us to accomplish our tasks at an "unbeatable speed".


Cultural and Language Connect - The global locations enable us to deliver solutions in multiple languages and keep in mind diverse cultural sensibilities.


Low Cost Advantage - Multiple delivery centers allow us the flexibility to deliver services from a location which offers the best cost advantage, which can we further pass on to our clients.

Factors That Determine Our Choice of Delivery Center

We consider following factors before finalizing upon a delivery center for your ambitious project:

Service Requirement

Though, we have teams capable of executing diverse projects across industry verticals in each location, we choose a location that has the best capability to deliver.

Cost Competitiveness

Cost is one of the most important factors that determine our choice of delivery center. We pick a location that allows us to offer high-quality results at most reasonable rates.

Required Turnaround

To provide faster turnaround, we choose a delivery location that offers the best time-zone advantage, allowing us to offer timely solutions to our clients.

Project Volume and Scalability

Project volume and workforce availability is also an important criteria that we look into, before finalizing a delivery location.

Requirement for Redundancy Solution

For customers who require a comprehensive "Redundancy solution" we execute the same project from more than one geographical location.

Customer Preferences

Last but not the least, if a customer stresses upon outsourcing his job to a particular location, we go by the client's decision and execute project out of that location.

Leverage Flatworld's Global Outsourcing Delivery Model

Flatworld Solutions is a multidimensional company positioned to offer its customers the strategic advantage of multi-locational outsourcing. With reliable, well-established partners located in India, South East Asia and South America, Flatworld offers a spectrum of quality services and specialized skills that our customers can leverage to their benefit. We currently have delivery centers across the world, each with its own specialized focus and domain expertise.

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