Enterprise Solutions

Growing businesses are often faced with tough IT challenges that make their business sluggish.

  • Is your business slow-paced and burdened due to legacy IT installations?
  • Is your business software resistant to interoperability, hindering inter-departmental coordination?
  • Is your IT infrastructure unable to respond to the quick technological changes?

If you said YES to any of these, then it's time to quickly empower your business with the best enterprise solutions from Flatworld Solutions to gain that competitive edge, stay profitable, and increase inter-departmental and business flexibility.

Enterprise Business Solutions by Flatworld

We have been offering a gamut of enterprise solutions, and understand what tools and software can instantly spruce up your business; not only based on your specific requirements, but also by looking at the most robust enterprise software solutions engaged by your industry at large. Our enterprise solutions consulting services include -

  1. SAP Business One Services

    Flatworld Solutions is a leading SAP Business One service providing company that provides high quality, cost-effective SAP B1 services and enterprise solutions to help them streamline their processes and mitigate the risk of system failure.

  2. TokTiv App - Business VOIP Phone Service and Cloud Phone System

    TokTiv is a virtual cloud phone system for enterprises large and small. With TokTiv, you can take full advantage of Twilio's fantastic voice and messaging infrastructure. It has never been easier to use instant messaging, voice, and IVR services from a single device.

  3. Microsoft Stack Development Services

    Flatworld Solutions is an experienced provider of Microsoft stack development services. Our team of enterprise solutions professionals has the technical expertise and expertise to help clients get closer to their business goals by making full use of the Microsoft stack.

  4. SAP Application Development

    Our team comprises some of the most experienced and certified SAP developers who can cater to all your needs with ease. We leverage the latest tools and technologies while delivering top-notch services to global clients.

  5. Dynamics 365 Setup and Customization Services

    Handle customer management and customer data on a single platform by partnering with Flatworld for Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup and customization services. We assure quick and efficient deployment of Dynamics 365 modules and also assist you with Dynamics 365 migration and upgrades.

  6. Microservices

    Our team at Flatworld Solutions can help you with Microservices which can aid in providing quality services to your clients within a quick time. Our microservices focus on building tiny building blocks which helps in effortless modifications and speeding up the development process.

  7. Open Source e-Commerce CMS Development

    We at FWS have the required skills and expertise to provide you with quality open source e-commerce CMS development services. We leverage the latest and the best CMS development tools and technologies which ensure that you get the best services at all times.

  8. SharePoint Web Development Services

    We have been catering to the SharePoint web development needs of leading organizations for over 18 years now. We understand the client's unique enterprise solutions requirements with ease and provide them with customized web development services using SharePoint. Within a quick turnaround time.

  9. Software Asset Management Services

    IT asset management is one of the crucial processes for any software development company. Our enterprise solutions team can provide clients with the best quality software asset management services. We make use of the latest tools and technologies while delivering top-notch services to clients.

  10. Business Application Development Services

    Our team of application developers has the required skills and access to technologies to develop intuitive and quality business application development services. We can develop business applications for content and document management, supply chain management, interactive learning, CRM, etc.

  11. Azure Application Development Services

    We have the required expertise to provide quality Azure application development services to clients as per their requirements. We also have the expertise to provide Azure integrated solutions, Azure migration services, SaaS-based Solutions development, DOT NET migration services, etc.

  12. Supply Chain Management Services

    As and when a business expands globally, the supply chain management gets even more complicated. We can help businesses to reach an optimum efficiency level and provide them with a dynamic and streamlined supply chain management system. This will help in gaining a competitive edge in the industry.

  13. IT Consulting Services

    Flatworld Solutions has the resources, technologies, and expertise to provide you with professional IT consulting services. We can provide clients with SAP consulting, Oracle consulting, .Net consulting, Microsoft consulting, etc. We leverage the best and the latest technologies to provide top quality services.

  14. Enterprise Resource Planning Services

    We provide our clients with the best enterprise resource planning services at highly affordable prices. We have the expertise to provide supply chain management, service management, financial management, sales management, production management, customer relationship management, etc.

  15. SAP Consulting Services

    Flatworld Solutions has been catering to the SAP consulting needs of global clients for over 18 years now. We have some of the most qualified and experienced SAP consultants on board who can take care of all your consulting needs with ease.

  16. Salesforce Consulting Services

    Our team of software consultants at Flatworld Solutions hail from top institutes in the world and are capable of handling any of the client's requirements with ease. We have the skills to provide consulting for flagship Salesforce products such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

  17. SAP Support Services

    Having SAP support for your business can be highly beneficial and go a long way when it comes to improving business processes. We have the skills and resources to provide expert SAP guidance, managed SAP services, and other support and maintenance services.

  18. Oracle Consulting Services

    Our team of Oracle consultants is well versed with the industry-specific business processes that enable you to provide the best quality services. We can help you with functional services, implementation and upgrade, customization and integration, maintenance and support, financial consulting, Oracle products resale, etc.

  19. Microsoft Consulting Services

    We provide our clients with an exhaustive list of Microsoft consulting services. Our team is well equipped to provide clients with a series of consulting services including Microsoft technology consulting, SharePoint services, Microsoft Exchange services, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Cloud (O365 and Azure), Microsoft technologies maintenance and support, etc.

  20. Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    Smart mobile devices give your employees the ability to interact, collaborate on the move, take the right decisions, or compete with your competition instantly and on the go. This is where we help businesses engage the best enterprise mobility tools that makes your presence across platforms highly impactful and also gives your team real-time information that can help them be business-active anytime and anywhere.

  21. Workflow Automation Software Development Services

    Since most businesses already have a definitive workflow with lots of paperwork involved, digitizing work, and automating it has become a core focus. Having an in-house team to carry out this job will cost a lot of time and energy. Outsourcing workflow automation software development services is always a better option to have a company like us worry about developing software for role automation. You can experience several benefits by letting us become your workflow automation software developer.

  22. CRM Development Services

    Whether you want to revamp existing CRM or build a new one from scratch, FWS can provide CRM services to make your business successful, speed up your internal processes and build great customer relationships at highly affordable prices.

  23. Enterprise Application Integration Services

    If you want someone to integrate your enterprise apps, we can help. We have a team of professional software developers to provide our clients with the best enterprise integration services at highly affordable prices.

  24. Twilio Consultancy Services

    Flatworld Solutions offers the best Twilio consultancy services that include the most comprehensive suite of Twilio development solutions to make your contact center a hub of innovation. Our Twilio professional services harness ML and advanced call center technology to consolidate and track communications.

  25. ServiceNow IT Business Management

    IT service outages can negatively impact your business operations, bringing umpteen financial losses and reputation damage. Power your IT functions with ServiceNow IT Business Management Services to ensure better enterprise agility and unmatched business outcomes.

  26. Web Portal Development Services

    Flatworld Solutions is a leading web portal development services providing company that holds a strong experience and tremendous expertise in creating a rich and immersive digital experience for businesses and customers alike. Geared to increase your business efficiency and minimize downtime, our robust web portals are custom created using cutting-edge technologies for a world-class user experience and unmatched functionalities.

  27. ServiceNow Implementation Services

    We help you successfully adopt and implement the ServiceNow platform to create cross-functional workflows that help you seamlessly connect, organize, and orchestrate applications and processes across IT, HR, customer service, security, and more. From expert ServiceNow consulting to IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, HR Service Delivery, and more, we provide holistic ServiceNow solutions to help customers support and enhance their ongoing services and business administration.

  28. ServiceNow IT Service Management

    Flatworld Solutions widely known as a highly reliable and professional ServiceNow ITSM implementation company and offers a wide range of ITSM Implementation modules to enhance your digital IT transformation to an enterprise level. We can help you leverage the fully automated ServiceNow ITSM software to consolidate your IT processes, automate your legacy IT applications, and implement the latest and most productivity-boosting tools in your IT operations.

  29. ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

    Refine & streamline your HR processes by outsourcing ServiceNow HR Service Management solutions to Flatworld Solutions, a leading IT services company. It is the fastest and the most secure way to boost your workspace productivity at cost-effective rates.

  30. ServiceNow Customer Service Management

    We have over 10 years of experience in helping our clients harness the full power of the ServiceNow Customer Service Management software suite. With our services, clients can improve customer experiences as we provide intelligent case management and engagement through multiple channels. We also help clients solve issues faster and provide Root Cause identification and resolution.

  31. ServiceNow Resource Management Services

    If you are looking to effectively align resources to your project by making use of the ServiceNow Resource Management module, we can help. We leverage the full power of the ServiceNow Resource Management module to enhance your inter-departmental efficiency and reduce costs. We will help you quickly and efficiently assign resources to your project pipeline.

  32. ServiceNow Consulting Services

    Digitize, simplify, and reshape your daily business operations for digital excellence. Outsource ServiceNow consulting services to Flatworld Solutions and transform, connect, and coordinate different services across IT, HR, customer service, security, and other industry verticals to improve your service delivery cycle and enhance your customer satisfaction rate.

  33. ServiceNow IT Operations Management

    Streamline, simplify, and automate your organization's IT operations to enhance service visibility, availability, and agility with Flatworld's ServiceNow IT Operations Management services. It is the most powerful way to amp up your business services and deliveries.

  34. CRM Consulting Services

    We help our clients make the most out of CRM technology by providing state-of-the-art CRM consulting services. We strategically plan processes, automate tasks, and bring objectivity. Our services include CRM strategy and planning, CRM customization, CRM integration, sales and marketing automation, customer service automation, CRM implementation, and more.

  35. Workday Services

    Decongest your workflow and let the workday tools be responsible for improving productivity, HR management, payroll solutions, time tracking, and more. Our team of workday tool experts knows how best to handle your daily challenges to streamline work management.

  36. BI Migration Services

    We are a leading provider of business intelligence migration services with 18 years of experience in delivering various software services including migration to global clients. We have a highly proficient team of software developers and designers who are adept in carrying out business intelligence migration services with minimal business disruption and data loss.

  37. BI Architecture and Design Services

    Flatworld Solutions has an exceptional team of BI services experts that can create the most optimal BI design and architecture for your organization, enabling you to work in a cohesive, streamlined, and systematic manner. With our services, you can create a BI system and fulfill all the data analytics requirements of your firm.

  38. Customer Management Services

    We help you improve your customer management solutions and strategies and optimize your marketing programs. You can also free up time and resources to focus on improving your results by creating a reliable customer experience.

  39. Salesforce Application Development Services

    We have over 18 years of experience in providing a wide range of CRM software development services to clients from across the world. We have extensive experience in using Salesforce to address the needs of businesses from across industries. Our services include creating custom apps for internal needs and creating apps for AppExchange.

  40. Digital Query Assistant Services

    Flatworld Solutions is a leading digital query assistant company and has wide ranging experience and expertise in integrating associated service, self-service, and virtual agents with a wide range of customer service channels.

  41. SIP Trunking Services

    We provide comprehensive and in-depth SIP trunking services that simplify and streamline your business telephony needs and save you both time and money. We enable global businesses to optimize their voice infrastructure and better manage and control costs. With our expert SIP trunking experts, you can simplify and centralize all your telecommunications requirements into a single IP network while gaining cost savings of up to 50%.

  42. Salesforce Automation Services

    At FWS, we have a global team comprising the best IT professionals. We offer end-to-end Salesforce automation solutions that give you absolute control over the customer journey. Reach out to us now to streamline the regular business processes. We enable you to cut down on costs and grow your business revenue by leaps and bounds.

  43. IT Service Continuity Management Services

    ITSCM services is a proactive and reactive process that aims to support business continuity management. It involves contingency planning and manages risks that can have serious impact on IT services. Flatworld Solutions ensures that your users remain productive and the necessary security measures are in place in the event of any form of disruption.

  44. SAP HANA Cloud Services

    We are a leading provider of SAP HANA cloud services to a diverse and global clientele comprised of businesses of all sizes. With our SAP HANA cloud services, you get to harness the full power of a leading cloud database to increase the overall efficiency of work processes across your organization.

  45. Machine Learning Consulting Services

    Flatworld Solutions is an experienced provider of machine learning consulting services. Our team of professionals has the technological expertise to help clients get closer to their business goals by leveraging the full power of machine learning.

  46. Twilio Integration Services

    Our Twilio integration services offer you to develop the exact solution you require to effectively engage your audience at every step of their customer journey. We help you leverage Twilio to start creating solutions for WhatsApp and SMS messaging as well as video, voice, and email.

  47. Application Portfolio Management Services

    We have the required skills and expertise to help clients with accurate and error-free application portfolio management services. Our services can help you simplify and rethink your application portfolio and support an agile business environment.

  48. Twilio Flex Managed Services

    Flatworld Solutions is a leading Twilio Flex service provider in India. We offer customized services to help you create automated, fully integrated, feature-rich system support and monitoring solutions that improve the operational efficiency of your call center, increase its performance, and maximize your customers' experience.

  49. Dynamic 365 Business Central Services

    Dynamic 365 Business Central is a cloud-based ERP system by Microsoft tailored for small to mid-sized businesses. Though an ERP system, D365 Business Central also offers robust CRM capabilities. Reach out to our experts today to streamline your accounting processes with one unified solution.

  50. SAP Hybris Commerce Solutions

    Flatworld Solutions is a premier SAP Hybris commerce provider with 18 years in the industry. Over the last two decades, we have helped clients with easy transitions that give them the flexibility to serve all retail business models from a unified platform.

  51. Digital Mailroom Services

    Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of digital mailroom services. We have industry experience of more than 18 years and hence we have enough expertise to create the perfect digital mailroom for automating the mailing systems in your company.

  52. Unified Data Management (UDM) Services

    Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of software solutions to enterprises and has helped numerous firms leverage robust unified data management (UDM) frameworks to help them make the most of their diverse data sets.

  53. DevSecOps Services

    Flatworld Solutions is a leading DevSecOps services company that delivers professional DevSecOps solutions. In the world we live in, security cannot be neglected, and working with us gives you the chance to prioritize security in ways that improve your overall workflow.

  54. Microsoft Exchange Support Services

    At Flatworld Solutions, we have been offering quality Microsoft Exchange Support services to a plethora of clients all over the world. Our professionals are experts in the configuration and deployment of Exchange Server. Are you looking for a Microsoft Exchange support providing company? We are your best choice. With our strategies and solutions, your migration to Microsoft Exchange will be seamless and smooth.

  55. Metaverse Enterprise Solutions

    Flatworld Solutions is an experienced provider of metaverse enterprise solutions. Our team of professionals has the technological expertise to help clients reach their business goals faster by leveraging the full power of the metaverse.

  56. Predictive Analytics

    Data analysis has grown beyond the normal with the deluge of information about your prospects, customers, competition, customer demographics, technological implications, social media implications, customer behavior, changing patterns, sensitivity to markets and a lot many things which indirectly affect your business. Even the mere range of information that can be gathered can be so overwhelming that normal data analysis tools can lose their way or at most give a bleak view of the tip of the information iceberg. We help you gauge the amount of information and data that needs to be analyzed, look for the levels of filtering and assessment needed to decipher sharp and actionable information, and then engage the right analytic tools for your business.

  57. Big Data Management

    With businesses expanding across service and product verticals and also across geographies, the range of data and information that needs to be gathered and managed is growing exponentially. We help you engage the best tools to mine and streamline these huge amounts of big data and combine it with advanced analytics to stay ahead.

  58. ERP Services

    The right ERP can be the backbone of your business infrastructure, so it takes business acumen and proper assessment before considering your ERP installation. Our expertise ranges from assessing, setting, customizing, integrating, maintaining, upgrading and leveraging proper usage of ERP solution to increase your business efficiency. We have deep expertise in Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft & Windows SharePoint, Salesforce and many other open source ERP solutions.

  59. SaaS (Software as a Service)

    SaaS instantly reduces your software footprint as it doesn't require frequent maintenance and administration activities across your IT infrastructure, and reduces the burden of your software team. More importantly, it reduces your software budget and gives you a hassle-free experience. Our expertise not only lies in identifying the best SaaS options for your business but also in identifying specific areas where switching to SaaS will prove productive. We will also help you make the move to a new SaaS based tool smoothly.

  60. Cloud-based Services

    The more effective your cloud services are, the lesser will be your data burden and accessibility issues. Cloud migration with proper analytical integration is the backbone for effective data management and information system, and assists in meeting business initiatives. We offer end-to-end solutions for cloud migration, integration, and management, and our expertise in identifying the right services needed for your business from cloud vendors and areas which needs migration, makes us the best partner for your business requirements.

Our Technology Partners

FWS has partnered with all leading enterprise software solution providers to deliver the best for your business. Our technology partners include -

  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft & Windows SharePoint

We also leverage the best from Open Source technologies to meet cost and technical objectives of our clients.

Outsource your Enterprise Services Requirements to Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld, we have a skilled team of software architects, software programmers and developers and enterprise solution experts experienced in providing a comprehensive range of Enterprise solutions for varied industries. Our solutions help our clients with -

  • Accelerated workflow
  • Inter-departmental synchronization
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Innovate initiatives to ensure system synchronization
  • Make quick and timely decisions
  • Real-time information exchange

Want to know how to develop cloud-ready enterprise applications? Read our well-researched article. Contact us for any kind of enterprise solutions support or development requirement, and let our enterprise solutions architect cater to your needs right away.

We also provide other enterprise solutions such as Banking & Financial Software Development Services, custom software development, mobile app development, and more.

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