Message From the Flatworld Global Team

In these trying times, our teams have been working ceaselessly to provide business continuity to our valued global customers. Our service delivery schedules are effectively handled by our efficient teams, working from the safety of their homes. We have, also, in certain locations, rented hotels so that our teams can work safely.

Together, we will fight and overcome this threat. Our wishes and prayers are with your family, friends, colleagues, and your country. Stay safe!

To provide business continuity to our valued global customers, our efficient teams are working from the safety of their homes and rented hotels (in certain locations).

We are with you in fighting this COVID-19 pandemic.

Flatworld Solutions' Five Stage Outsourcing Process

52 Second Guide to How We Work

Outsourcing Process

Our outsourcing process is streamlined, transparent, & simple making it easy for our customers to experience world-class business outsourcing solutions at affordable rates

One of the key things that people consider before outsourcing their services to an outsourcing vendor is their reliability, cost competitiveness, past work experience and most importantly their approach towards work.

At Flatworld Solutions, we create value for our customers by following a unique five stage outsourcing process. This outsourcing process enables us to ensure the smooth transition and the quick completion of the outsourced project in promised time and predetermined budget.

1. Establishing contact between your organization & Flatworld Solutions

Fill the form

You fill in our "Contact us" form

Sales team calls/emails

Our sales team calls/emails you

2. Understanding your outsourcing requirements

Understanding the requirements

Basic understanding of your requirements

Making ballpark estimate

Making a ballpark estimate (where possible)

Your approval to continue

You give us your approval to continue

Understanding your requirements

Detailed understanding of your requirements

Execution of pilot project

Execution of pilot project (if required)

3. Deciding on pricing and signing agreements

Confirmation of pricing details

Confirmation of pricing details

Proposal creation

Creation of a proposal (if required)

Signing agreements

Signing the contracts, SLAs & other agreements

4. Starting the project

Training and Deployment

Training & deployment of resources

Project kick-off meeting

Project kick-off meeting

5. Executing the project

Executing the project

Executing & managing the project

Getting feedback

Reporting to you & getting feedback on a on-going basis

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