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B2B business owners usually find themselves in a fix when it comes to generating a smooth pipeline of warm leads for their sales people to follow. What if we tell you that now you can make that possible? With LeadCarat you can turn your website into a powerful lead generating engine that will give you qualified leads of companies that are genuinely interested in your services and are planning to make a purchase decision soon.

What does LeadCarat do?

LeadCarat intelligently tracks all the visitors of your website and identifies the ones that showed interest but did not fill the contact form. Your website's conversion rate might be anywhere between 0.2 - 3%, with LeadCarat you can increase your current conversion rate by up to 300%. Many B2B companies have already implemented LeadCarat and are delighted by its benefits.

LeadCarat does not stop at just tracking the visitors; it gives you smart insights into -

  • Complete details on names and geographic location of companies that visited your website
  • Level of engagement during each visit from that company (pages visited, time spent on each page, documents downloaded, visit frequency over a period of time)
  • Top referrers and keywords through which companies came to your website

You have the complete freedom to create your customized reports to qualify leads as per your criteria. So, if you just want the names of companies that visited your website from a certain geographic location, and visited at least four pages of your website, and spent a certain amount of time - you can have just that.

How will this information help your business?

As all smart marketers and salesmen would agree, that timing of the sales call with the right kind of message is of utmost importance in the sales cycle. LeadCarat arms you with the right ammunition to reach your target audience, just when they are in the process of making a purchase decision.

  • LeadCarat alerts you when any of your prospective companies visit your website so that you know whom to contact
  • LeadCarat tells you the content they consumed on our website and the search that they made on the web, so that you know the exact points to target
  • LeadCarat can intelligently categorize visitors generated through your other online/offline marketing initiatives
  • LeadCarat gives you numerous opportunities to assess your website and add more informative content based on visitor behavior and click paths

Once you install LeadCarat the tool will keep working 24x7 with total data security and you will get scheduled alerts right in your mailbox.

What does it take to make a drastic positive difference to your business?

LeadCarat is implemented on your website with just a single line of JavaScript code. It works using unique IP tracking mechanism and cookie tracker to gather details of companies that have registered IP addresses. So if your target market comprises medium to big businesses that usually have registered IPs, then you are all set.

What's better than having an automatic lead generating system that gives you intelligent insights to tailor-make the communication message and re-market to the interested prospects?

Try it right now and see the results for yourself.

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