DME Billing Services for a California-based Client

Case Study on DME Billing Services for California Client

The Client and Their Requirement

Our client is a respected consulting firm specializing in medical device reimbursement and strategic marketing based out of Tustin, California. They have made a name for themselves in the DME billing field for their transparent work processes.

The client was looking for an outsourcing partner who could provide accurate data on medical reimbursements and billing information for DME products on a timely basis. They chose Flatworld Solutions as their outsourcing partner based on our prior experience in the medical and healthcare field.

The Challenge

Although routine, the client's requirement specifically dictated that the research be performed by a single FTE, including all research related to the DME product, insurance coverage, billing processes, etc., and updating a spread sheet for the same.

The Project Plan

After discussing the various requirements of the client and analyzing the challenges the following plan was devised by our team:

  • We decided to dedicate resources on an FTE basis to research and collect all data on reimbursements and the billing information on DME products
  • It was decided that we would help the client's consulting group prepare the data to negotiate with insurance companies about the coverage for EndoPAT

The Flatworld Solution

As planned the project was executed successfully and the following solution was provided to the client:

  • A team of two FTEs was formed, one to research the insurance company websites, and the other having good knowledge of the DME billing processes
  • The team provided required data for each state as requested by the client
  • The data included information about the people enrolled by the insurance company, the percentage of subscribers, and if EndoPAT is covered or not
  • Using this data the client was able to negotiate with the insurance companies to have EndoPAT covered under major insurance policies

The Results

The client was extremely satisfied with the project outcome, as they were able to streamline their DME billing processes, while receiving cost-effective services. The client has promised to work with us soon on a similar project in the near future.

Choose Flatworld Solutions for DME Billing Services

Flatworld Solutions has been in the medical billing and coding industry for about 19 years now and understands a medical and healthcare company's day-to-day challenges. Our main aim is to provide quality billing services so that the customer is able to concentrate on their main operations.

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