Outsource Billing Services using Medisoft Software

Billing Services Using Medisoft Software

Our professional medical billers use Medisoft healthcare accounting software to create and submit completed claims with 98% accuracy at rates as low as $1280/month

Medical billing is a very complicated task. It calls for a high level of coding accuracy and strict compliance with HIPAA rules. Most healthcare providers bank on Medisoft for coding and billing. Even though it's a task simplifier, it takes a trained and dedicated team for enhanced billing efficiency. There you need to outsource Medisoft billing services.

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in medical billing in general and have seasoned billers to handle billing services using Medisoft billing software. As a renowned Medisoft billing service provider, we have billing proficiency to streamline the billing process. Our expertise comes handy to prepare bills and submit claims smoothly. We use Medisoft medical billing software to prepare, review, and transmit claims; identify and bill secondary or tertiary insurance, check each insurance payment for accuracy and compliance with contract discount, etc.

Medisoft Billing Services We Offer

We bank on our experience in handling Medisoft software to ensure your billing service is smooth and seamless. Our primary billing tasks include -

  1. Claims Creation

    Claims Creation

    Not all providers have the expertise to create HIPAA compliant claims that get through the vetting process in one-go. We will create claims using Medisoft on your behalf by entering the patient data submitted by you. The software checks for errors and incompleteness, if any, it will be flagged and resolved before the data claims are uploaded in the insurer-prescribed format.

  2. Claims Review

    Claims Review

    If you already have a ready-to-submit claim, we will ensure its correctness, completeness, and compliance using Medisoft billing software. There's a possibility of your claims being rejected due to shortcomings in one or more of the abovementioned areas. We'll find and fix those flaws beforehand so you get reimbursed 100% of the incurred cost.

  3. Managing Payer Requirements

    Managing Payer Requirements

    The payer has a checklist of requirements that the provider must comply with to get claims honored in time. It's not always possible to be fully aware of every latest change due to changing regulations. This is where we use Medisoft billing software to keep up with the latest regulatory compliance. This accelerates compliance checks and payments.

  4. Carrier Claim Submission

    Carrier Claim Submission

    We use Medisoft billing software to submit claims to your insurance carrier. When you outsource Medisoft billing services, your claims will be submitted in the exact format prescribed by the carrier. This will avoid rework and resubmission.

  5. Transactions Follow up

    Transactions Follow up

    We will stay in touch with the insurer to fetch the status of the claim. Regular follow-ups by our team saves your team's precious time as they can stay vested in patient care instead of back-office functions.

  6. Other Services We Offer using Medisoft Billing Software

    • Managing aging reports
    • Data entry of patient demography
    • Answer to patient query
    • Posting patient and carrier payment record in Medisoft databases
    • Follow up on incorrect Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
    • Set up payment plans. Manage the plans to avoid defaults
    • Take details from patients about Coordination of Benefits of Pre Existing conditions
    • Assist carriers and patients with treatment and claims support

Why Choose Medisoft Software For Billing?

The biggest advantage of using Medisoft software is that it comes at a very affordable price. And the features that come along with the price is no way less than other than that available with other software in the market. Some major benefits of using the software include -

  1. Simplified Medical Billing

    Some outstanding benefits of this software include automatic matching of charges to payments using payment application, pop-up patient ledgers for viewing outstanding payments, auto-marking of diagnosis and procedure codes as HIPAA approved. Other important features include saving payer conditions and requirements, auto eligibility verification - from deductibles and co-payments in specific plan programs- and electronic claim checking to auto-check check-errors before submission.

  2. Medisoft Streamlines Practice Management

    The software comes with Patient Day sheet that is designed to close a day's accounting with speed and accuracy. This comes handy while summarizing charges, payments, and account adjustments. The software also assigns a security level to each employee for the protection of data. Other strong features include tracking conversations with insurance pharmacies, carriers, writing personalized form letters, etc.

  3. Easy Managed Care

    Medisoft simplifies managed care in ample ways. With the help of software providers, we create a treatment plan for pre-treatment approval from insurance carriers, track the number of visits made permissible by the insurance plan for treatment as well as manage PPO patients with a fixed co-payment.

  4. Easy to Learn Software

    The software is easy to learn because it comes packed with many user-friendly features. The software pops-up help windows to offer a clear explanation for every screen in the Medisoft program. Likewise, the program's toolbars can be customized as per your convenience. As per HIPAA requirements, the software automatically logs off users after a period of inactivity.

Billing Services Using Medisoft Software - Our Process

Our Medisoft Billing support services will help you streamline billing submissions and claims management. We ensure quick outcomes and guaranteed accuracy. Our end-to-end process is responsible for managing all correspondence starting from bill submissions to contacting insurance carriers, patients and other stakeholders to ensure there is full payment on accounts. It also entails identifying and weeding out issues that are a hindrance to client profitability. Our process is as follows -


01. Service Agreement Execution

Through collaboration, a service agreement will be created encompassing the objectives and deliverables.


02. Allocation of Project

Once approved, the project will be allocated to a team whose eligibility matches the client's criteria.


03. Data Transfer through a Secure Channel

The client's billing records will be obtained through SFTP or VPN to ensure a secure transfer.


04. Billing Service

Our billers will use Medisoft to handle all billing functions with precision and completeness.


05. Quality Assurance

Our QA team will assess the post billing reports to analyze the accuracy and provide rating to the quality.


06. Denial Management

If you have denied claims due to partial data or incorrect information, we'll ensure to correct the flaws and resubmit compliant claims in the correct format.


07. Submission of Final Claims

We submit claims on your behalf and accelerate the remuneration by contacting payers for updates until the payment is settled.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Billing Services Using Medisoft Software to FWS?

There are many reasons for outsourcing your medical billing services using Medisoft software and they are as follows -

  • Cost Savings

    When you outsource to us, you obviate the need to hire resources for handling this software. Hiring experienced Medisoft billers can be quite expensive. In case you have in-house billers, you need to spend considerable time in training them. When we take it up for you get access to experts with wide experience in handling this software. Cost savings can also be realized in the form of zero expenditures on the establishment, office supply, and hardware upgrade.

  • High-quality Billing

    While coding errors cause claims rejection, non-compliance rules can make you fall foul with regulatory agencies. Ensuring this can be a tough job for untrained staff. Therefore, you need professionals like us to handle medical billing with unmatched precision and completeness.

  • Complete Billing Compliance

    All third-party billing vendors are HIPAA compliant. Their understanding of compliance requirements is very high and they go to all lengths to deliver compliant services. They ensure this by incorporating compliance requirements at every stage of the operating process. In addition to thorough implementation, they carry out regular external and internal audits to ensure they stay on top of all regulatory requirements. This ensures your billing process always meets regulatory requirements.

  • Best Billing Tool

    Medisoft is medical billing and accounting software that makes the complex process of billing simple. All major tasks such as inputting patient records, submitting insurance claims, and managing patient receivables can be done in a fairly easy manner. We use this tool because it's popular and widely accepted by healthcare providers. Also, it's reasonably priced for all types of healthcare practices and updated regularly to stay current on regulatory and payer changes.

  • Enhanced Cash Flow

    As experts of Medisoft software, we know how to use the software for maximum benefits. We use the software for end-to-end medical billing handling which includes appointment scheduling, charge review, insurance claim follow-up, rejection and denial management, and payment posting. With each of these properly taken care of, your denials rates are kept under proper control.

  • Focus on Patient Care

    Using billing software like Medisoft will help you focus on patient care. We take the burden of billing submissions off your shoulders and at the same time guarantee you maximum reimbursements. This gives you the peace of mind needed to focus on patient care. Further, you don't have to worry about things going out of control when you need to scale up your processing needs.

  • Billing Software Integration

    This service is designed to integrate your billing system with Medisoft software. Our experts will help you spend less time dealing with integration problems. We have a successful track record of providing zero downtime to our customers. Our expertise also extends to seamless cloud integration solutions. Our simplified process will help you manage your billing applications with the efficiency needed to make a switch over effective and productive.

  • Expertise through Experience

    Our experts are familiar with using this software to handle different types of insurance carriers, CPT coding, ICD-10 coding, EMR's, etc., with the click of a button. The experience acquired by our experts in handling this software is so extensive that they know how to use the software to give you a complete error-free billing. From advanced managed care to streamlined practice management, from flagging compliance issues to customizing the software as per your practice needs, we excel in everything.

  • Scalability

    When your requirements scale up, we scale our processes to help you adapt to it smoothly. We have adequate resources to handle your scaled-up needs. Also, when there is a need to hire new resources, we hire experienced people and also train them exhaustively on the software. The training is provided by those who have mastered the Medisoft billing software. Only those who clear a test after the training are allowed to hit the floor.

  • Compliance Knowledge

    We help you run your practice as per the needs of regulatory bodies. This includes following all the guidelines for processing bill claims, as well as rules regarding the confidentiality of healthcare information. Our experts have end-to-end knowledge of all regulatory requirements. They also keep themselves constantly updated brought about to regulatory requirements.

  • Time Savings

    We operate from multiple global centers. This will help you get access to the best resources at very little costs. Besides, we have designed our pricing models very competitively. This helps us cater to all types of clients including individual physician practices on time. We help you speed up your billing process by working 24x7 from these global delivery centers.

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Outsource Billing Services Using Medisoft Software to Flatworld Solutions


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As a leading Medisoft billing service providing company, we have established ourselves as a pioneer in using the software to help providers derive maximum advantage. Our integrated services have helped healthcare providers save on time, money, and most importantly the hassle involved in the billing process. Our expertise in using the software and consistent delivery of quality work has made our clients come back to us time and again. Today, we are a name to reckon with when it comes to medical billing service providing company using Medisoft Software.

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