Outsource Anesthesia Billing Services

Anesthesia Billing Services

We have certified medical billers specialized in billing codes of Anesthesia who accurately process billing under HIPAA compliance to maximize remunerations starting at $1280/month

Billing is a sensitive process where improper, incomplete, or erroneous billing formalities can cost anesthetists and clinics administering anesthesia services thousands of dollars or partial remunerations leaving them with options to resubmit claims or go after patients to recover the gap amount. This is disharmonious for the practice welfare and the hospital-patient relationship. The result is both scenarios is a deeply affected revenue cycle management. So the smart step is always to outsource anesthesia billing services to Flatworld Solutions. When you do so, our certified billers will deal with anesthesia billing services making sure your practice's backend forms and formalities are streamlined and the payment is always on-time and complete.

In the last 20 years, we have come face to face with all varieties of anesthesia billing and coding challenges. This makes us one of the best Anesthesia billing service providing company in whose hands your billing services are fast and accurate. Why? Because we use billing software and checklist-based data entry and submission protocol leaving no room for lapses and always ensuring submissions are accepted in the first pass.

Anesthesia Billing Services We Offer

The billing norms have always changed each passing year. So staying abreast with the modulations currently in effect is the only way to lower denials and increase compliances. And there is nobody who does it better than Flatworld Solutions. Being a top Anesthesia billing service provider, we offer a full suite of billing services to speed up payments and reduce denials. Our services are as follows -

  1. Anesthesia Billing and Coding

    Anesthesia Billing and Coding

    Many hospitals, CRNAs, and independent practices are tied up with us so they can offload their billing needs and focus more on patient care. On our end, we accept their requirement by offering end-to-end Anesthesia billing services without leaving any scope for errors. Our coding and billing formalities are HIPAA compliant and so are the submission of claims.

  2. Medical Credentialing and Provider Enrolment

    Medical Credentialing and Provider Enrolment

    We evaluate if your practice meets the insurer's credentialing standards to get enrolled for the payment plan and the coverage. We provide complete support towards this end and handle paper-heavy formalities like attestation, hospital privileges, and meeting the latest regulations. In the next step, we assist practices and hospitals in completing the enrolment process with the payer.

  3. Eligibility Verification

    Eligibility Verification

    Submitting clean claims is the first step to stopping denial and resubmission hassles. This is where our experience comes into play. Before the claim is digitally submitted we will ensure that all patient care documents are available including diagnostic reports justifying the treatment to eligible patients. We thoroughly check the patent eligibility to make sure claims are accepted without denial and resubmission.

  4. Payer Contracting

    Payer Contracting

    A ton of formalities exists between service providers and payer, all of which is enclosed in an exhaustive contract. Having provided comprehensive anesthesia medical billing services we are fully aware of all the nuances so we help you decipher the contract obligations like filing deadlines, termination prerequisites, grace term for responding to notifications, and so on. By setting schedule reminders, we will help you navigate the contract renegotiation with the payer, by making sure to analyze the Medicare schedules that favor your practice.

  5. Analysis of Fee Schedule

    Analysis of Fee Schedule

    The payer updates fee schedules from time to time. So, the onus falls on the practices to stay abreast of the running fee schedules. This is not always possible for practices that are stretched between functions. So we will handle it on your behalf by staying updated so your practice gets paid up fully without deductions and disputes.

  6. Denial Management

    Denial Management

    If any claims return denied, we will immediately open an investigation to review the submitted claims. If any billing errors or deficiency exists, we ensure it is rectified and submitted within a reasonable TAT. All this without taking your time off patient care.

Anesthesia Billing Process

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in optimizing the end-to-end anesthesia billing with a professional and sophisticated approach. Our expertise in billing software has accelerated payment and compliance. Outsourcing billing for Anesthesia services is straightforward and involved the following steps -

We will reach out to clients by fixing an appointment and acquire their specialized billing needs
Our team will grasp all existing challenges and work out a solution to exchange patient records
After extensive evaluation of the requirement, a free estimate will be offered
After the SLA is signed, we will form a team and have them sign the NDA
Upon completing the billing task, we ensure all compliances are met to accelerate payment
Weekly, monthly, or annual reports will be submitted on time to keep you at the forefront of all activities

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Why Outsource Anesthesia Billing Services?

Here are several reasons why it makes a big difference to your practice when you outsource Anesthesia billing services -

  • Cost & Time Savings

    When you outsource anesthesia billing services you are saving time and cost in volumes because you practitioners need not stretch themselves between patient care, paper-work formalities, and claim submission. All of it is taken care of by our anesthesia billing experts using billing software. So you would only be paying for the service than their benefits and extras.

  • Secure Data Management

    Healthcare records are confidential and demand the highest level of protection to avoid legal hassles. We have a robust security system in place to protect all health and billing data and preventing authorized access.

  • ISO Certified Billing Services Provider

    At FWS, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified Anesthesia billing service provider. Our compliance with the ISO standard and HIPAA is an indication we have been consistent at offering quality services.

  • Comprehensive Software Expertise

    To make sure the claims are not denied and are processed faster we use software for billing and electronic submission. This enhances our ability to track claims from point to point and ensure complete capture of payment.

  • Expert Professionals

    As a leading anesthesia billing company, our billers are certified professionals having decades of cumulative work experience. They have extensive knowledge of the billing tools and protocols that are part of the latest compliance.

  • Updates Based on Latest Guidelines

    We keep ourselves abreast with the latest modulations and inclusions in the HIPAA framework and ensure that billing methods conform to the checklist of mandatory terms.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    By becoming part of our community, you can get the best service levels through our contact agents. They are mapped to your based on your region and language preference. You can get the best support on a 24/7 basis.

  • Scalable Services

    The anesthesia billing services we offer are highly scalable. We made sure that resources can be added on short notice to accelerate the project.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Accounts Receivable & Full-service Billing Service for an Emergency Medical Practice

FWS Provided Accounts Receivable & Full-service Billing Service for an Emergency Medical Practice

We enhanced revenue generation for an emergency care hospital by undertaking its medical billing tasks to lower the overhead costs. We successfully shrank AR days from 34 to 20 days.

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FWS Provided Medical Billing and Accounts Receivable Management Assistance to a US Client

FWS Provided Medical Billing and Accounts Receivable Management Assistance to a US Client

We helped a US based clinic by lowering its AR days were from 34 to 23 days. In just 6 months we increase the collections from 53% to 61%.

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Outsource Anesthesia Billing Software to Flatworld Solutions


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Our expertise in providing billing services for Anesthesia dates back to 20 years. We have automated most of the billing processes with integrated scheduling, billing, and revenue management, and more. In as many ways possible we have helped our clients save on time, money and al accompanying hassle. Our commitment to quality of work across the entire portfolio of healthcare billing has made our clients return for repeating their orders. Today, we are considered the best billing service providing company in the world.

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