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We streamline the complex process of anesthesia coding and claims management. We ensure accurate calculation of base and time units, manage accounts receivable, handle patient inquiries, and ensure full compliance with healthcare regulations. Our advanced software solution offers real-time claim tracking and automated unit calculation, enabling seamless, precise billing and seamlessness in billing process.

We pride ourselves on our professional anesthesia coding services, where our experts, proficient in ICD-9/10, CPT, and HCPCS codes, ensure compliance with the latest CMS and AMA guidelines. We also employ sophisticated billing software that automates the process, reducing manual labor and the risk of errors. Beyond just coding, we also provide robust denial management solutions to help identify and address denied claims, thereby preventing revenue loss. Contact us and let's discuss how we can provide a tailored solution to meet your specific needs.

Client Success Stories


We Boosted Revenue for US-based Medical Billing Administrator

A US medical billing firm needed assistance with 100+ accounts. We delivered eligibility verification, pre-authorization, and A/R follow-ups in two days, overcoming sleep study service complexities.

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Florida Medical Billing Firm Boosts Revenue by 40% with Flatworld's ICD-10 Training

A Florida-based medical billing company faced challenges transitioning to ICD-10 coding. Our comprehensive training ensured seamless transition, improved accuracy, and 40% revenue boost in six months.

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Success Stories

Enhance Revenue Management with Our Anesthesiology Billing Services

We leverage our deep industry knowledge to accelerate revenue, minimize denial rates, and maintain strict compliance, delivering optimal financial outcomes for your healthcare business.

Payment Posting Services

Payment Posting Services

We precisely record all types of payments to ensure efficient revenue tracking. Our adept handling of Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and patient payments streamline the overall financial process.

Accounts Receivable Services

Accounts Receivable Services

We manage unpaid invoices and claims to propel quicker recoveries. Our team specializes in insurance follow-ups and patient collections; they make sure your business has a smooth cash flow.

Assigning Accurate Codes for Billing

Assigning Accurate Codes for Billing

We use the latest procedural and disease classification systems, so that every service rendered gets adequately billed. This meticulous approach results in lower claim denials and maximized reimbursements.

Claim Submission

Claim Submission

We are well-versed in understanding the requirements of insurance companies; we prepare and submit claims accordingly. Our knowledge of electronic data interchange standards ensure quicker payments and lower rejection rates.

Denial Management Services

Denial Management Services

Our specialized denial management process identifies the reasons for claim denials and implements corrective measures. We leverage our understanding of claim adjustment reason codes (CARC) to maximize your collection rates.

Charge Capture

Charge Capture

Our technical acumen in anesthesia billing guidelines, Relative Value Units (RVUs), and anesthesia modifiers ensures accurate capturing of all charges related to anesthesia services, thereby preventing revenue loss due to missed or under-billed charges.



Our commitment to adherence to federal, state, and payer-specific regulations, including HIPAA compliance, the False Claims Act, and Medicare and Medicaid regulations, safeguards against audits, penalties, and legal issues, while maintaining the reputation of the anesthesia provider.

Our Anesthesia Billing Process Flow


Requirement Gathering


Patient Record Exchange


Free Estimate Provision


Team Formation and Non-Disclosure Agreement


Compliance and Payment Acceleration


Timely Report Submission

Our Software Capabilities

Kareo EHR and EMR AdvancedMD EHR DrChrono CureMD CareCloud
AthenaHealth CollaborateMD eClinicalWorks/ECW Nexus

Clients We Impact




Private Practices


Surgery Centers


Pain Management Clinics


Dental Offices

Why Choose Us as Your Anesthesia Billing Company?

We leverage our in-depth understanding of your in-house anesthesia billing practices. Using our technical prowess and unwavering dedication to quality, we do our best to become your ultimate business partner.

Additional Services We Offer

We optimize your revenue cycle to increase efficiency and minimize claim denials, thereby enhancing your financial performance.

Using advanced speech recognition technology, we deliver precise documentation, freeing up practitioners to focus on patient care.

We offer efficient charge processing, quick claim submissions and payments, insightful reports, and regulatory compliance to mitigate penalties.

We perform systematic audits to ensure compliance with coding standards, offering insights to increase revenue capture and avoid penalties.

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Success Stories

Outsource Anesthesia Medical Billing Services to FWS

Navigating the codes, compliances, and regulations of anesthesia billing can be daunting. During peak phases, you may find your hospital staff dwindling under the strain of streamlining the billing process. Why invest your billable hours in anything other than patient care? Free up your anesthesiologists and CRNAs while we ensure that no service ever goes unbilled. Over the past two decades, we have been in the business of optimizing revenue for our clients. Our finance teams find solace in diligent management of your accounts receivable. Give your patients the opportunity to appreciate your precise, hassle-free billing by partnering with us. Let us help you maintain trust, clear compliance, and safeguard your reputation as a service provider by adhering to all pertinent regulations.


Hospitals consider key factors like specific anesthesia type, patient's overall health, and any additional special equipment requirements for billing.

Common denials in anesthesia billing include incorrect patient information, duplicate billing, non-covered services, and coding errors.

Look for a company with a solid track record, proven expertise in anesthesia billing, up-to-date knowledge of billing codes, and excellent customer service.

To start with anesthesia billing, you need to set up an account with a reliable anesthesiology billing company, who will then guide you through the process.

Opting for outsourcing can lead to streamlined operations, heightened accuracy, updated industry compliance, and more efficient resource utilization.

Avail best-in-class services at affordable rates

Starts @ $1280-1440 per FTE/month More details

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