Outsource EHR Chart Building Services

EHR Chart Building Services

Our EHR experts eliminate chart-chasing by building custom EHR charts and templates in a practice management software at rates starting at $1280/month

An EHR chart is a digital version of a manual patient chart. Having a digitized chart helps you streamline the maintenance of your healthcare records and have instant access to them and edit or add to them real time. It facilitates the process of treating patients and maintaining records.

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in building compliant EHR chart building services to health care providers in the US. We are experts in building EHR charts that are specific to their requirements. As a result, we ensure their EHR system gets more efficiency and they can streamline patient registration and admission in streamlined way. Our clients have leveraged our specialized EHR building services to save time and focus more on patient care.

Our EHR Chart Building Services

While every EHR chart building method has its own advantage and disadvantages we choose the method based on the types of clinical information and some defined circumstances. Our EHR chart building process has a 100% rate of provider acceptance and satisfaction. Our EHR building services include -

  1. Scanning from Paper Charts

    Scanning from Paper Charts

    Being a top EHR Chart Building Service Providing Company, we scan all the data contained in hard copies and turn them into softcopies. We feed the soft copy into EHR tools which then turns them into electronic charts. The advantage of this process is that it is prone to less errors and is less time consuming.

  2. Migration of Data from Legacy Systems

    Migration of Data from Legacy Systems

    If bulk of the data is in your system we first migrate them either to a newer version of the same product or to a new EHR from another vendor, and then convert them into charts. In this process, we take special care to support the various workflows in your system. The advantage of this form of chart building is that it leads to the creation of a comprehensive chart that works on a new system.

  3. Manual Data Entry

    Manual Data Entry

    This is an outdated form of chart building in which data is entered manually by a team of medical data entry professionals. It has to go through several steps of quality checks to ensure data input is accurate. This is a very time consuming process of chart building but is recommended to build charts for small clinics or individual physicians.

Why is EHR Chart Building So Popular?

In an EHR system, the patient chart is the focal point of patient care. The concise yet comprehensive information it throws up, which includes scheduled appointments, problem lists, lab results, current medications, active allergies, etc helps physicians make the best and quickest healthcare decision. Over the years they have found great prominence because -

  • Eliminate medical errors by providing clear and accurate medical records. Improve treatment coordination among health providers
  • One-click view of health information eliminating duplication of tests, delays in treatment, and enabling better decisions
  • Equip patients with online data records. They can log in own record to see health trends and be better informed about their health
  • Better management of patient's medical chart as charts are never lost and can be stored in one easy to access location

EHR Chart Building Process We Follow

EHR chart building entails a lot of homework that needs to be done with great precision to get the desired results. It is a process in which important steps such as sub-segmenting patient population, prioritizing data, identifying active patient, entering data in the least time-consuming way, incorporating all reporting requirements during the chart abstraction process such as - UDS, OSHPD, GPRA, etc. must be done with great care. An experienced EHR Chart Building Service Provider empowers you with the best strategy. Our chart building process consists of the following steps -


01. Complete Data Audit

In this stage, we carry out a complete audit and analysis of the data that has been uploaded on the EHR for identifying deficiencies.


02. Purge Medical Records for All Programs

In this stage, all unwanted data is eliminated. As a top EHR Chart Building Services Company, we also identify and eliminate unwanted programs.


03. Complete Incomplete Record Report

After identifying the shortcomings of the data we cleanse it and complete the incomplete record report. This primarily includes disparity in demographics and corresponding various providers and healthcare professionals.


04. Create Graphs

This is the final stage of the process in which we use Microsoft Excel and Access to create graphs and charts. While building them, we keep in mind your specific requirements and coordinate with you at every step to ensure the outcome meets your requirements.

Key Features of EHR Chart Building Services

The hallmark of our EHR chart building service is the ease of access and ease of understanding. Our charts come with features such as -

  1. Store and Access

    We build charts to store information easily. The information when retrieved in displayed in an easy to understand manner. Providers leverage our chart building prowess to enable doctors to store medical assessment reports, patient clinical histories, and other information related in an easy to access format.

  2. Easy to Organize and Maintain

    While we build charts to accommodate as much information as your clinic needs, we at the same time ensure the charts are easy to maintain and manage. As a result, doctors get to view the charts the way they want. This helps in understanding patient history from the right perspectives.

  3. Easy Task Management

    To make task management easy we assign a workflow to a chart building method. This helps to improve productivity and make chart creation more efficient. It's because of this ease in management that physicians can analyze lab results, monitor progress, and sign notes with ease.

  4. Simpler Management of Tasks

    We build charts to simplify complex tasks such as patient scheduling. This helps in improving the efficiency of the clinic staff and at the same time reduces the learning curve.

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Why Outsource EHR Chart Building Services to Flatworld Solutions?

When you outsource EHR chart building services to us, you stand to gain in the following ways -

  • Cost Savings

    We offer different price models to our clients to suit all budgetary requirements. Our pricing structure guarantees up to 40% savings in costs.

  • Robust Database Management

    All our EHR experts understand how to evaluate information and claims logically and analytically. Besides, we ensure they apply their technical subject matter knowledge to achieve results. Our development process too is based on a logical flow and depends on hard-core practices such as cleansing data source and giving importance to client requirements.

  • HIPAA Compliant Process

    Our process is fully HIPAA compliant. We give utmost importance to patient data security and guarantee no data theft or loss during the process. We also build fool proof security protocols into the system to ensure there is no security breach.

  • ISO Certified EHR Chart Building Services

    We have over 20 years of experience in EHR chart building. We leverage the valuable experience to deliver what you want. Our experience provides you with the value addition your requirements need to get a top-notch result.

  • Expert EHR Chart Building Team

    Our team of EHR chart building professionals has wide experience in the process. Their expertise comes from their mastery over Record keeping practices, principles, and practices of database management and basic database configuration and setup. We leverage this knowledge of theirs to provide great training techniques to new hires. We hire candidates whose expertise is matched with qualities such as attention to detail, self-management, teamwork, and cultural proficiency.

  • Scalable Service

    Ours is a scalable workflow so if you have a priority task that need more attention, we'll handle those before handling the routine. We provide a Systematic EHR Chart Building Services no matter what your needs are.

  • Quick TAT

    We guarantee the completion of services in a quick turnaround. This has helped our clients get started with the best EHR charts in the shortest possible time.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We offer 24/7 support to clients who need to reach us for service-related concern. We serve our clients through their preferred channels whether it's phone call, email, or web chat.

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Flatworld Solutions provides a reliable and efficient medical billing service. They have helped improve collections and lower receivables for my clients.

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Outsource EHR Chart Building Services to Flatworld Solutions

As a reputed EHR Chart Building Service Services Company, we have the experience under our belt to provide the best billing solution to your EHR chart requirements. We bank on distinct strategies to build our solutions and make it a point to align our strategy with your clinic's priorities and goals. It is because of this approach that we can deliver the best of results to our clients. We have a huge list of successful clients who keep coming back to us for EHR Chart Building Service and Support.

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