Health Information Technology Services

The application of IT across various service verticals of the healthcare industry has become increasingly relevant in the past few years. Health Information Systems help to drive drastic operational changes while reducing costs and increasing capacity throughput and business profits.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have 20 years of experience in providing high-quality health information systems for government healthcare agencies, private hospitals, community-run organizations, and physician groups, amongst others. We specialize in employing state-of-the-art software and online medical information technology, while implementing innovative ideas for improved health services.

Health Information Technology Services from Flatworld Solutions

The HCIT industry has seen recent regulatory changes which have resulted in a consolidation of the market. In such an atmosphere, your organization requires a partner who not only has the required experience, but someone who can also provide high-quality services at cost-effective rates. Our services include -

  • Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence

    Scores of medical data without meaningful use just adds up to the cost of running data centers. It's only with advanced analytics that useful and actionable information can be deciphered. Our analytics and BI service ensure that you get practical information for quick decision-making, streamlining your processes, and identifying new business areas

  • Electronic Health Records

    Digitization of medical and health records is not just a regulatory requirement, but also forms the fundamental fabric of the health information technology system. Our well-implemented EHR system not only prunes manual data entry practices but also keeps all relevant data secure and error-free. After understanding your existing processes, we engage the best EHR system for your business in a cost-effective manner

  • Technology Upgrade

    In certain cases, your current IT installations may not be advanced enough to usher in all the benefits that cutting-edge software is offering today. At FWS, we understand your healthcare IT system and upgrade your IT infrastructure to leverage maximum business benefits while keeping your requirements in mind. We will make sure that all your legacy data and information is migrated to the new system, without any significant downtimes, and information loss

  • Health Information Exchange

    Information, if exchanged properly and timely, will grow manifold and will have a larger impact on the overall service efficiency. Our experts can not only digitize data but also create communication channels across computing platforms such as desktops, tablets, mobile, etc., and among different departments and units. This can help doctors and other medical practitioners secure immediate patient information, as well as communicate more effectively

  • Health Information Technology for Rural Hospitals

    It's always a key challenge to set-up health information systems for rural hospitals due to logistical and infrastructural challenges. We carefully do an assessment of your existing setup and procedures within the purview of these challenges and install the best possible medical information technology solutions

  • Onsite IT Support

    If you are running a large health ERP and need 24x7 onsite IT support then you can simply rely on our expert onsite IT administrators and programmers. We can ensure uninterrupted functioning of your healthcare IT installation. We also offer critical IT care and backup support

  • Healthcare IT as SaaS

    If you just want to focus on your core healthcare activities and worry less about prevalent IT niggles, random bugs, functionality lapses, breakdowns, regular maintenance, etc., then let us move your health information technology online with SaaS, and take care of it remotely from the cloud

  • Data Migration

    Most healthcare organizations and agencies lack the requisite technology, expertise, and the necessary resources to help fulfill a large-scale healthcare data migration process. Our data migration experts go through your current manual documentation practices and then digitize your whole data, error-free. At the same time, we ensure that the whole project timeline never affects your operational methods

  • Leveraging Smart Tools and Apps

    We not only focus on large health information systems but also make small and smart healthcare tools and mobile apps function for you. These tools assist doctors, patients and other users with quick and valuable information and regular interactions

Benefits of Outsourcing Health Information Technology to FWS

With a team consisting of experienced and seasoned analysts, project managers, technical staff, and custom support representatives, we can help you transform the functionality and capacity of your healthcare information technology. By outsourcing to us, you can gain from the following benefits -

  • Improved quality and speed of service
  • Significantly faster medical R&D and innovation
  • Ability to prevent medical emergencies and have better preventive care
  • Improved clinical processes and increased capacity utilization
  • Quick information availability and exchange
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Ability to prevent delay and errors caused due to manual documentation
  • Increased information accuracy and security
  • Adherence and proper implementation of ICD-10, relevant health information technology certifications, and other regulatory standards
  • Faster claims processing and HIPAA compliance
  • High-quality EMR software, Claims Processing Software, Impact Analysis Software, etc. which smoothly integrate with your existing IT infrastructure
  • Increased business profits
  • Secure patient information and minimized chances of fraud

Choose Flatworld Solutions for High-Quality Health Information Technology Services

For over a decade, we have partnered with industry leading healthcare providers in order to streamline their business offerings by providing effective and timely IT solutions. Our unique healthcare services work methodology increases your service effectiveness while managing, monitoring, and analyzing your IT infrastructure.

Contact us now for efficient health information technology systems and drastically increase your operational efficiency and business profits.

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