FAQs on Ambulance Billing Services

FAQs on Ambulance Billing Services

  1. What is an ambulance billing service?

    Ambulance billing services pertain to adopting professional methods for billing and revenue recovery. Flatworld collaborates with your team to secure accurate documentation for filing a claim. PCRs are integrated with the required coding so that claims do not get rejected. We maintain persistence to ensure that claims are reimbursed within the expected time and that you receive the maximum reimbursement. The responsibility for consistent coordination and follow-ups for unpaid claims also lies with us.

  2. Who is usually responsible for ambulance billing?

    Ambulance billing is usually the responsibility of the hospital or the medical center and the bill is usually charged against the insurance payer. Instead of doing it in-house, it is best to outsource these administrative tasks to save your time. Being a full-service offshore ambulance billing company, Flatworld Solutions can be availed for professional ambulance billing.

  3. What is the process flow of outsourcing ambulance billing services?

    Flatworld Solutions ensures that there are no chances of ambulance bills going unpaid. We ensure that ambulance medical billing services are executed within the stipulated time by our experienced billing team members. The process flow follows the below steps -

    • Accumulate billing information from across sources
    • Initiate and perform insurance eligibility checks
    • Electronic filing of the claim with accurate codes
    • Bill the insurance or customer immediately
    • Review denials and appeal
    • Carry out follow-ups on unpaid claims
    • Prepare reports on unpaid claims
    • Conduct analytics on the payment trends
  4. Are ambulance bills considered medical bills?

    Yes, ambulance bills are considered medical bills. Flatworld Solutions focuses on assisting your team throughout every step of the billing process. Our objective is to improve the chances of revenue recovery and make efforts to maximize reimbursements during medicare billing for ambulance services.

  5. How are ambulance services billed?

    The ambulance billing service follows certain thorough procedures to ensure that none of the claims remain unpaid. Flatworld ensures that processes are in place and they are strictly followed, so that claim settlement can be done efficiently and in a timely way by our highly skilled billing team members.

    At first, the billing team accumulates billing information from varied sources and then eligibility checks are processed. The claim is then filed electronically using accurate codes before billing the customer or insurance. The team reviews or appeals in case of denials. Further, it closely keeps a track of unpaid claims and follows up on them at frequent intervals. As a result, it runs regular reports on unpaid claims. Finally, it organizes analytical studies on the payment trends.

Hope these answers were able to clear most of your doubts. If any of your questions are still unanswered or not satisfactorily answered, feel free to get in touch with us.

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