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Outsource Cardiology Medical Billing Services

Is your administrative team strained by an avalanche of functions in the cardiology medical billing? Do you face the challenge to stay abreast with the latest regulatory compliances? Why risk audits and fines due to faulty billing when you can avoid them with ease? You can get your concerns addressed by getting in touch with professionals like us who offer the best cardiology medical billing services that fit your budget.

Flatworld Solutions is a top cardiology medical billing outsourcing company that offers a range of cardiology medical billing solutions that not only cover your surface requirements, but also coding of implanted-device follow up, in-office imaging, ICD and ICM device reprogramming, etc. Our solution will minimize paperwork hassles and optimize the cash flow.

What Do Flatworld's Cardiology Medical Billing Services Cover?

Cardiology medical billing is the epicenter of healthcare revenue cycle system. It is a service that brings immense value to a cardiologist's practice. When you outsource cardiology medical billing to Flatworld we offer a gamut of services that facilitate you to stay focused on patient care alone.

Our qualified team of AAPC-certified coding and billing professionals will ensure smooth management of functions from the patient onboarding to charge posting. We use advanced cardiology medical billing software to fast-forward billing functions. FWS' cardiology medical billing services are as follows -

What are the Cardiology Medical Billing Services Offered by Flatworld?

Error-free and accurate coding and billing warrants the help of professionals who possess special knowledge of the latest modifications in cardiology Medicaid and Medicare services. Our cardiology medical billing services are specially designed to make you immune to unwanted errors that can attract penalties and audits. Our past experience with CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-9CPM coding standards enable us to fulfill your needs as expected. The sub-services we provide as part of Cardiology medical billing is as follows -

Cardiology Medical Billing Denial Management

1. Cardiology Medical Billing Denial Management
Reworking denied claim is a resource-intensive process that brings more of cardiologists' involvement into administrative duties. This is not only unproductive but also impacts the revenue stream. This is where we come in. Our denial management professionals will work with you to ensure completeness and correctness of documentation before resubmission. Our goal is to retransmit claims that will turn invoices for treatment, and diagnosis into payments for cardiologists.

AR Follow-up for Cardiology Medical Billing

2. AR Follow-up for Cardiology Medical Billing
Late-paying patients can destabilize cash flow and revenue cycle management especially when the cost of healthcare is on the rise. When you outsource cardiology medical billing services we track patients of overdue invoices and send periodic reminders by email and phone call urging them to clear all dues in a timely manner to avoid penalties. This service is essential for cardiologists who do not have a strong resource backing to pursue unpaid invoices.

Credentialing Services

3. Credentialing Services
Knowing qualifying prerequisites for reimbursement is the key to avoiding payment conflicts in the future. This is taken care of by closely working with govt. and private insurers to understand their terms and conditions. We also handle any accompanying paperwork to streamline revenue cycle management. By leveraging our expertise we represent you as an in-network provider and speed up the verification process to establish your credentials.

Pre-authorization for Cardiology Medical Billing

4. Pre-authorization for Cardiology Medical Billing
One of the major challenges in healthcare billing is ensuring preauthorization for certain cardiology procedures and treatment. Insurers are sticklers for preauthorization because it is major requisite for reimbursement. Often unapproved treatment and procedure become grounds for denial of reimbursement. To overcome this risk we work with patients, cardiologists, and insurance companies to identify what is covered, and what isn't.

Medical Billing Eligibility Verification

5. Medical Billing Eligibility Verification
A patient portfolio is critical to qualify for reimbursement. If the documentation is incomplete or inaccurate, it may result in delay or denial of claims and the process may have to be reworked entirely or in part which is time-consuming and cost-intensive. We want your claims to be accepted on the first submission. We work towards this end by verifying the coverage information furnished by patients for completeness and accuracy.

6 Sub-specializations of Cardiology Billing Services We Offer

We follow a unique billing method for each specialization of cardiology. Our cardiology medical billing services cover the following specializations -

Interventional CardiologyInterventional Cardiology
Surgical CardiologySurgical Cardiology
General Clinical CardiologyGeneral Clinical Cardiology
Transplant CardiologyTransplant Cardiology
Nuclear CardiologyNuclear Cardiology
Echo CardiologyEcho Cardiology

What is the Process Followed for Cardiology Medical Billing?

We handle cardiology medical billing professionally by ensuring the utmost transparency in the process. This allows us to demonstrate measurable results carved out of your investment. The 7 steps we follow to improve your cash flow is as follows -

Requirement Gathering  

01. Requirement Gathering

After project allocation, we appoint a team of coding specialists who gather clinical data from your end. We gather and order the data in EHR for easy retrieval during and after the project.

Eligibility Check and Preauthorization Check  

02. Eligibility Check and Preauthorization Check

We verify with insurers to check patient preauthorization. We also carry out patient eligibility check to ensure compliance to insurer prerequisite.

Medical Coding  

03. Medical Coding

By using HIPAA approved methods our medical coders will turn your clinical records into ICD, CPT, and HCPCS medical codes that will be audited before reimbursement to ensure compliance.

Billing Service  

04. Billing Service

After coding clinical data, we compile the output into the recommended format accepted by insurers.

Quality Check on Data  

05. Quality Check on Data

Before transmission of data to insurers via a secure channel, we verify if the billed data is accurate and adhere to regulatory compliance.

Denial Management  

06. Denial Management

If claims return due to denial we offer denial management service to reassess the data and rectify errors or furnish missing records. The files are once again checked for quality before resubmission.

Why Choose FWS Cardiology Medical Billing Services?

Being a reputed cardiology medical billing company, we take our business seriously and we believe billing needs to be best-in-class. Using advanced automation tools and skilled resources we turn your everyday billing challenge into promising results. With more than 85 projects in the wake of our success stride, we have made more milestones than many providers. Perhaps we have more reasons why you should choose us -

  • Certifications

    We are an ISO certified provider of cardiology medical billing services in India with service extensions spanned across 150+ international areas. Our practices readily adhere to HIPAA compliances and local laws to bring you better revenue and reputation

  • Secure Data Management

    In medical billing, nobody understands the importance of confidentiality better than we do. At FWS we ensure that your clinical data is accessible to limited people tied with the project alone. We store your data in a secure network with firewall security

  • Accuracy and Quality

    You can experience 98% clean claim with the initial submission. Thanks to our error-free and accurate billing methods we ensure that you do not have to face hassle with claims denial

  • Quick Turnaround

    We order every claim submission in a systematic manner so that it is quickly processed by insurers. You can experience up to 35% faster turnaround by outsourcing cardiology medical billing to FWS

  • Scalability

    When you order our services we exercise prudence towards future needs. With a possibility to face greater challenges as demand grows, your billing system may have to cope up with the surging needs. To this end, we always make efficient solutions that facilitate quick scalability

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    Over 50% cost can be saved by choosing FWS' cardiology medical billing service because we follow a user-friendly pricing structure that will ensure that you a suitable service that fit your budget

  • Single Point Contact

    Why talk to rotated staff when you can get a dedicated expert who will assist you from the start to finish? Our dedicated point of communication with work with you personally to get your concerns addressed without delay

  • Medical Billing Software

    Driven by innovation we focus on streamlining tasks that are simple and repetitive by automating functions with medical billing software. This will save valuable time on otherwise resource-intensive tasks

  • Skilled Team of Cardiology Billing and Coding Specialists

    With AAPC-certified billing professionals, we are never short of best minds in the industry who are aware of ICD, HCPCS, and CPT coding system. We carefully execute billing to guarantee higher reimbursements

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    Our experts are assisted by the best billing technologies in existence all of which are housed in our latest infrastructure. Our knowledge centers are designed with an eye on two key aspects - security and fast service

  • Secure Data Transfer

    When you want to send data without concerns you need experts like us because we use VPN and secure FTP that allows you to send data of any size without worries

  • 27/7 Availability

    Get round-the-clock assistance by phone call, email, or chat at no extra expense. Our agents will assist you at your local time zone in the manner best suited for your needs

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I really appreciate you and your teams help in the coding that is being done. The keys to success with my team are a rapid turnaround and complete coding of all diagnosis codes in the Health Risk Assessment. I've been extremely pleased that all diagnosis codes are captured, and the coding is done well within the time frame that is allotted. Thank you very much for your great service.

Medical Billing and Coding Company, USA.
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Flatworld Solutions is a familiar name in the industry when it comes to medical billing and coding services. We are an ISO certified and HIPAA compliant company that is firm-footed in the field of billing and coding. We provide an array of healthcare BPO services that are ideal for your budget and requirement. With sufficient resources and experienced team of billers, we are ready to take on new challenges while handling existing ones with care and accuracy. Our cost-effective solutions are executed from a modern infrastructure that houses many latest billing software tools. We also provide timely services so that you will never feel the shortness of performance.

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