Outsource Preliminary Teleradiology Reporting Services

Preliminary Teleradiology Reporting Services

Don't have the bandwidth to read preliminary reports? Outsource preliminary teleradiology reporting services to us. It only costs $4.5/read

Preliminary teleradiology reports from Flatworld Solutions are instant and accurate so you can initiate patient care in the shortest possible time. It usually comes with the right advice to the referring clinician based on which a decision on rendering treatment or referring to another specialist is carried out.

We at have over 16 years of experience in providing high quality and consistent preliminary teleradiology reads to healthcare providers in the US. Our services are driven by the single-minded objective of ensuring no delay in your patient care. We are driven by a team of doctors with at least 2 years of general medical experience and five years of specialty experience. While on one hand, we rely on this enormous professional skill, on the other we deliver our services using the most advanced technology to ensure safe and timely medical management decisions.

Preliminary Teleradiology Reporting Services We Offer

There are primarily two types of teleradiology interpretation- a preliminary read and a final read. A preliminary read is provided for emergency room cases and other emergency cases and includes all pertinent and critical findings.

As an experienced preliminary teleradiology service provider, we have exposure to different requirements including a wide variety of subspecialty expertise such as Neuroradiology, Pediatric Neuroradiology, Mammography, Thoracic Imaging Nuclear Cardiology, and Musculoskeletal Radiology.

As a reputed Preliminary Teleradiology Reporting Service Providing Company our preliminary teleradiology reporting services include -

  1. Medical imaging

    Medical Imaging

    Our medical imaging interpretive service include Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), X-rays, Ultrasound, Coronary CTAs, Nuclear PET, Nuclear Cardiology, Nuclear Medicine Dexa Scan, Fluoroscopy, PET-CT, Perfusion/Diffusion MR Nuclear Studies, Vascular Ultrasound, Mammogram Services, RV Dysplasia, Fast Fluid Attenuated Inversion Recovery, Echocardiography, Computed Tomography, etc.

  2. Sub-Specialty Teleradiology Reading

    Sub-Specialty Teleradiology Reading

    Our preliminary subspecialty reading includes Abdominal MRI including MRCP, Body Imaging, Cardiac CTA, CT Colonography / virtual colonoscopy, Emergency Radiology, Dental Imaging including Cone Beam CT, Musculoskeletal Imaging including MRI, Genito Urinary Imaging, Oncology Imaging, Neuroradiology, Thoracic Radiology, Pediatric Imaging, Vascular Imaging, etc.

Why is Preliminary Teleradiology Reporting Services Necessary?

Preliminary teleradiology reporting solution helps healthcare providers remain competitive and relevant in a fast-changing competitive environment. What this means is not just the availability of radiologists for mid-night image interpretations. It means partnering with a practice with the scale and scope to become a long-term and valued partner to your overall imaging requirements. We help our clients improve patient outcomes by differentiating and prioritizing care of high-risk emergent cases. In the process, we help in building better relationships with referring physicians and hospital partners thereby enhancing the value of the overall healthcare environment.

Preliminary teleradiology reporting is sought by most healthcare practices for a number of reasons. The most important reason is that it helps in starting patient care without any delay whatsoever. Some benefits of it are -

  1. Actionable Report

    It provides the exact answer to the question raised by the referrer. This is of great importance because it ensures timely clinical decisions for patients.

  2. Patient safety

    Preliminary teleradiology reporting provides accurate, timely and actionable reporting of imaging investigations. This helps a lot in ensuring and optimizing patient safety.

  3. Access to Trained Professionals

    Preliminary teleradiology reporting services are rendered by doctors who are trained in the analytical and interpretative skills of imaging investigations. This ensures the interpretation is accurate and highly reliable.

  4. Access to Latest Technology

    Preliminary teleradiology service providers use the latest technology available in the market to provide reports. Technologies like AI help in providing more accurate quantification of ailments.

  5. Time-saving

    Preliminary teleradiology services are delivered very fast. The turnaround time is anything between 20 and 30 minutes thus helping providers start the treatment in the shortest possible time.

Preliminary Teleradiology Reporting Process We Follow

Good teleradiology is based on three important elements namely an image recording and sending station, a transmission network that is regulatory compliant and a station for receiving images. Besides ensuring 100% security and compliance with regulatory norms, we ensure high-quality display screen designed for clinical purposes are made available to our radiologists. We make it a point to keep our display screen as good as if not better than our clients'. Our preliminary teleradiology process includes the following steps -

Downloading Images uploaded to the PAC system
Providing a team of Tier-1 radiologists' access to the downloaded images
Tier 1-Junior Radiologist read the image and interprets it
The interpretation is passed on to tier 2-Senior Radiologist who reads the image and validates the preceding interpretation
After validation, the Preliminary Report is emailed to the customer or submitted on the PAC system
The Board-Certified Radiologist is intimated about the reviews so that he can give a final review and signs off

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Preliminary Teleradiology Reporting Services to Flatworld Solutions?

As a preliminary teleradiology service provider, we help you give the right fillip to keep your operations running at all times. While individual practices rely on us for accurate reporting, large hospitals, radiologist groups, as well as diagnostic centers commanding board-certified radiologists, bank on us to handle the growing volume of imaging interpretations they have to handle each day. Our interpretation model works along 2 phases. In Phase-1 reporting, a junior radiologist studies the image and does the initial reporting. This is followed by a senior MD radiologist reviewing the image and the interpretation and sends it back to your radiology panel for a final sign-off. These reports are structured in a format as required by the client. There are many benefits of choosing a teleradiology reporting services company of repute like us. These include -

  • Costs

    Since we operate from developing countries like India and the Philippines, we are able to provide preliminary teleradiology services at less than half the market costs. We ensure this without affecting the quality of our service in any way.

  • Well-Defined Workflow

    As a reputed preliminary teleradiology service provider we have developed a highly streamlined workflow innovation and continuously deploy next-generation technology to improve the turnaround time of reports and quality of patient care. Our ceaseless endeavor to reinvest in innovation has helped us get the right study type to the most skilled and specialist radiologist in the shortest time.

  • Well-Defined Quality Control Program

    We commit our services to a QA program which is driven by certain standardized metrics that play a big role in accuracy and efficiency. In the short time made available to send the reports, we include peer review to ensure there is no clinical oversight. With our QA program, we ensure these a culture of quality throughout the practice.

  • Performance Review

    We commit ourselves to evaluate the performance of our radiologists on a routine basis. Discrepancies in interpretations are noted and graded using a uniform scale that takes into account the severity and the effect on patient care. This data is referred to as time and again to evaluate overall improvement in radiologist performance. Our performance review program is highly transparent. We provide our clients with regular reports on the total reads undertaken by each radiologist and the overall discrepancy outcomes.

  • Correct Wording

    All our reports come with wordings that are unambiguous. It also considers the professional background of the referrer. Our reports are also clear about specialist referrals and further investigations. If the reporting is long and detailed, we ensure it comes with a summary of the key findings and their interpretations.

  • One-to-One contact

    In the case of complex interpretation, we supplement the written report with a one-to-one discussion with the radiologist. This has over the years proven to be a very reliable way for a referring physician to discuss complicated cases and get all doubts cleared. Besides a one-to-one, we provide second opinions as supplementary reports to complicated interpretations.

  • Reliable Report for Prompt Action

    We leave no stones unturned to make our preliminary teleradiology report completely actionable. In other words, we make sure that our preliminary teleradiology reports are sound enough to start the treatment process immediately. While on the one hand, it answers the clinical question, on the other hand, it provides a differential diagnosis in case of any abnormality.

  • Compliance to Changing Rules

    Federal and state regulations on radiology services are constantly changing, and it is important to comply with the changing requirements. Our radiology practice is always up to date on the rules and therefore helps your practice stay in tune with all HIPAA requirements.

  • Fast Turnaround

    FWS operates from 8 global delivery centers. As a result, we are always awake to deliver preliminary teleradiology reports on between 20 and 30 minutes of a turnaround. We serve our clients round-the-clock and 365 days a year.

  • Board-Certified Radiologists

    As a preliminary teleradiology reporting service provider, our vast experience in preliminary reporting has assisted a range of healthcare practices to get correct interpretations. From family practitioners to freestanding imaging centers and from nursing homes to outpatient clinics and smaller hospitals we have assisted all to deliver the best healthcare services. We are driven by a team of experienced radiologists trained in the United States trained. All our radiologists are board-certified. We offer both preliminary and final reports.

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Outsource Preliminary Teleradiology Reporting Services to Flatworld Solutions


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Flatworld Solutions' preliminary teleradiology services have helped healthcare providers in countries across continents such as the US, UK, Australia streamline their services for more effective care. We have board-certified radiologists in each of these nations. In the US we provide certified reporting services to practices over 22 states. All our radiologists are licensed to carry out a practice within different states in the United States. Some of these states include Maryland, Indiana, Nevada, New York, Texas, Wisconsin, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington, Oklahoma, California, Michigan, Kentucky, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New Hampshire amongst others. We have also served hospitals in states where we have not had a license, by obtaining a license for that particular state.

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