Pharmaceutical Outsourcing

Pharmaceutical Outsourcing

Global pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are facing a lot of challenges nowadays due to pricing pressure, changing regulatory requirements, decline in research and development investments, etc. As a result, they are increasingly finding it difficult to achieve and maintain a profitable growth. Pharmaceutical outsourcing offers such pharma companies an opportunity to face these challenges, while benefiting from streamlined operations and increased savings.

By outsourcing their non-core operations, pharmaceutical companies have moved up the value chain. By forming strategic relationships with outsourcing partners, small and medium pharma organizations can focus on their core competencies, access specialized expertise, achieve cost saving benefits and reduce burn rates that directly lead to greater shareholder value.

Flatworld's Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Services

With the help of a highly-qualified and skilled team which in turn is backed by revolutionary state-of-the-art infrastructure, we at Flatworld Solutions provide the following services to our clients:

  • Pharmaceutical Development

    Pharma development involves the designing, building, and scaling-up of a process in order to transform promising molecules synthesized in research labs into medicines that can be mass produced for patient use. Flatworld Solutions determines how to create the active pharmaceutical ingredient, the most suitable dosage, how to test its purity and how to ensure it consistently delivers safe and effective drug levels. Some of the sub-services further include:

    • Bio-analysis Services
    • Supply Chain Solutions
    • GMP and CMC Laboratory Services
  • Manufacturing and Packaging

    Our streamlined manufacturing and packaging process has proven to be successful for many of the world's leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and is designed to meet the industry standards of various countries. Our machines are intended for use in sterile facilities and have been designed to the highest GMP standards. Our services include:

    • On-site Inspections
    • Counterfeit Surveillance
    • Material Science Services
    • Equipment Calibration
    • Problem Solving Analysis
    • Expert Clean Room Services
  • Support Services

    Along with the above mentioned services, we also provide various pharmaceutical support services to take care of back-end tasks which otherwise require a large amount of manpower and time to complete. Such services include:

    • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Services
    • Pharmaceutical Auditing
    • Regulatory and Toxicology Consultancy Services
    • Storage and Distribution

Why Outsource Pharmaceutical Services?

Years of experience in serving healthcare companies and a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) has enabled us to become the most trusted pharmaceutical BPO partner for some of leading pharmaceutical organizations in the world. We understand the various benefits involved in outsourcing pharmaceutical services in-depth, and offer our clients immaculate services so that they can focus on more important and pressing requirements. Some of the reasons to outsource include:

  1. Cost Savings

    Regions like India and China are offering pharmaceutical services at low costs. By outsourcing, companies can easily avoid or postpone significant capital investments which increase drug development costs.

  2. Faster Time-to-market

    Even a small reduction in drug development time can yield substantial cost savings and other significant benefits. Rising product development costs and limited internal resources often constrain pharmaceutical companies from expanding their product development pipeline. Outsourcing helps eliminate such bottlenecks, gives access to advanced technologies, and reduces the overall time-to-market.

  3. Strategic Focus

    As outsourcing relationships mature, companies shift their outsourcing strategies from pure vendor-buyer relationships to business alliance relationships. This helps to establish successful and stable business relations resulting in improved pharmaceutical outsourcing processes while reducing overall business risks.

  4. Risk Management

    Many pharmaceutical companies are entering into risk-sharing outsourcing partnerships to lower their operational risks by sharing management and financial responsibilities. Outsourcing enables companies to expand their R&D pipelines while providing greater chance for a product to succeed.

  5. Research and Development

    By outsourcing pharmaceutical services, companies have more time to spend on their research and development operations and also have access to high-quality manufacturing assistance.

How Can Flatworld Solutions Help Your Organization?

Flatworld's pharma outsourcing professionals bring in-depth industry experience and global market knowledge to support your outsourcing needs by providing a full range of services across each stage of the pharma outsourcing lifecycle. Some of the ways in which Flatworld Solutions can help you include:

  1. Partner Selection

    • Identify, analyze, and screen potential partners
    • Perform technical and financial due diligence
    • Coordinate and manage due diligence site visits
  2. Aligning Strategy

    • Facilitate outsourcing requirements gathering
    • Conduct outsourcing risk assessment
    • Perform macroeconomic research for targeted regions
    • Create an outsourcing plan for desired business goals
  3. Operational Transition

    • Develop service management function
    • Manage outsourcing transition
    • Manage communication and organizational change
  4. Outsourcing Transaction

    • Develop RFPs (request for proposals) and manage selection process
    • Establish contract agreement process and manage contract negotiation
    • Provide tax advisory service
  5. Outsourcing Optimization

    • Perform periodic risk and compliance audit
    • Identify gaps for improvement
    • Optimize existing arrangements

Why Choose Flatworld for Pharmaceutical Outsourcing?

Flatworld Solutions is a well-known outsourcing company with global offices and delivery centers providing end-to-end healthcare and pharmaceutical services for over a decade to clients around the globe. Some of our key differentiators include:

  • Skilled, trained and certified pharmaceutical professionals who provide proficient, accurate, and competent pharmaceutical services to global clients
  • We are equipped with the latest infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies
  • We strictly follow ISO 9000 guidelines and our team is dedicated to quality and continuous process improvement
  • We are pioneers in outsourcing with services across domains such as medical billing and coding, medical transcription, healthcare software, etc.
  • Cost effective pharmaceutical services delivered within a quick turnaround time

Hire the Best Pharmaceutical Experts in the Industry

With more than 12 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry we have come a long way in serving our clients, building an identity of trust, and becoming one of the leading pharmaceutical outsourcing companies. It is our mission to provide the best and cost-effective services to our clients using state-of-the-art technology in the pharmaceutical industry.

If you are having trouble in handling pharma research, or managing huge volumes of pharmaceutical operations, or haven't been able to scale up your operations, feel free to get in touch with us or talk to one of our representatives and we will guide you through the entire process.



Pricing is a critical factor to consider before outsourcing. Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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