Outsource General Surgery EMR Services

General Surgery EMR Services

Go paperless by outsourcing general surgery EMR services to us. We make your documentation hassle a thing of the past

Are you still operating the general surgery EMR without external help? You could be losing precious time in the legwork which can otherwise be outsourced to professionals at Flatworld Solutions. This can lead to improved patient care and patient-surgeon relationship. Outsourcing general surgery EMR services to FWS helps saving time especially when General Surgeons are split between hospitals and operation theatres. Besides, it improves complex workflows and acquaints them with the patient's complete medical history in minutes instead of hours.

Additionally, we accelerate consults with pre-made forms, manage waitlists based on priority, procedure, and date. We also create customized templates for surgical procedures and follow-up appointments, convert forms to letters, and easily digitize surgical procedures. Our vast experience has given us the knowledge and expertise to implement highly successful EMR consulting services to general surgery practice customers.

Our General Surgery EMR Services

Flatworld Solutions has wide experience in delivering general surgery EMR services to general surgeons and general surgery employees. As a reputed general surgery EMR service provider, our service extends from developing general surgery EMR solutions to helping customers choose the right general surgery EMR software and from general surgery EMR customization to general surgery EMR billing. We offer a range of general surgery EMR services to surgeons. Our experience in handling all types of surgeries and surgical requirements make us a specialist in this field. Our general surgery EHR includes -

  1. General Surgery EMR Tool Selection

    General Surgery EMR Tool Selection

    Most surgeons and surgical centers struggle to choose the right EMR tools for their needs. This is because there is no dearth of tools available in the market and finding the best fit tool can leave most of them confused. In most cases, the market is flooded with tools laden with features for easy use. We have firsthand knowledge of the tools available in the market and can help you identify the right-fit tool based on your specific needs.

  2. General Surgery EMR Tool Migration

    General Surgery EMR Tool Migration

    Most hospitals or surgical centers tend to depend on a tool that they are comfortable with. As the comfort level with a legacy tool is higher, they get complacent with the tool despite knowing that the tool is outdated. The fear of losing out on critical patient information while migrating to a new EMR system holds them back from making the transition. Besides helping surgical practices choose the right EMR tools, we have also assisted them seamlessly in migrating to the latest EMR tool. Our EMR migration process is based on accurate mapping, testing and project management guidelines.

  3. General Surgery EMR Integration

    General Surgery EMR Integration

    Sometimes large surgical centers may need multiple EMRs because they must carry out a wide range of surgeries. On the operational front, this can lead to many issues. To overcome this problem, surgical centers need to integrate their EMRs so that there is one interface to manage all surgeries. All that while having separate EMRs to maintain records for the same kind of surgeries. With wide experience in integrating multiple EMRs for hospitals and large surgical centers, we ensure all the information for the front desk staff is available at their fingertips. Our integration services also enable real-time presentation of data.

  4. General Surgery Forms Templates Customization

    General Surgery Forms Templates Customization

    Surgical centers require a different template for collecting diverse patient information - from lab results to insurance verification. These templates need to be designed as per the center's specific requirements so that it facilitates their workflow. We have wide experience in customizing templates for diverse surgical centers. We create templates to make information storage-friendly and accessible. Our clients have leveraged our vast experience in template creation to standardize the process of collecting patient information, lab reports, consultants' findings, etc. Most of the features in the template are built after consulting with the client in detail.

  5. General Surgery EMR Billing

    General Surgery EMR Billing

    General surgery billing encompasses a wide variety of procedures. To better quantify and categorize general surgery procedures, healthcare providers have classified surgery under two sections - minor surgery and major surgery. These 2 types of surgeries are marked by different CPT codes and the HCPCS guidelines. Our EMR billing services for general surgery meticulously takes care of these different requirements. Our clients outsource general surgery EMR services to ensure efficient management of all billing needs and in the process ensure all surgical centers receive full reimbursement for services provided.

  6. General Surgery EMR Inventory Management

    General Surgery EMR Inventory Management

    Our inventory management system for general surgery EMR services is designed to help surgical centers optimize dispensing, inventory tracking, and leverage customized reporting to the hilt. As surgical centers need to have an up-to-date track of medications, medical non-consumables, and equipment we use our comprehensive knowledge of general surgery EMR to provide end-to-end visibility of inventory. Being a top general surgery EHR service provider, we have helped our clients create on-time reports on inventory list, inventory activities, order lists, payment details on purchases, etc. Our efficient ways can help centers track inventory across multiple locations, receive alerts for expiring inventories, and handle payment types.

  7. General Surgery EMR Software Development

    General Surgery EMR Software Development

    Surgical centers need customized EMR software to manage their activities in a more efficient way. A boxed tool comes with its own limitations and often providers need to revise their workflow to adapt to the pre-defined workflow. We, at Flatworld Solutions, have wide experience in creating customized EMR software for surgical centers. We have built customized software that meets specific surgical requirements such as e-prescribing, billing, scheduling, coding assistance, surgical procedure description, etc. We have built EMR software solutions for diverse surgical requirements from laparoscopic to vascular, and from breast to endocrine.

The Process We Follow - General Surgery EMR

We have developed a well-defined process to meet all your specific general surgery EMR needs. During the development process me keep you posted on all the stages so that you have complete transparency on how your requirements are being met. Our general surgery EMR service process includes -


01. Requirement Comprehension

We sit with you to understand the current challenge faced by your practices and your specific requirements. We provide the best solution by taking your budget and time constraints into account


02. Designing EMR

We prepare a blueprint and forward it to our experts for improvements. Your approval will be sought and suggestions will be taken into account to tweak the design


03. EMR Development

During the development, we implement features approved by you. We ensure to incorporate all features essential for your practice


04. Quality Testing

Quality testing will follow the development process. The entire application is tested after development. This ensures a functional EMR module with high reliability


05. Delivery

After passing the tests, we will help to implement it at your end. We ask our clients to validate the usability of the tool to accommodate final changes if any. We also provide a standby team to provide support

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource General Surgery EMR Services to Flatworld Solutions?

As a leading general surgery EMR services providing company, we have supported several small and big hospitals, and private practices with excellent services. Our clients have relied on our experienced and certified medical experts to get consistent and highly reliable services. Outsource general surgery EMR services to us for the following reasons -

  • Cost-effective Solutions

    We believe in offering affordable solutions to our clients. So, we have developed different payment plans to suit all budgets. We make sure our services meet all quality parameters irrespective of the price model you choose.

  • Full Data Security

    We are committed as much as you to maintain data security. We make use of high-end data encryption technology to fortify medical records. As an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accredited company, we follow the industry's best practices and bank on the latest security tools to safeguard your data.

  • ISO Certified Company

    Flatworld Solution is a reputed general surgery EMR services company with exposure to developing solutions for a range of diverse surgery practices. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and ensure quality standards are of the highest order.

  • Guaranteed Quality

    We have a dedicated QA team consisting of experts with years of experience in EMR services. All our solutions are checked meticulously for quality needs which includes compliance with international medical standards, norms, and other client's needs.

  • Scalable Services

    Our general surgery EMR services are scalable. We go the extra mile to ensure all your sudden needs are met with some degree of smoothness as we provide our regular services. Likewise, you can scale down your service whenever you need.

  • Guaranteed Delivery Times

    We work round the clock from 8 global delivery centers to deliver our services ahead of the agreed timeline.

  • Experienced Team with One-Point Contact

    We provide you a team that has wide experience in general surgery EMR services. Our team will have a dedicated team leader who will serve as your one-point contact for all your needs.

  • Robust Infrastructure

    We offer our clients services with the help of the best technology, which includes the latest security systems. This ensures all your data is fully secure and 100% HIPAA compliant.

  • One-stop-shop General Surgery EMR Services Company

    We deliver our services to ensure improved work processes, provide 24/7 technical assistance and tackle challenges that crop up time and again. Over the years, we have supported EMR services for surgeries for skin, abdomen, soft tissues, breast, endocrine system, (stomach, esophagus, small and large bowel, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and bile ducts) among other organs.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on ICD-10 Transition and Training

Helped A Medical Billing Company with Complete ICD-10 Transition and Training

We were contacted by a reputed medical billing client for medical record migration. We enhanced their medical record system to support ICD-10. The client was glad about the outcome.

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Case Study on Medical Billing Support to US Client

Provided Medical Billing Support to the largest US-based Medical Billing Services Administrator

Eligibility verification, pre-authorization, and AR follow-up were dealt by Flatworld's billing team. The medical billing services administrator was satisfied with our service and the accuracy.

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Outsource General Surgery EMR Services to Flatworld Solutions


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For the best EMR services, you need to bank on experience and expertise. This is where we come in. Flatworld is a general surgery EMR service providing company that takes care of all the challenges in the EMR services. Our experience in general surgery EMR services extends to over 20 years. We leverage this experience to make sure you get the best of services at affordable prices and on time.

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