Outsource Medical Coding Analysis Services

Medical Coding Analysis Services

Leverage Flatworld's medical coding analysis to strengthen your billing procedures and coding practices and make every bill count at prices starting at $1280 per FTE per month

In the ever-changing and competitive healthcare landscape, healthcare providers must stay on top of their game. This requires a rigorous and thorough understanding of not just the latest medical procedures but billing processes too. But with changing rules and regulations, ensuring error-free processing of bills and claims often become a task – one that most healthcare providers struggle with.

At Flatworld Solutions, we provide expert medical coding analysis services to help healthcare providers successfully plan, prepare, and process medical bills for cleaner and faster claim settlements. Well versed with all medical codes and billing standards, our AAPC and AHIMA certified coders accurately code your medical bills as per the latest medical coding standards for effortless bill processing and seamless reimbursements.

Our Medical Coding Analysis Services

Flatworld Solutions is India's leading medical coding analysis services providing company offering expert and accurate medical coding services to healthcare providers, patients, payers, and administrative staff to accelerate their payments and maximize their revenues. We are powered by a large network of highly trained and certified coders who are well acquainted with the latest billing software, tools, codes, and regulations, and can help you streamline your operational processes and administrative tasks to optimize your revenue management.

Our key services include -

  1. Medical Billing and Coding Audit

    Medical Billing and Coding Audit

    Our expert medical coding specialists thoroughly audit and proof every bill copy to ensure it is accurate and is standardized with all the latest CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10 CM codes. They also examine your operative reports and other medical records to ensure that your medical bills accurately reflect all the services received and address all coding deficiencies to fool-proof your medical bills for instant approval and reimbursement.

  2. Identifying Reasons for Denial

    Identifying Reasons for Denial

    We review your submitted and denied bills to analyze the root cause behind bill rejection. Our medical coding experts proof check all the applied codes to identify common mistakes and errors and standardize them as per the latest norms and regulations for effective resubmission.

  3. Standardizing the Billing Process

    Standardizing the Billing Process

    Our coding experts examine your operative reports and diagnostic procedures to ensure they are up to date with the latest medical codes. They also update your records with the latest procedural codes to ensure correct codes are applied every time a new bill is generated for error-free submission and instant reimbursement.

  4. Continuous Monitoring and Management

    Continuous Monitoring and Management

    Our seasoned medical coders regularly monitor and audit your bills before submission to ensure all the recent and updated codes are applied – ones that are in line with the latest coding standards and federal regulations.

  5. Training and Development

    Training and Development

    We also educate your medical staff about the benefits of applying correct medical codes while preparing bills, helping them identify ways for addressing coding deficiencies and keep them abreast with all the latest changes in existing codes for hassle-free bill generation and submission.

Benefits of Choosing Our Medical Coding Analysis Services

Applying correct codes against the diagnostic procedures is a crucial part of the medical claim settlement process. Any error in coding can lead to instant rejection of the bill and loss of revenue. Our expert & accurate medical coding analysis services help our clients in many ways. These include -

 Instant and accurate bill submission, with more than 98% accuracy
 Reduced accounts receivable days
 Cleaner, error-free claims
 Fewer denials and rejections
 Streamlined operations and hassle-free workflow
 Increased revenue and improved financial performance

Our Medical Coding Analysis Process

Flatworld Solutions is a leading medical coding analysis services providing company offering comprehensive services to help you streamline your medical bill generation and reimbursement process. Our expert and highly trained team of medical coders follows a strategic step-by-step process to ensure your medical bills comply with the latest medical coding process for maximum revenue and lower denials.

Our process includes -


01. Accessing Your Bills

We access your bills and all other essential medical documents and clinical information through a secured VPN connection


02. Pre-coding

Our expert medical coders then analyze your bills and key-in all missing codes. This includes codes for the referring doctors, medical procedures, diagnostic services, insurance companies, modifiers, and more


03. Coding

We then thoroughly check and re-check all the entered codes as per the latest regulatory norms to ensure accuracy in coding for hassle-free bill submission


04. Quality Check

All bills are proof-read by our quality assurance team and certified senior coding staff before submission to check for the accuracy of the codes assigned for maximum reimbursement and fewer/ no denials


05. Bill Submission

The accurately coded and proofread bills are then either transmitted to your billing team or submitted directly to the insurer via a secure FTP server for further claims processing and settlement

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Why Choose Our Medical Coding Analysis Services?

Flatworld Solutions is a leading medical coding analysis services providing company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Having served many global clients to the utmost satisfaction, we have all the required skillsets and expertise to handle any kind of bill settlement and denial management requests. Our medical coders and analysts are well versed with all the recent medical codes, coding pathways, and procedures to help you seamlessly navigate the bill reimbursement landscape. They ensure accurate submission of bills, only after correct implementation of codes, for seamless bill submissions and quicker reimbursements, with fewer-to-no rejections.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing medical coding analysis services to us include -

  • Cost-effective Pricing

    We provide our medical coding analysis services at extremely cost-effective rates. This ensures easy access to our services and solutions without increasing your overhead costs.

  • Complete Data Security

    Medical bills contain a lot of confidential information – both of the patient as well as the hospital. We understand that and fully respect the privacy of our clients. Our data confidentiality agreement and stringent data security policies ensure that all your medical data remain completely safe and protected in our encrypted servers and is not shared with third parties without your prior consent.

  • Instant Access to Certified Team of Experts

    By partnering with us, you gain instant access to a huge team of certified medical coders and analysts who have in-depth knowledge and years of experience in handling medical bills and reimbursement claims. With complete knowledge of medical codes and billing procedures, they can alleviate unnecessary claim-related burdens and help you streamline strategies for the future.

  • Use of Latest Medical Billing Software

    Our experts make use of the latest medical billing technologies and software to provide quick and efficient services, minimizes risk in the billing procedures, and effectively address all challenges, denials, and objections.

  • High Accuracy

    Our trained medical billers and coders provide our clients with the most accurate medical coding analysis services to ensure faster bill settlement and fewer/no rejections and denials.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Our multiple delivery centers help us to provide top-quality medical coding analysis services within a quick turnaround time, without compromising on the quality.

  • 24/7 Service Availability

    Our customer service executives are available 24/7, 365 days a year. This ensures hassle-free services and timely resolution of all queries and concerns.

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Outsource Medical Coding Analysis Services to Flatworld Solutions


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Flatworld Solutions is one of the most sought after medical coding analysis service providers in India. Leveraging state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest tools and technologies, we ensure reliable, cost-effective solutions and the best quality services in the shortest time possible. Our team of highly trained and experienced medical coders and analysts provide coding services that are not only accurate but also result-oriented.

So, whether you want temporary assistance with your billing process or want to outsource your entire medical coding division, we, at Flatworld Solutions, can be your one-stop-shop for all your coding needs. Simply let us know your requirements and we'll get back to you with a comprehensive plan that will not only help you effortlessly run your medical practice but will also ensure quick bill settlement for unmatched financial gains.

If you are looking for cost-effective and accurate medical coding analysis services, get in touch with us today!

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