Outsource Healthcare Documentation Services

Healthcare Documentation Services

Avail healthcare documentation to exchange information about patient treatment, diagnosis and care outcome between payers and physicians at rates starting at 1280 per FTE/month

If you want your practice performance optimized by freeing more hands for critical functions, start by outsourcing healthcare documentation services. It gets an expert documentation specialist to work side-by-side with physicians to expand the medical legal record of patients by using electronic speech recognition tools to capture voice recordings. As part of the job, our healthcare documentation experts are expected to be thorough in pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, and terminology of procedures to edit and proof the document for errors and format compliance. We edit a variety of reports that includes imaging reports, referral reports, medical history, and more.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have 20 years of experience in the healthcare documentation process and have been the face of modern health record management. Today, we have several clients who thank us for streamlining their documentation process by fixing deficiencies in a verbal report to expand the scope of legal documents.

Healthcare Documentation Services We Offer

In the last 20 years, Flatworld Solutions has emerged to the top as the best healthcare documentation services providing company. We have clinched the title securing our presence in digital space where clients can look us up. Our healthcare documentation services include -

  1. Healthcare Documentation of Medical Histories

    Healthcare Documentation of Medical Histories

    If a patient has a medical history that may be relevant to his or her future care, the healthcare documentation expert saves the information onto a digital record to avoid the mistake of rushing into treatment without considering risks. Our team captures information about affected location, nature of symptom, severity, and duration among others to expand the scope of understanding.

  2. Healthcare Documentation of Discharge Summaries

    Healthcare Documentation of Discharge Summaries

    To have a patient's primary documents encompassing care plan conveyed to a post-hospitalization team requires establishing a document trail from pre-hospitalization to the time of discharge. Our team helps this invaluable piece of the document become the base for continuity, safe transition, and care coordination to onward departments and processes.

  3. Healthcare Documentation of Physical Examination Reports

    Healthcare Documentation of Physical Examination Reports

    As a reputed healthcare documentation services company, we prepare your patient's medical records so that they can quickly be searched and retrieved from EHR using fewer keywords and search strings. This may not be important if you're seeing fewer patients per year, but if your patient count is in hundreds, indexing will save the time and effort needed to pull up records with speed. We can also train your staff to operate the indexed system for increasing the pace of document creation, editing, and deletion.

  4. Healthcare Documentation of Operating Room Reports

    Healthcare Documentation of Operating Room Reports

    Sometimes you may not prefer all the data to be stored on the Cloud. You may want it moved into a CD, DVD, USB drive, and so on. If so, we'll have it prepared for seamless sharing. Our team can enable you to have a robust capable of reporting OR.

  5. Healthcare Documentation of Diagnostic Imaging Studies

    Healthcare Documentation of Diagnostic Imaging Studies

    Documentation of diagnostic imaging helps in a collaborative approach while looking at injury and ailment. The documentation will include information from radiology such as CT, x-ray, MRI, etc.

  6. Healthcare Documentation of Consultation Reports

    Healthcare Documentation of Consultation Reports

    To have consultation reports documented, our team will work closet-knit with yours to capture live voice data or recorded scripts that help in improves understanding of the medical conditions.

  7. Healthcare Documentation of Autopsy Reports

    Healthcare Documentation of Autopsy Reports

    Having autopsy documentation completed without gaps would allow the legal process to be completed without missteps. It improves the scope of knowledge about the death and the circumstances in which it occurred.

  8. Healthcare Documentation of Referral Letters

    Healthcare Documentation of Referral Letters

    As an important step in referring patients to critical services, it's crucial to have all the information listed carefully in the referral letters. Such as the time, date, and reason for referral that helps their onward journey with a referred caregiver.

Our Healthcare Documentation Process

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in healthcare documentation. We follow a systematic approach to capture data and make it available to stakeholders on demand. Our expertise allows healthcare documentation services to be carried out as follows -

We will capture patient data from a place of consultation using voice recording technology
Using our specialty in terminologies, pharmacology, and other domains, we complete the record capture with attention to detail
After the data is captured, it will be converted into a standardized healthcare document sharable in any format requested
The document will be thoroughly proofed for errors and compliance issues
Reports will be compiled and submitted in time

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Healthcare Documentation Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Here are several reasons that make a big difference to your practice when you outsource Healthcare Documentation services -

  • Cost & Time Savings

    Our healthcare documentation services are most affordable and deliver great value in whichever way possible.

  • Secure Data Management

    We always follow the best data security protocols to ensure that your compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 standards.

  • ISO Certified Billing Services Provider

    Flatworld is an ISO 9001:2015 certified healthcare documentation service provider. We are constantly on top of the compliance and that is part of our service deliverables.

  • Comprehensive Technology Expertise

    We have rich expertise in technology that's crucial for data capture. Our ability to correctly wielding technology is what makes us a leader.

  • Experienced Documentation Professionals

    As a leading healthcare documentation company, we hire people with vast experience in documentation methods and approaches.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We constantly support clients no matter when they want to reach us or how. Our team can walk them through the troubleshooting in a polite manner.

  • Scalable Services

    The healthcare documentation is scalable solutions. We help in scaling your needs to accommodate more resources to avoid bottlenecks.

Client Success Story

FWS Provided Robust Medical Transcription Services to a Leading Medical Foundation

FWS Provided Robust Medical Transcription Services to a Leading Medical Foundation

We provided highly accurate medical transcription services to a highly reputed medical foundation and also helped them make the transition to a new EMR software.

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Case Study on Demographic and Charge Entries

Demographic and Charge Entries Handled for a Medical Billing Firm

Flatworld processed over 17,000 claims/month for a leading medical billing enterprise, helping it save more than 45% in costs.

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Outsource Healthcare Documentation to Flatworld Solutions


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Our expertise in providing healthcare documentation dates back to when we started as a small enterprise 20 years ago. Since then, there has been no turning back as we have adopted innovative methods of healthcare documentation for speedier patient care delivery. In as many ways as possible, we have helped clients avoid splurging money and effort on hiring full-time professionals and paying benefits. Our commitment to ensuring the best standards in healthcare support is lauded by clients worldwide. Today, we reign as the best among all healthcare documentation companies across the world for speed and quality.

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