HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) rules is a framework that protects the privacy of patients and other health plan members. By way of the privacy regulations stipulated in HIPAA, covered healthcare vendors and health plans may barter information for treatment, payment and various other healthcare operations in a secure way. HIPAA compliance therefore, is an indication of vendor credibility and expertise.

There are many HIPAA regulations, but the ones concerning security, privacy and healthcare compliance are considered to be the most essential by medical outsourcing organizations.

Flatworld Solutions is a 100% HIPAA Compliant Company

At Flatworld Solutions, we go out of the way to ensure that security and confidentiality in client relationships are met perfectly and given as much importance as the projects themselves. Listed below are some of the key features that make us a reliable partner for your healthcare outsourcing requirements.

1. Physical Security

Our systems are secure and managed by a security officer, who handles security policy information and protected health information. No data capturing devices are allowed, thereby ensuring that sensitive patient information never gets compromised. Even for data exchanges, only digital copies are used in order to prevent paper printouts from reaching the wrong hands. Security guards working 24/7, further ensure that our building is completely secure.

2. Data Security

All confidential information is restricted to computers in which our personnel work on. We have high security firewalls that prevent information from getting out and even in cases where a client requests us to work on their server we work through the customer's computer, to minimize the possibility of data theft. Process executives working on client data are denied access to emails and no one is given access to floppy and USB drives.

3. HIPAA Training

The programmers in our healthcare BPO division are a team of highly skilled professionals who are up to date on the latest in international coding standards. Though their levels of expertise may vary, most of our coders have been certified by the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC).

4. Background Checks on Employees

Our recruitment process involves extensive, in-depth background checks on the past history of prospective employees. All healthcare BPO employees receive privacy and confidentiality training as a mandate by HIPAA. General access credentials are required to even enter the office or access computers. In addition to these, our staff also signs confidentiality agreements. Regular audits of HIPAA compliant solution programs are conducted and corrective plans for any violation are in place.

More HIPAA Compliance Measures at Flatworld Solutions

We have a host of other measures apart from the ones mentioned above, in order to help us stay fully HIPAA compliant:

  • The coding process followed at Flatworld Solutions is as per HIPAA regulations
  • Books and medical journals recommended by American Medical Association (AMA) and World Health Organization (WHO) are purchased and subscribed to
  • Coding is not based on the reimbursement value of codes
  • Both diagnostic and procedural coding follow strict guidelines

Healthcare compliance in outsourcing involves handling confidential patient information. At Flatworld Solutions, we cover secure systems to confidentiality agreements and everything else in between. There are many more advantages of outsourcing healthcare BPO to us.

Contact us to outsource your healthcare requirements today and rest assured that your important information is in safe hands.

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