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Outsourcing Pain management EMR is the easiest way to reverse the leak in your marketing budget. At just $1280/month you need not hire FTE nor settle with partly experienced staff

The most critical part of the pain management center, like general medicine EMR, is handling patient rush and maintaining proper records. It is an arduous task because it involves setting up payers, databases, referring physicians etc. However, with EMR records can pain management centers can streamline every aspect of pain treatment, eliminate inefficiencies and make the process less resource-intensive.

Our EMR solutions can automate critical processes like reporting and billing, automate the referral tracking system, create a common and highly developed interface for all imaging requirements, prescribing pain relievers online, sending customized letters to existing patients, and automating electronic / lab diagnostic ordering and receipt, etc. Our solutions have assisted our clients to ease out their workflow, cut down on the overall time required, and handle day to day challenges related to their practice.

Pain Management EMR Services We Offer

As a specialized pain management EMR company, we offer different types of pain management EMR services to our clients. We have catered to the diverse needs of so many small and big pain practices that we specialize in improving upon the requirements of practices. Some of our pain management EMR service includes -

  1. Pain Management EMR Tool Selection

    Pain Management EMR Tool Selection

    Choosing a pain management EMR can be a huge task unless you know the inside out of an EMR tool. Under our pain management services, there are hundreds of EMR tools available in the market each of which comes packed with a host of features. Your practice may not be needing many of these features and may lead to some wasteful investment. Our tool selection service is designed to help you select the best tool for your practice. We have a comprehensive understanding of all the available tools in the market, and so can help you zero in on the tool that would aptly fit your requirements.

  2. Pain EMR Tool Migration

    Pain EMR Tool Migration

    Given the advancements being made in technology, EMR tools get outdated very fast. However, pain management centers are reluctant to migrate to a new system because they find it easy to work with a tool they are used to. But to remain competitive pain management centers cannot afford to overlook the importance of an advanced system. here is where our experience in EMR migration comes handy. We guarantee to extract clinical data from a legacy EMR system to a new one with complete accuracy and on time. Our process is based on a strategic plan that is supported by strong cross-reference mapping, testing and post-migration management.

  3. Diverse Pain EMR Integration

    Diverse Pain EMR Integration

    Pain management centers have diverse departments for handling pains arising in diverse areas of the body. As a result, each department needs to have a separate EMR system for their use. However, working with different EMRs can be problematic unless all the EMRs are integrated. This helps in having one interface for multiple EMR systems. However, EMR integration should be seamless in order to make the most of it. Our integrations are done in a way to enable real-time, display of data within the EMR. With our integration services, pain management doctors can get information image reporting, educate patients etc with one system. Integration helps to bring everything that the practice needs under the click of a mouse.

  4. Pain Management Specific Templates

    Pain Management Specific Templates

    Pain management banks on a specific template for collecting history of treatment. As a Pain Management EMR service providing company, we have wide experience in developing different types of pain-specific EMR templates for detailed collection and storage of information. From templates, for clinical visits to templates for diagnosis and procedures, we have built it all to ensure they custom fit into the daily routine of the clinic. Our experience ranges from developing templates specific templates for headache, migraine, menstrual cramps, trauma, pulled muscle, kidney stone pain, toothache, chronic back pain, osteoarthritis pain, etc. Each template has its own specifications such as patient information, area of pain, consultation details, suggested medicines and action, report findings etc.

  5. EMR Billing Solutions for Pain Management

    EMR Billing Solutions for Pain Management

    Banking on EMR for billing can be critical for the financial well being of your pain management practice. The biggest advantage is that it streamlines the billing process to make reimbursements timely and accurate. Over the years we have provided comprehensive billing and collection solutions for pain management for all types of pain practices in the US. Our account executives have a minimum of 5 years of experience in pain billing which is why they can understand the requirements better and tailor a solution that takes care of your end-to-end billing needs. We have tailored such specialize EMR billing solutions that it has helped our clients strengthen payer and patient relations and build real-time reporting.

  6. EMR Inventory Management for Pain Management

    EMR Inventory Management for Pain Management

    Our EMR solutions for inventory management helps pain management centers centralize their purchasing and distribution processes. Our inventory management has helped our clients with medicine inventory management, logistics management and materials management. We have developed solutions based on bar-code processing to track and maintain inventory levels. Besides, our solutions come equipped with online reporting methods for real-time status of inventory levels. As a result, our clients have been able to know well in advance when their medical supplies, equipment, and other miscellaneous items were received, the number of days it took for it to be used and the date of usage. With end-to-end inventory services, we have assisted our clients in enhancing patient experience and efficiencies.

  7. Pain Care Management Software Development

    Pain Care Management Software Development

    A packed box EMR tool can be of limited use because they are custom made based on an assumed set of requirements. Therefore most EMR tools do not fit into the requirements of pain management practices. To overcome this problem, some centers require EMR software built specifically to meet their customized requirements. We specialize in providing EMR solutions that meet the exact needs of a pain management center. We have over 2 decades of experience in building specific software solutions for different medical practices including pain management areas. Besides incorporating features that are specific to your practice we also envisage features that your practice may require down the line and build a scalable solution for you.

Pain Management EMR Process We Follow

The biggest requirement of pain management centers is neat and specific clinical documentation, a well-defined plan for treating all types of pains, and customized pain alleviation programs for their practice. Having an electronic system to manage all of the pre-requisites can make the going smooth and easy for pain-relieving centers. We at Flatworld Solutions have over 16 years of experience in helping many large and small pain-relieving centers across the US with specialized EMR services. Our specialized service includes creating specific features for specific practice needs and then hand holding the pain center staff including doctors to leverage the software to their advantage.

We believe in building an EMR solution in collaboration with our clients. This ensures that at every stage we are on track in building solutions that are exactly in keeping with your requirements. Our development process involves the following steps -


01. Requirement Understanding

We sit with your experts to know your requirements and understand the existing tools in the market. In case your requirements aren't too specific we recommend the best tool for your need. If your requirements are complex and end-to-end, we recommend a customized solution.


02. Wireframe Development

In case we agree to go for a customized solution, our experts prepare the wireframe. We share with you for your consent and improvements. If you approve, we pass on the wireframe to the development team. If not, we tweak the wireframe to meet your suggestions.


03. EMR Development

We handpick a team to develop the solution for you. The team is assigned to a senior software developer. We keep you in the loop during each stage of the development process. Our team lead will serve as a one-point contact for all your needs.


04. Solution Testing

After the completion of each development stage, we test the solution for its functionality. This ensures identifying bugs at the initial stage itself. Once the development is over, we test the product once again as a complete unit.


05. Deployment

Once the customized solution clears all tests, we deploy the solution at the client's end. After the deployment, we train your staff on how to use the EMR solution. We also make ourselves available on standby to deal with any knowledge sharing or performance-related issues.

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Why Outsource Pain EMR Services to Flatworld Solutions?

As a reliable Pain Management EMR Services in India, we have supported the needs of many US-based practices with great success. Our clients have come to us time and again for the following reasons -

  • Certified EMR Company

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company. This certification acknowledges our prowess in developing solutions that meet market standards and all regulatory requirements.

  • Data Security

    We guarantee complete data security because we are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accredited company. We have in place all the controls that are mandatory to manage risks. This also makes us a fully HIPAA compliant company.

  • Cost-Effective Service

    Our EMR service is designed to meet the budgetary needs of all types of pain management practices. Our clients have found our model very affordable. Irrespective of the costs we charge, we make sure all our budgetary models meet perfect quality standards.

  • Guaranteed Quality

    Our solutions are delivered after complete quality control. This is because we have a quality control team that investigates the bolt and nuts of every service and solution. As a result, whatever is delivered is fully functional and meets all expectations.

  • Assured Turnaround Time

    We have developed a robust process to deliver our solutions to our clients. The process has evolved over the years over each solution we have developed. We bank on this process to deliver our solutions within the agreed timeline. Whenever we are up against stiff challenges, we hire additional resources to ensure meet deadlines.

  • Scale Up and Down with Ease

    We offer highly scalable services to our clients. We always have additional resources to meet scaling requirements because we operate from 8 global centers. Our clients can scale up their requirements with the least budgetary constraints. Once our client requirements are met, we ensure smooth scaling down.

  • Highly Experienced Team with Single Point of Contact

    Our EMR services are driven by highly experienced professionals who understand the pressing needs of the healthcare industry. Our team also understands regulatory requirements to the core. Besides this, we provide a single point of communication for the smooth exchange of ideas.

  • Advanced Infrastructure

    We bank on advanced infrastructure to deliver the best EMR solutions. Our infrastructure includes the latest hardware, software and security systems to deliver top-notch services and guarantee a fool-proof solution.

  • 24/7 Availability

    We have our centers in 8 global locations and which is why our EMR services for pain management is available 24/7. Our clients leverage the different time zones' advantage to ensure their work is on when they are sleeping.

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Outsource Pain Management EMR Services to Flatworld Solutions


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Flatworld Solutions is a pioneer in delivering pain management EMR services to several practices in the US. With over 16 years of experience, we have earned a name as an outstanding pain management EHR service providing company. Our solutions have helped all our clients stay competitive with perfect workflow practices and keep costs under control. When it comes to improving patient care, staff coordination, and patient satisfaction our solutions provide the best outcomes.

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