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Urology Billing Services

Our Urology billing services uncomplicate & streamline the process of the urology billing and provide you reliable solutions starting at just $1280/month

If you own a healthcare organization and are specifically handling urology services, providing unerring urology billing services on top of the many other services can be overburdening. The process of urology billing also needs expertise and knowledge unique to this service, without which your services are prone to have errors. With more errors, you have more dissatisfied clients and encounter loss of revenue. Flatworld Solutions specializes in making the task of urology billing seem effortless for clients, helping them to focus better on other operations.

Flatworld Solutions is equipped with a team of billing experts with experience and skillsets. Our billing specialists leverage cutting-edge urology billing systems and equipment which helps us provide the best urology billing services in the industry, making us the leading urology billing service providing company.

Urology Billing Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions has been catering to countless clients for over 20 years now. With our extensive experience in the healthcare service field and our growing insight into all the specialized services like urology billing services, we address the unique requirements of our clients and help them exactly with that. Here are several urology billing services that we offer.

  1. Urology Billing Patient Demographics Entry

    Urology Billing Patient Demographics Entry

    Flatworld Solutions offers patient demographic entry services to help clients with entering patient's information after sorting the information. We enter the information into our electronic medical record or urology billing software. We make sure that the information that is entered is accurate by cross-checking the data, eliminating any possible errors.

  2. Urology Billing Insurance Eligibility and Verification

    Urology Billing Insurance Eligibility and Verification

    One of the most common urology billing services is insurance eligibility verification to ensure that the patient is eligible for insurance against their coverage benefits. Our billing experts offer a range of services about insurance verification, which are as follows.

    • Document verification - We can verify the insurance documents that you send us electronically and sequentially arrange them as per the requirements of the insurance provider.
    • Medical Information Correction - Upon witnessing any inconsistencies in the information provided, our team follows up with the patient and reaches them to make the required corrections.
    • Coverage verification - We check and verify the coverage benefits of the patients against both primary and secondary payers.
  3. Urology Bill Processing and Submitting Claims

    Urology Bill Processing and Submitting Claims

    Our team of expert billing professionals helps in processing and the submission of the claims by collecting file claims, receipts, fill the claim form and send all the needed information, including the claim form to the payer.

  4. Checking Coding and Billing Compliance

    Checking Coding and Billing Compliance

    We also provide services for coding the diagnostic and medical procedures that include precoding and coding. Our precoding services include entering the required codes into the system that needed for insurance firms as well as referring doctors. Diagnostic and procedure codes that are not there in the system can also be included.

    We also help in eliminating upcoding and down-coding costs by checking the compatibility of the diagnosis with the procedural codes. For this, our coders refer ICD-10-CM, CPT assistant, and HCPCS Level II.

  5. Urology Billing Electronic Claim Scrubbing

    Urology Billing Electronic Claim Scrubbing

    Our quality check specialists carry out electronic claim scrubbing before submitting claims to the insurer with the help of the latest and unerring technology to check for inconsistencies and eliminate errors in billing codes, significantly bringing down the chances of your claim being rejected or denied.

  6. Timely Urology Billing AR Follow-up and AR Recovery

    Timely Urology Billing AR Follow-up and AR Recovery

    Our billing experts who specialize in AR keep track of the pending claims and follow-up with the payer when the claim remission doesn't happen on the expected date. This helps in minimizing the number of AR days.

  7. Urology Billing Denial Management

    Urology Billing Denial Management

    With our expertise and experience in urology billing services, we can analyze and check for the reasons for claim denial in detail. Following that, our billing experts reach the payer and re-submit the claim to have it accepted.

  8. Urology Billing Reporting

    Urology Billing Reporting

    We create comprehensive reports that include the electronic remittance advice from the payers, all the receipts stored in the billing system so that it can be useful for future reference. We also collect and post the payments into the accounts of our clients in the billing system on behalf of our clients.

Our Urology Billing Process

At Flatworld Solutions, we follow a streamlined process to offer infallible and efficient urology billing services to our clients. When you outsource urology billing services to us, your billing process passes through each of the below-given steps.


01. Receive Order

As the first step, we receive your order for urology billing services. This is followed by receiving the patient's medical information via a secure FTP channel, gathering the required information, and analyzing the urology billing needs of the client.


02. Sorting and Validating Records

After receiving the documents, we index and collate the records while checking each claim based on the client's requirements. We also check if the patient is eligible for insurance. Any inconsistencies are corrected, and we reach the client in case of missing information.


03. Medical Billing Code

The next stage in our urology medical billing services is the coding of diagnosis and other procedures without any errors.


04. Auditing Medical Claims

We then pass the medical claims through various levels of quality checks. All the codes are rechecked to make sure all the data entered is consistent and correct.


05. File Claim and Denial Management

We then file the claim in the format that the insurance provider accepts and keep you reported. Since we use the latest tools and systems and run our entire process through quality checks, the claims get accepted in the first go. However, in case of denial, we address the problem, fix it, and resubmit the claim.

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Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Urology Billing Services?

Outsourcing urology medical billing services to Flatworld Solutions offers you several benefits. When you have the best urology billing company working to meet your billing needs, you can expect uncompromised quality at affordable rates. There are plenty of more benefits of working with us, which have been listed below -

  • Customized Pricing

    While our services are top-notch in terms of quality, we are the most affordable urology billing service provider in the healthcare BPO industry. Our infrastructure is well-established, and this helps us provide you the best of services at minimal rates.

  • Data Security

    We are an ISO: 9001: 2015 certified company and our urology billing services are HIPAA compliant. This makes us highly reliable as we ensure complete data security of our clients. Any data that you provide us is treated with confidentiality and is secure with us.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    Flatworld Solutions is equipped with modern infrastructure to provide highly efficient urology medical billing service and support and speed up the turnaround times, ensuring we complete projects in time while providing uncompromising services.

  • Cutting-edge Technology

    We bank on the latest tools and technology and use modern electronic systems to ensure that all the stages from patient demographics entry to coding in the process of medical billing for urology are carried efficiently with the highest form of accuracy.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    We promise quick turnaround times as our urology billing specialists know the intricacies of coding and billing and leverage the best tools to increase the efficacy of the billing process while also ensuring error-free claim submissions. This helps us provide you services with quick turnaround times.

  • Scalability

    Flatworld Solutions houses a vast team of billing experts and highly efficient technology. This allows us to provide the best urology billing services even when there's a need for upscaling the project at any point in time.

Client Success Stories

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FWS Provided Accounts Receivable & Full-service Billing Service for an Emergency Medical Practice

We enhanced revenue generation for an emergency care hospital by undertaking its medical billing tasks to lower the overhead costs. We successfully shrank AR days from 34 to 20 days.

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FWS Provided Medical Billing and Accounts Receivable Management Assistance to a US Client

FWS Provided Medical Billing and Accounts Receivable Management Assistance to a US Client

We helped a US based clinic by lowering its AR days were from 34 to 23 days. In just 6 months we increase the collections from 53% to 61%.

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We are highly satisfied with the service that Flatworld Solutions offer. They have a superb team with just the right attitude to exceed any client's expectations.

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It can be very challenging and tiring for any healthcare organization owner to take care of the urology billing needs while also handling core operations. Urology billing services require a high level of specialized knowledge in coding, billing, denial analysis, and other aspects. This makes outsourcing urology billing services to a reliable and experienced urology billing service provider the best alternative. Flatworld Solutions has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare BPO industry, including urology billing services. We have countless highly satisfied clients who have been preferring our services over other service providers. We are a client-centered urology billing service providing company and customize our process based on the unique needs of our clients. We are driven to have a more satisfied client with each passing day, and you can completely count on the quality of our services.

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