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EMR Data Entry Services

Outsource EMR data entry services to Flatworld Solutions and get access to complete precision and accuracy at prices starting at $1280 per FTE per month

Electronic Medical Records, more commonly referred to as EMR, are a crucial transformation that every healthcare practice needs in today's time. It helps in arranging the patient-related data from diagnoses, coding, reports, prescriptions, to billings in a systematic manner. While it saves a lot of time in that it brings together all the data of your patient in one place, it has a host of benefits to offer to your services. First of all, EMR helps in improving the quality of the services, care, and leads to enhanced patient outcomes. You can also eliminate chances of medication errors and enhance communication between the patients and the healthcare providers. However, EMR data entry requires experience and a great deal of precision. It is recommended to work with a professional EMR data entry service provider so that you can have complete control over the quality of the services.

Flatworld Solutions has been collaborating with healthcare organizations for more than 20 years, helping them have access to accurate patient records for better patient outcomes. We have a team of experts that works with diligence to offer agile EMR data entry services without compromising on the quality of the services. When you work with an experienced company like ours, you can never go wrong.

EMR Data Entry Services We Offer

Here at Flatworld Solutions, we provide comprehensive EHR data entry services and EMR data entry solutions to keep healthcare service providers completely covered. When you decide to work with us, you get to work with the most experienced professionals who have great insights into flawless and unerring data entry services that benefit your organization. We can enter data accurately from a variety of medical records, including -

 Patient's medical records
 Hospital records
 Image records
 Handwritten documents
 Medical prescriptions
 Lab and test reports
 Medical insurance forms
 Records of surgery and procedures
 Billing records
 Appointment related records
 Other medical documents

Our EMR Data Entry Process

Being a professional EMR data entry services providing company, we believe in keeping a check on the quality of our services by streamlining all the processes. We classify our EMR and EHR data entry services into five broad steps that have more intricate details added to them when we are at the planning stage. Here are the broad steps we follow to provide you flawless EMR data entry services -


01. Requirement Analysis

When you contact us for your EMR or EHR data entry requirements, we get back to you and get to know your exact needs. Based on that, we come up with the SOP, determine the estimated costs and allocate resources


02. Receiving Data

After seeking your approval, we receive the relevant data from you that you want to be entered in the ERP. We receive anything from handwritten documents to label, test records, and audio transcripts via a secure FTP channel


03. Data Entry

After receiving the data from you, we start by delegating different responsibilities to the experts. We start with systematically arranging the data and then go on to enter the data into the electronic medical record. Our entry process is such that the data is arranged properly, is complete and accurate, and can be viewed by healthcare experts without any hassles


04. Quality Check

When we finish entering the data, the project passes through a stringent quality check stage wherein we look for errors and inconsistencies. Upon finding any mistakes, we make corrections and give the project another check to ensure the data entered is completely accurate


05. Delivery

Once we are done with the quality check, we make the delivery to you. We are also available for post-implementation solutions in case you need our assistance at any step of accessing the patient data records

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Why Choose Flatworld Solutions For EMR Data Entry Services?

Flatworld Solutions is one of the leading EMR data entry service providers with experience of over 20 years in working with doctors, healthcare practitioners, and hospitals. We have successfully catered to numerous clients over the years and are constantly growing with the help of our high-quality services. Here are the perks of outsourcing EMR data entry services to Flatworld Solutions -

  • HIPAA Compliance

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and we strictly adhere to HIPAA compliance standards. This gives our clients complete assurance that all the information and reports about patients are safe from third-party access.

  • Complete Information Security

    We have strict measures and company policies in place so that any information that you share with us that is confidential and stays safe and secure with us. We use secure systems and leverage trusted tools and technologies. We also have our employees sign a confidentiality clause so that you have complete confidence in our data security policies.

  • Extensive Experience

    With over 20 years of experience in EMR data entry, we have been dominating this domain. We have a large team of professionals and all our data entry experts have proven work experience along with proper training and complete knowledge. This is why we're an ideal partner for outsourcing EMR data entry services if quality is your primary concern.

  • Well-established Infrastructure

    We work in modern infrastructure and well-equipped office spaces. We also use the best and the latest tools and technology for accurate and precise automation, ensuring error-free processes. With an uninterrupted network at all times and complete power back up, we offer quality EMR data entry services with increased efficiency.

  • Multiple Global Delivery Centers

    With an increased demand for our services, we now have multiple global delivery centers to add more efficiency to our offshore EMR data entry projects. This also equips us with the ability to understand local markets and customize our services based on that so that our clients are benefitted in all ways. We have over 10 delivery centers with our offices being spread across different places on the globe.

  • Ease of Scalability

    We are fully equipped with the experience and expertise to handle a surge in your EMR/EHR data entry requirements if that happens at any point. We have a well-established infrastructure and a team with an adequate number of experts and professionals to handle all your EMR data entry needs without delaying the delivery.

  • Single Point of Contact

    When you collaborate with us, we assign an EMR data entry support executive to you so that your project gets individual attention and all your queries are addressed promptly with utmost efficiency. The executive will also reach out to you to give you project-related updates from time to time.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    We give you complete assurance that our EMR data entry process is handled such that we meet the decided deadline. We have global delivery centers located all around the world that operate around the clock to give you the advantage of time zone differences.

  • 24/7 Support

    If you have any queries about our EMR/EHR data entry services or any other services, you can always reach out to us via emails, calls, our social media pages, or the chatbox on our website. We will contact you with the information that you are looking for promptly.

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FWS Verified Insurance Eligibility of Candidates for a Telemedicine Provider

We checked and verified the eligibility for insurance of numerous candidates applicants for a US-based birth control provider.

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FWS Handled and Processed Over 3000 Rehabilitation Care Encounters for US-based Physicians

A team of rehabilitation care physicians contacted us with the requirement to process over 3000 patient encounters. We provided highly accurate services that resulted in a 20% decrease in costs for the client.

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Outsource EMR Data Entry Services to Flatworld Solutions


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In today's day and age with such impressive technological breakthroughs, it has become almost indispensable for hospitals and healthcare providers to maintain an electronic record of patients' details. This not only eliminates any confusion and chances of incomplete data or information loss but also adds more efficiency to the operations of your healthcare practice while bringing down the overall costs. However, despite all the apparent benefits of EMR data entry, it is challenging for healthcare organizations to dedicate time or hire employees for this operation. This is when you can outsource EMR data entry services, save costs, and streamline processes.

A professional EMR data entry services providing company like Flatworld Solutions can help you with effortless data entry with precision and accuracy. With years of experience and unbeatable expertise in this field, we have been catering to big and small clients. If you're looking for a trustworthy partner, we are right here for you.

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