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Technology has been one of the key reasons for the rapid transformations in various industries and behaviors around the world. Like most other industries, the healthcare industry to has seen some of the most innovative transformations due to the rapid advancements in technology. The advancement can be seen in the medical transcription industry, which has undergone drastic changes.

The job of a medical transcriptionist is rather unique. They perform the work of listening, interpreting, writing, and organizing medical records. It is important that a medical transcriptionist understands the different aspects and medical terminologies and is sound in anatomy, physiology, grammar, language, and basic computer knowledge. This is an essential job that needs knowledge and practice to ensure accuracy. However, the future of the medical transcription industry may face tumultuous times.

The Primary Problem

The field of medical transcription has been in conflict for the past few years over the fact that people are being slowly replaced by machines for most of the transcription jobs. There is no doubt that computers and technology have helped change the entire scenario of various industries, but computers cannot be relied upon for everything. Humans are more reliable than computers, and when it comes to medical transcriptions - reliability is the key.

The Future of Medical Transcription

One thing is for sure people will suffer from illnesses and continue to visit doctors. No matter what the illness is, there will be a report which will be needed to be created for that particular illness. The report becomes a permanent medical record in the name of the patient and is stored electronically.

The need for medical transcriptionists will exist for a long time but they must be updated with the latest developments. The role of a medical transcriptionist has changed over the years and is now no longer limited to only transcribing. The medical transcriptionist must now be skilled to proofread reports and edit voice recognition draft reports as well.

Due to continuous new technologies being developed and used today, there has been a drastic change in the medical transcription field. To stay updated with these changes and developments one must be ready to accept and follow new trends.

Trends for Medical Transcription

So, what are these new trends that are changing in the medical transcription field? Several future trends will shape the future of medical transcription. Some of the latest trends in medical transcription include -

  • The changing nature of the medical transcription craft
  • Advancement in voice recognition software
  • Regulatory amendments forcing change
  • Internet-based technologies reaching maturity and flourishing
  • Globalization of the medical transcription workforce
  • Global workforce shortages and rising prices
  • Scientific developments in the field of connectivity and automation
  • Rigid security measures taken
  • Changes in overseas outsourcing of medical transcription

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The Need for Medical Transcriptionists

The rapid advancement in voice recognition software gives everybody the impression that medical transcription is a fast-dying trend but this is not true. As long as medical transcriptionists educate themselves with the current trends and updates on medical transcription, the career of a medical transcriptionist is here to stay.

The job of a doctor is very critical and all they want is accuracy in the reports. Voice recognition software may be faster and more convenient for doctors but the accuracy levels now cannot be compared to that of humans.

With advancing lifestyles and better living conditions these days, people tend to live longer than before. More people in the older age groups will mean more visits to the doctors and more reports to be created. The demand for patients will continue to increase the demand for medical transcription and it will continue to play a major role in the healthcare industry.

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