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Efficient Precharting Services

Build efficiency into your patient practice with our precharting services

For you as a medical practitioner, 15-20 minutes of time with a scheduled patient is critical and key to diagnosis and prescription management. In the midst of this, many a medical practitioner spends time managing pre-visit formalities and the like. Today many smart and tech savvy physician practices and networks across the United States have moved to scheduling pre-charting services with professionals who understand the nuances of tracking, intimating and scheduling visits and the needed paperwork to go along.

These appointment setting and pre-visit operations done professionally are a boon to physicians and clinics alike. They bring in robust processes, shared costs and efficiency to ensure doctors focus on what they do best - diagnose, treat and prescribe medicines. Pre-charting services actually enables you as a medical practitioner do more, earn more and stay competitive in the healthcare ecosystem. Not surprising that many a health care professional across clinics in the US have put their medical qualifications and erudite skill sets to treat patients, not filling EHRs.

Outsourcing precharting services in highly regulated environment like healthcare needs professionals with prior experience. Flatworld Solutions has a key team of experts proficient in the unique ways of the healthcare practice of the US; our team of proficient and experienced healthcare specialists ensure accurate and relevant patient information gets into your EHR while being compliant with the US regulations. Practitioners routinely appreciate the cost savings they achieve without compromising on the quality of information and the vast experience we bring to the table. Chart prepping services at Flatworld Solutions is customer driven and ensure efficiency of time and earnings is increased for a better business model.

Our 360-degree precharting services is thoroughly defined and documented so you get consistent services. Documents such as pre-visit checklists and questionnaires ensure that all the tasks are completed. From reviewing the previous visit and sending appointment reminders to arranging for tests before the next appointment, we take care of the entire process, so every minute of your patient interaction is more meaningful.

Have you outsourced chart prepping already but unable to meet the expected business objectives? We have well-defined processes to cater to this exact requirement, including gap analysis to determine what you're missing and identifying potential scopes for improvement. What's more, with our project checklists, and software-agnostic processes, you will find the transitioning seamless and hassle-free.

Be prepared, be profitable with professional pre-charting services that manage all patient-related information even before the patient enters your clinic.

Our Chart Prepping Solutions

We understand that charting is resource-intensive and diverts your focus from more clinically critical activities. Our team of qualified medical scribes, leveraging the latest patient charting software, can free up your valuable time by undertaking repetitive tasks such as gathering patient key information and pre-entering patient information before their visit.

With our patient chart preparation services, you can be confident that the data in your charts is always accurate and useful. We ensure that there are no variations in your charts that could affect the quality of care that you provide. We leverage optimized workflows in medical charting software to perform our tasks and can help address a wide range of requirements. Our medical precharting services include -

  1. EHR Chart Building Services

    EHR Chart Building Services

    Our EHR experts eliminate chart-chasing by building custom EHR charts and templates in practice management software. With digitized charts, you can streamline the maintenance of your healthcare records and have instant access to them for real-time edits.

  2. Chart Documentation Services

    Chart Documentation Services

    We ensure accuracy by registering errorless inputs from medications, vital signs, treatment plans, radiology reports, progress notes, and lab tests based on demographics and other filters. Maintaining clean clinical data is a critical aspect of our services.

  3. Integrated Charting Services

    Integrated Charting Services

    We provide comprehensive and in-depth patient charting services that allow you to update your patient charts with the correct ICD and CPT codes in your EMR with precision and accuracy, thereby removing any issues with manual physician data entry.

Comprehensive Process for Our Chart Prepping Services

Optimization of the clinic or private practice medical charting process is dependent on the efficiency of the workflow. Keeping this critical requirement and automated chart preparation in mind, we simplify the workflow for the benefit of our clients. Here are the steps we follow to ensure organized and optimized patient charting -


01. Analysis of Requirement

We uncover relevant information that is already available with the clinic or medical practice


02. Chart Integration with EMR

For improved accountability and tracking, we ensure proper integration of our work window into your EMR


03. Chart Development

We create high-quality charts for consulting physicians that help them get a comprehensive view of the patient's information


04. Chart Digitization

To ensure errorless records, we conduct extensive verification of the charts before digitizing records


05. Additional Support

Our value offerings include additional support for the clients that cover grievance resolution and frequent updates

Why Choose Us as Your Chart Prepping Service Company

Healthcare facilities from across the world choose to partner with us for their patient charting service and other medical transcription service requirements. With our chart prepping solutions, you can eliminate the tedious process of physician data entry and manage your physicians' time and schedule better. When you choose our chart prepping services, you can also qualify for federal rebates related to the use of EMR or patient charting software.

Collaborating with an experienced chart prepping service company like us helps you focus on meaningful interactions with your patients, and also benefit from -

  • Data Security

    As an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS-certified medical charting service provider, we ensure that your patient data and other confidential information are secure at all times.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    We ensure strict compliance with HIPAA guidelines and make sure that all patient-related data is handled only by authorized personnel.

  • Short Turnaround Times

    To avoid disruptions and ensure timely care for patients, our charting deliverables have a short turnaround time.

  • Highly Scalable Services

    We leverage our extensive resources to ensure that we have the required bandwidth to scale up our service requirements when the client requires more support.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    Our teams, that include customer support, sales, project management, and marketing, are available 24/7 to expedite grievance resolution.

  • Best Infrastructure

    We leverage our top-notch infrastructure, latest medical charting software, and international-standard office spaces to deliver high-quality services.

  • Superior Quality Services

    As an ISO-certified medical charting service provider, we ensure that the data delivered by our team completely error-free and can be integrated into your EMR system.

  • Flexible Pricing Packages

    We offer highly flexible pricing options for our charting solutions. You can choose a pricing structure that fits your requirements and budget.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Medical Transcription Services

With our comprehensive transcription services for healthcare professionals, you can access medical transcription and documentation that is accurate and error-free.

Medical Billing Services

With the latest billing tools and technologies, we can deliver error-free medical billing deliverables. We streamline medical billing process and comply with HIPAA requirements.

Medical Coding Services

We ensure fast and efficient submission of patient information from healthcare organizations, for easier access of critical medical information for insurance purposes.

Healthcare Claims Adjudication Services

Our adjudication framework experts can handle electronic and manual adjudication. We prevent delays/denials in claims with our detailed discrepancy searches.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Our trained resources handle your medical RCM requirements while complying with HIPAA requirements and maintaining the highest level of security.

Telehealth Services

Our impactful solutions help healthcare providers offer high-quality remote services to patients from their doctors and physicians.

Client Success Stories

FWS Assisted a Top Medical Organization Move its Legacy Data to a New EMR Software

Assisted a Top Medical Organization Move its Legacy Data to a New EMR Software

The client was facing challenges with internal billing procedures for medical billing and revenue cycles and wanted to move their medical records to the EHR software to simplify back-end operations. We provided accurate EHR transcription services and moved the client's legacy data to a new EMR system.

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FWS Provided Rehabilitation Transcription Services to a Leading Hospital

Delivered Accurate Rehabilitation Transcription and EMR Migration Services

The client faced challenges with their in-house medical billing practices and wanted to renew the EHR software with digitized data. We provided accurate and reliable transcription services and moved the client's legacy patient information to a new EHR software.

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